Alessandra Ambrosio has horrible taste

July 9th, 2007 // 39 Comments

I honestly have no idea why the paparazzi are suddenly following Alessandra Ambrosio around and I honestly don’t care. It’d be like questioning why God dropped a giant pile of cash and a Ferrari in your driveway. Just take it and run. And if you have to shoot one or two cops in the process so be it. It’s all good. Although I really don’t understand why Alessandra is making out with this guy. If you interviewed her and asked what she looks for in a man she’d answer, “Short. And ugly. He has to be short and ugly. And he has to wear a woman’s purse.” I’d be just as perplexed if I saw her making out with a telephone booth.

NOTE: I heard that when the Jaws of Life just aren’t enough, firefighters will sometimes use Alessandra’s knees instead.


  1. Anexio


  2. bigsteamyone

    Who is this broad ?

  3. Niki

    So what, people kiss, what’s the big deal!!!

  4. Niki

    So what, people kiss, what’s the big deal!!!

  5. Niki

    So what, people kiss, what’s the big deal!!!

  6. Niki

    So what, people kiss, what’s the big deal!!!

  7. Jenny Craig

    She’s tall, like Mandy Moore. In fact, if you weighed her while she was holding onto that guy, she’d weigh the same as Mandy Moore.

  8. Doomhammer

    Jeez, his right hand is in her shorts. Life is so unfair. Ugly motherfucker.

  9. mere12877

    Her knees are really fucked. She is really pretty, but her knees suck.

  10. bella

    haha its not his bag (i hope) – hes just carrying hers for her. and he dang well better, considering how inferior he is to her in all ways. i mean, hmmm risk looking homosexual by carrying around alessandra’s huge gold bag in return for makin out with her and grabbing her ass in public? SOLD! im sure this guy is holding on to her thigh like that to keep from fainting as his mind races “holy sh!t im kissing her… holy sh!t, shes not calling the cops on me… holy sh!t, there are paparazzi getting this on film – PROOF! take that, slutty cheerleaders who turned me down all throughout highschool!”

  11. a

    I like the women with the curvy hips and flowery dress

  12. Toast

    giggidy giggidy

  13. James

    I don’t think that purse matches his outfit. Who carries a tan purse with green shoes?

  14. Moefoe

    Fuck her knees are ugly

  15. veggi

    jesus. what a fucking stupid day. I’m beginning to really hate this chick, and I know nothing about her. Hmmmm, wow! I really AM superficial! Fuck yeah!

  16. Opium

    AHAHAHA! *snorts*

  17. James

    @14 they are not ugly when she is on them!!!

  18. Opium

    Jesus…imagine her knees accidently “kneeing” you while in bed, that’d floor you.

  19. combustion8

    This stork looking joker face has nothing on Adriana Lima.

  20. James

    Hey Veggi how are you doing?? Did you get my e-mail?

  21. Kristen

    I love her boots. Does anyone know what kind they are?

  22. Opium

    They are made for anorexic legs only, I’m afraid.
    I pity girls who dont have my strong legs, I can twitch the muscle in both legs simultaneously.
    Weedy-legged fuckers.

  23. veggi

    @20- no. and let’s just keep it that way, eh?

  24. As Expected

    Superfish seems to forget that most supermodels end up with ugly, loser guys. Maybe because most are not blessed with the intelligence to rate a guy? So the well qualified guys end up thinking, “Why the hell would I marry someone who can be fucked by losers like this one? In public too.”

  25. XavierH

    Wow, the Verizon guy’s doing pretty well for himself.

  26. Fattie's dreamguy

    I like the girl in the dress better. I can’t get hard during a handjob unless I see the girls upper-arm flab flapping around like a turkey neck.

  27. hey Anon, what if I already did both? yeah, that’s what I thought.

  28. Celeste

    I actually know Alessa personally and she looks like a fucking ferret without her makeup. She is a pretty girl, but god damn she needs her makeup on like 24/7.
    Plus, she is a KLEPT-HO maniac. For the record, not that anyone remotely cares, that blue BMW X5 is hers, and that black G-wagon she’s been cleaning out is a friend of ours. He is PISSED! The guy she’s kissing is a friend we both know, his name is Jeremy.

  29. my commenet

    Shorts and boots.

    Dresses and flip flops.

    OMG! Where do these hicks come from?

  30. klasdkh

    Isn’t that Jeremy Piven?
    Short and ugly, but somehow incredibly sexy…

  31. She is probably making out with him because God dropped a giant pile of cash and a Ferrari is his driveway.

  32. hey Anon, what if I already did both? yeah, that’s what I thought.

  33. James

    @31 You sound a little jealous Bern

  34. theoriginalmilf

    See what booze will do to a person? Don’t drink around ugly people. Bad things happen.

  35. jrzmommy

    excellent posture in the 4th picture. Ya fuckin’ hunchback lookin’………….

  36. drewski

    It’s pretty simple really, this chick is Gollum with tits, and that dude is obviously her precious….

  37. leelee

    superfish is jealous! That guy isn’t horrible looking, though he’s totally whipped if we’re all going to assume that he’s carrying HER purse and not his own.

  38. LJ

    What kind of disgusting pervs are you that you don’t even know she’s a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret supermodel?

    I’m really disappointed in you all.

  39. Chauncey Gardner

    I don’t get the attraction to this broad. She’s got a ferret face, a whippet body, and she’s shaped like the letter ‘H’.

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