Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini

October 29th, 2009 // 108 Comments

Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio on a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in St. Barth’s yesterday and it’s almost impossible to believe a baby was once in there. Now, I’m not saying every woman in America should stop ordering ranch with everything they eat and start looking exactly like a Victoria’s Secret model because that’s how eating disorders happen. I’m mostly just saying they should stop getting pregnant. See? That wasn’t so bad.

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  1. PostTragic

    Bam! Hotness!

  2. becca

    She’s a cutie. Her kid is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Frist

    Fun Sport model.

  4. PostTragic

    Wait…. whats with pic 8of8? Gas?

  5. You go girl

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. Now if you all would excuse me I have to stop typing for a bit. lol

  6. Taz

    So very fine

  7. Jen

    Beauty is Alessandra. Classy.

  8. Fat Chicks Suck

    Ridiculous. This is just more proof that it IS possible to get back in shape after having a kid. Women use having kids as an excuse to be lazy and let themselves go and people always let it slide. If the kid isn’t in there anymore…WHY ARE YOU STILL FAT? I also find it funny that women use being pregnant as an excuse to eat themselves halfway to heart failure. Packing on a ton of fat isn’t going to make your child healthier – trust me.

    This girl is insanely hot. It’s unfortunate that 95% of women in this country are too lazy to look good. Unless you’re rich or famous you have to settle for a woman that is (or will soon become) a lazy whiny fatass.

  9. "Fat Chick" (wtv)

    “She’s a cutie. Her kid is going to be gorgeous!”

    But retarded because of prenatal malnutrition. Of course, AA still looks “hot” so that’s all that matters.

  10. Thin Ice


    You are treading on very thin ice, my friend. See the 200 post Courtney Cox thread to see what I mean:

  11. jumpin_j

    Someone put something resembling muscle on her. Looks like she’d break if you blew on her. Nice face but eeeeewwww.

  12. Fat Chicks Suck

    Most women are so ignorant that they’re convinced the only way to look good is to starve themselves…which is unhealthy so they don’t do it. Also, most women have no concept of muscle-mass. They think looking good is directly correlated to the numbers on the scale. Muscle is compact and condensed making it heavier than fat. I know a girl that is 5’6 130 pounds who works out consistently and eats healthy and looks AMAZING because she has very little fat and lean, toned muscle. She gets called a “stick” and is always accused of starving herself (“I could look like that too but I’m not interested in starving myself!!!111″) etc. I also know a girl who is 5’5 135 pounds and looks terrible. She has a flabby stomach, puffy arms, a flabby ass, etc. She doesn’t stuff her face all the time or anything but she’s lazy (never goes to the gym, gives in and eats crap quite a bit, etc.) She’s only an inch shorter and 5 pounds heavier but when you put these 2 girls side-by-side it’s crazy. The thin, fit girl appears to be half the size and looks 10 times better…and I guarantee she is CONSIDERABLY healthier. If I posted her picture on her there would be idiot women saying she was malnourished or had an eating disorder.

  13. Fat Chicks Suck


    Haha that thread is great – I can’t believe i didn’t get in on that. Fat lazy chicks that make excuses for themselves are hilarious. If they would just say, “Look – I like chowing down on fatty foods, I eat too much, I’m too lazy to exercise consistently, and I wish I looked like these beautiful models but I don’t and I never will and I’m willing to live with that choice. I’m going to just enjoy life (what little is left of it) the best I can. I have no self-control and I’m going to always be fat – take it or leave it” then I would respect them. It’s when they make excuses or try to make people believe they don’t have a problem or are happy with themselves that it drives me nuts. “I have a thyroid problem going to the gym doesn’t help it” BULLSHIT. There is medication and/or surgery for that and even if you don’t address the issue eating healthier and working out is always going to make you thinner. There’s no disease in the world that creates fat out of thin air and completely keeps your body from burning calories. NONE.

  14. miggs

    Come on, who wouldn’t want to bang a starved retarded boy like Alessandro?

  15. iamlemonfresh

    gorgeous body, but a rodent’s face.

  16. Urbanspaceman

    Why don’t celebrity moms ever seem to have stretch-marks? Is there some secret regimen that they use, a magic lotion? Or is it the celebrity c-section at 7.5 months that does it? Or is it PhotoShop? Just wondering?

  17. JPRichardson

    So God is a woman and wears bikinis… wow…. mindblowing…

  18. ...

    Great photos :) I have no clue who she is but the pics are nice :) However, the ones in the second row on the right hand side are kind of wierd looking.

  19. NANA

    her tummy is weird!
    she look like having 2 bellybottoms

  20. asshole guys suck donkey balls!

    @8 – fuck you douche bag. the reason why she looks like this is genetics fucker.

