Alessandra Ambrosio has horrible taste


I honestly have no idea why the paparazzi are suddenly following Alessandra Ambrosio around and I honestly don’t care. It’d be like questioning why God dropped a giant pile of cash and a Ferrari in your driveway. Just take it and run. And if you have to shoot one or two cops in the process so be it. It’s all good. Although I really don’t understand why Alessandra is making out with this guy. If you interviewed her and asked what she looks for in a man she’d answer, “Short. And ugly. He has to be short and ugly. And he has to wear a woman’s purse.” I’d be just as perplexed if I saw her making out with a telephone booth.

NOTE: I heard that when the Jaws of Life just aren’t enough, firefighters will sometimes use Alessandra’s knees instead.