Alessandra Ambrosio gets playful for Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2007 // 159 Comments

  1. Lowlands

    I must say that pink bra looks lovely.Where’s that bra for sale?

  2. Posted by RichPort on February 14, 2007 9:23 AM

    “( mindless shit deleted ), but I’ll take more mat anyday.”

    “More mat? Clearly I mean more meat ( more mindless shit deleted ).”

    I feel a bit guilty for observing the obvious, … RPLTC, thick, veined, meaty cock!

  3. Sheva

    who gives a crap if she saw a doctor or not.
    She’s absolutely lovely. And I don’t care if smart or not.

    Tonight’s the night baby!

  4. A daily haiku :

    Wind rustles dry leaves,
    Pine trees dance in the moonlight.
    RichPort the meat loves.

  5. Doc

    personally, I dont really think shes that hot… i mean not worth getting this worked up over…

  6. ponk

    Ye Who Trolleth Rich thePort, (aka Wally)

    just a little FYI, Haiku doesn’t have to be spoken in Yoda since rhyme it doesn’t.

  7. Michael1

    I thought this site was about ripping on celebrities, not drooling all over ourselves like sex-deprived, prepubescent pimple factories. (wipes drool off chin)

    She’s cute but it gets really tiresome to read the gallant defenses calling anyone who has a different opinion a fat chick or a “hater”. And by tiresome I mean I’d like to punch the buck teeth right down the throat of the next person who says “quit yer hatin duuuuh”.

  8. DieFrau

    Ok jealous fatties enough of your ridiculous comments. We all know she’s beautiful, hot, sexy, adorable, etc, except some of us will not admit it, and find some odd things like her knee position to call her ugly and make ourselves feel oh so much better about ourselves. But I can’t help it sorry I’m not blind, the woman is 1000 times hotter than any American woman.

  9. alaskanchicsickle

    113 Michael, you’re cute.

  10. Clete

    I will refrain from extreme mocking since she appears mentally challenged…. Too bad someone could not help her figure out that the bra goes underneath the dress, she appears to be struggling with that concept. Go easy on the girl she can’t help that dopey gaze and excessive body hair. Kudos to her trainer for bathing and grooming her.

  11. alaskanchicsickle

    She’s Brazilian, of course she’s sexy.

  12. bush twins

    minor typo, i’ll fix it:

    “She’s Brazilian, of course she’s hairy.”

  13. Lowlands

    She’s not only sexy but she also knows how to present parfum.

  14. PrettyBaby

    #119 – Today the guy I’m seeing said the same thing about me! But I’m a little worried that “present parfum” actually referred to my farting. I can’t help it – when I’m drunk, I can’t hold the farts in, no matter who I’m with. So I guess when I get drunk he gets hot farty sex. Maybe I’ve misinterpreted things when his eyes tear up during intimate moments…

  15. DecorativePoncho

    That torso next to her will one day seek revenge!!

  16. Michael1

    Thank you alaskanchicsickle! I also come with four different coordinated outfits and my own malibu convertible (batteries not included).


  17. Alessandra Ambrosio is gorgeous but i still prefer Gisele Bundchen.If you wanna see Gisele Bundchen naked on German Vanity fair go to my site.Thanks

  18. tu.lipseclipse

    i perfer kate moss.

  19. tu.lipseclipse

    i perfer kate moss.

  20. 112. Correct, you are. Write in Yoda verse, I need not. Enjoy concluding haiku with a verb, I do. And so, fuck off, you may ;^)

    RPLTC almost as much as ponk, he does.

  21. RichPort

    Oh, and I’m not “Wally”, cock whore ;^o

  22. ponk

    Wally is the Port’s pet name for my Johnson, ’cause thats the sound he makes while I plow his ass. True story.

    Still, calling every anonymous poster who thinks I’m poor, stupid, lazy, no account white trash “Wally” gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  23. bond

    #107~i was thinking the same thing! super cute.
    ok, so alessandra is really pretty, but i guess that’s what happens when you start having plastic surgery at age 11.

  24. Yeah, I fucked her. So what? You wanna throw?

  25. trashtalker

    she is soooooo gorgeous

  26. by the way, she is 48204832948239045721905 times better than over-rated jessica alba.