  21. in the know

    as the wife of a plastic surgeon, I can tell you that most of these women have their babies via c-section 6 weeks early and some get tummy tucks right there on the table. most women don’t get stretch marks until 38 or 39 weeks. don’t believe the hype. and genetics plays a HUGE part in women looking like this. I would say .2% of women in the world have bodies like this – not two percent but POINT 2%. do any of you men look like matthew mc or brad pitt? yeah… didn’t think so.

  22. soahc

    This is an anorexic skeleton. Whoever fucks her uses lube because bones cause friction.

  23. Angus

    I’m not afraid of women, but if I were, I’d find this skinny strong-jawed androgynous girl very attractive.

  24. gil

    fish, I dont know why you like this girl so much. she has a horsey face
    fish, I dont know why you like this girl so much. she has a horsey face.

  25. Maximus

    Just goes to show about taste. I think she’s got the prettiest face among today’s supermodels. I could stare at those eyes and that mouth for days.

  26. Jail

    I only looked at the first 8 pics as thumbnails simply because I don’t think this woman is attractive. Her face is way too harsh. I do want to say her body looks good in the first 6 but she looks goofy in the 7th and 8th pics. In the 7th, she looks malformed and in the 8th it looks like she’s getting ready to take a dump.

    And for all the assholes talking about how women use having babies as an excuse to be fat I just want to know what excuse it is that men have? I see just as many fat ass men waddling around as I see women. I am pretty sure the a-holes that complain the loudest about fat chicks are not exactly models of health themselves.

  27. Fat Chicks Suck

    @21: Why does it require good genetics to be a great shape? Sure you can’t change the general way your face looks and some people are stuck with a large frame but ANYBODY can eat healthy and exercise and be in good shape. I have terrible genetics but I eat healthy 90% of the time and go to the gym for an hour 3 times a week and I’d say I’m in comparable shape to the celebrities you mentioned. I don’t kill myself but I take care of myself and certainly wouldn’t ever let myself go.

    I would never judge a woman for having stretch marks from a pregnancy if she was in great shape – that would be complete bullshit because it isn’t something they can control. I would never put a woman down for having a naturally unattractive face either. And come on…stretch marks don’t develop until the absolute last week of a pregnancy? I suppose it’s the same for everyone too.

    People continue to make pointless excuses for being overweight and it’s ridiculous.

  28. Fat Chicks Suck

    @26: You are right – there are just as many overweight men as there are women. What excuses do overweight men use? Typically they don’t have any excuses. They realize they’re out of shape and they know what needs to be done to address the issue…but they’re simply too lazy or lack the motivation. They aren’t bitter, they don’t constantly put down guys that are in good shape, they don’t try to convince the world that being fat is healthy and being in good shape causes eating disorders and sets bad examples for children. Overweight guys don’t look at a guy in good shape and say, “YOU GIRLS HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS – HAVE FUN HAVING SEX WITH THAT DISGUSTING SCULPTED CHUNK OF ROCK HARD MUSCLE” or “I HAVE THIS HUGE GUT AND NO MUSCLES BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE GOOD GENES AND I DON’T WANT TO STARVE MYSELF.” There typically is no excuse – and like overweight women they usually stay fat…but the difference is they live their life like everyone else, don’t blame anybody or anything but themselves for their weight problem, and mind their own business.

    If you want to be fat that’s fine…but shut the hell up and keep your jealousy and your bullshit excuses to yourself. This girl is a goddess and because she has toned muscles and no excess body fat there are fat idiots calling her a skeleton.

  29. Bust a nut

    Several years ago Alessandra contended she was still a virgin because at that time she only gave oral sex and allowed her boyfriends to do anal on her.True story. Anal sex, it does a body good.

  30. @27

    You’re that omniscient, obnoxious asshole in the bar that talks louder and argues with everyone and then thinks that when no one is responding or arguing with him any longer that he has debated the pants off everyone.

    I hate to be the one to tell you this via a celebrity rag website comment section, but it’s not. The truth is you are an ignorant, boring blowhard and no one wants to be around you.

  31. Fat Chicks Suck

    I’m not sure how anyone could even consider this a debate – I haven’t heard a single valid point from the other side. Is your argument that fat women have no control over their bodies? Or are you on the side that thinks there is something wrong with women in good shape?

  32. poster 8 is fat

    This model is hot! but something tells me poster #8 is obese. Sounds like a lot of anger there. Time to lose weight poster 8. Projecting our own insecurities on others isn’t fooling anyone.

  33. Jail

    Dear Fat Chicks Suck,

    A) I am not fat. Not even close.

    B) I have never had kids and used it as an excuse.

    C) You have never had kids either so you don’t actually have a clue what it can do to a woman’s body. (I am pretty sure you haveno clue about a woman’s body in general…)

    D) Not jealous of this harsh looking woman. No matter what tired crap you spew.

    E) Whoever posted number 30 is 100% accurate.

    F) The more you go on and on and on and on and ON about this subject, the more I am convinced that you are a self-hating chubby chaser. You want the fat chicks…trouble is, they don’t want you. And it hurts. So you spend all your time PROVING to complete strangers on a gossip site how much you hate fat women when the truth is you’re just pathetic and lonely.

    G) Post a pic of yourself. I am completely confident you are not nearly as good looking as you seem to think you are. If you were, you might eventually get laid if you would work a little on your shitty personality.

  34. JESUS CHRIST she’s thin. It makes my bones hurt. This is not a healthy looking body. If she looks this thin in pictures, imagine what she looks like in person. But my opinion won’t matter because I’m obviously “jealous, fat, and unattractive.” Boo hoo.

  35. 33 is an insecure whore.

    Why should I post my pic, I am not the one calling everyone else fat.
    The fact that you just went on that big rant proves you are insecure about your own body and looks. So much you have to project your insecurities. Why don’t you post a picture? Since you think you are so much better than everyone else.
    When did I say I was good looking? You are the one who claims everyone else is ugly and fat, while claiming you are thin. Again stop projecting your own insecurities on to others. Hypocrite! Look in the mirror before you insult others.
    Whatever you look like on the outside, you are truly a very ugly person on the inside

  36. Valerie

    Dude, fat dudes hella suck. I hate fucking them, their big bellies get in the way and when you try to touch their manly back, it’s just this shapeless blob. NEVER AGAIN, I’m only fucking skinny guys from now on. The only reason I had sex with a fat guy was because he had a gorgeous face. But in the middle of it I thought “this dude’s body is a total turnoff!” So I should stick to guys in their early early 20s. Once guys hit their mid 20s, a lot of them get beer guts and it’s nasty. I also workout 5 days a week, it’s not that hard, you just have to make exercise your hobby.

  37. Valerie

    Oh, and I love Alessandra. She’s awesome and good for her for getting into shape and being married to a hot male model!

  38. Inshape....ithink...

    k so i think i’m in shape. I live in a family that loves to run and bike and ski.
    My family is a combination of vegetarians and vegans.

    my recommendation for people with overweight friends is to give them the oppurtunity to work out with you. I believe that most people that are unhealthy and overweight are stuck in a hole and don’t have the motivation to change. Help out your fellow man and get them out there.

    I had a friend who has been overweight his entire life, in school he was made fun of, and he had a very poor diet along with everyone else in his family. Up until last year i was ok with this but then i asked him if he wanted help gettting into shape. He said yes and its been fun. help ur friends…

  39. Can't say that I give a shit

    bout to GIF shit coming out her ass in pic #8.
    bitch looks gangly btw

  40. Can't say that I give a shit

    ps: I’d shuck the fit out of Alli Watermelon!!!1

  41. Tom Cruise

    ewww yucky!!

  42. Fat Chicks Suck

    The motivation behind my posts is to make fat whiny bitches realize how fucking pathetic they are and if I can motivate just one of the pathetic slobs to do something about it then it was worth my time. I’m sick of seeing fat people everywhere. I’m sick of listening to them complain. I fucking hate fat chicks. There’s no deeper meaning or motivation here – I just can’t stand them. They are lazy, repulsive, and the vast majority of the time contribute absolutely nothing worthwhile to anything.

  43. Angelina Jolie

    I agree with Tommy C up there, would not hit it…too thin

  44. Tom Cruise

    I mean is it just mean or is this female just totally repulsive?

  45. Fat Chicks Suck

    By the way…although her stupid post only contributed to the stupidity in this thread…I would also rail Alli Watermelon.

  46. You can lose a lot of weight right after childbirth. I gained 50 and had lost 40 of it by three weeks afterward. Breastfeeding really takes it off…you burn about 500 calories a day to feed the kid. I don’t work out, but lugging around a ten pound kid builds up some muscle.

    The skin takes quite a while to snap back, though, so there had to be a tuck in here somewhere to look that tight.

    I don’t look like a supermodel, and doubt I ever will. I’m not a beached whale, either. But that doesn’t make me a lazy fatass, it makes me a mom who does a bazillion things in a day rather than ignoring my children while I wiggle my butt in a damned spinning class or starve myself and deprive my baby of nutrition. Or God forbid, take some of those pills that would make him grown a second head or something. So get off your high horse…there’s a huge range of sizes of moms between fatass and supermodel.

  47. No Retun

    Clearly #12, you’re either a fat chick with serious self-esteem issues, or an ugly guy frustrated he can’t get any girls.

  48. Lindsay Lohan

    Alessandra, girl you are getting way too chunky!! OMG I told you to stop eating the carrot sticks…I was piggin out on those things back in the day and really plumped up. Now i make sure just to have lettuce and cigarettes with the occasional coke.

  49. JustJess

    OMG – when are you guys gonna stop beating your meat to stick figures?

    Now this – is a woman. Doesn’t get better than this – Latinos do produce the best looking women…ask any one that watches Ms. Universe.

    all real – all day – all the time.

  50. JPRichardson

    JustJess, I agree Sofía is gorgeous, but that doesn’t make Alessandra any less beautiful in my eyes.

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