  27. sjb16

    I’m a chick and I think this girl is hot! True her knees are a little knobby and she could stand to gain fifteen pounds easily but she is still gorgeous. To me she has a sweet look to her and doesn’t look bitchy. She seems like the type you could bring home to your mother. I think she 1000x’s better looking than Adriana Lima (who looks like a she’s a bitch) or Gisele Bundchen!

  28. Big Poppa

    #120 PrettyBaby – “hot farty sex”!!! lol!

  29. PrettyBaby

    #134 Yes, my Beloved Troll likes to come up with this “Funny stuff” Very stoooopid.

  30. Big Poppa

    #135 PrettyBaby – sorry, I didn’t realize you were being trolled! Usually other people jump in and attack the troll in the real person’s defense, so I assumed it was really you. No offense intended!

  31. supafreak

    This babe is smoking hot. I bet she’d smoke a fat Cuban until it spews baby batter. Jizz-tastic!

  32. PrettyBaby

    #136 – No problem, don’t worry about it. In fact, now I’m a little curious about what it’d be like to have multiple orgasms in a dutch oven…

  33. Carsten5577

    A classic Aryan beauty.

  34. BarbadoSlim

    @139….with the last name Ambrossio? Aryan, really? or she could Mediterranean or southern italian or god forbid? northern african, Herr Jackass.

  35. Carsten5577

    @140 The term “Aryan” describes in the West Indo-European peoples. Italians, being European, qualify, idiot mongrel.

  36. BarbadoSlim

    Mongrel? YES and proud, given that, you’re still wrong Adolf:
    In Nazism and neo-Nazism, a non-Jewish Caucasian, especially one of Nordic type, supposed to be part of a master race.

    (emphasis on SUPPOSED and got their asses handed to them in WW2, what happened there master? can’t blame the jew or the nigger you lost ’cause you sucked, on ice )

    No WEST indo anything, apart from being made up bullshit by a bunch of homosexual degenerates. That’s right honey, the Nazi party, in it’s origins, and the SA, were a queer troupe. So, keep on enjoying your ideology, homo.

  37. Carsten5577

    I’m not going to debate an illiterate, frothing “Google intellectual” on the meaning of words. It

  38. Carsten5577

    I’m not going to debate an illiterate, frothing “Google intellectual” on the meaning of words. It

  39. BarbadoSlim

    google intellectual? what, they teach that at master race school. You guys don’t use computers, should I get a copy of Webster’s on a nice egyptian parchment or maybe a scroll? Maybe that’s the reason YOU LOST, couldn’t adapt?

    And how did it feel when the Russian Slavs or “sub-humans” went and raped all your women after they ass raped the german army. Ah? how does that make you feel? was your grandma raped too? You got slav blood in ya? Just how pure are ya anyway?

  40. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, and that was no debate, honey, for a debate all parties must, at least have a minimum level of intelligence, and guess what? Chimpero beats west virginian inbred, oh, sorry, inbred “west indo/european” every time.

    good luck with that coming race war thing

  41. woodhorse

    Wally-XOXOXO hope you have lots of surprises today. I want you to be my hero for Valentines and chop up the reprobate who calls himself WiseMan. Going after RichPort is funny, though. Thanks for the Haiku idea, I used it after I made WiseMan so frothing furious he couldn’t spell for shit and that was the end of that thread. I was proud of being particularly obnoxious that day.

  42. woodhorse

    #48 then you hate jrzmommy cause she always flaunts nasty names then says “don’t be a hater” to all who reply on her hating.

  43. Carsten5577

    Mongrel, you should stick to discussing the sex life of celebrities and reading Donald Duck comic books…cuz you know fuck all about the Third Reich. Last post on this.

    Whatever anybody might mean by the word “Aryan” today, under the Nuremberg Laws in the Third Reich it was explicitly and officially defined as describing the European type of man. The document

  44. OMG, yay, it’s a real life nazi! awesome.

    This girl is very pretty. But that’s all I have to say, so what is the freaking point.

  45. Lowlands

    <138~I can only figure out,to satisfy your curiosity,you could receive multiply orgasm by sticking your head inside the oven.One of my favorite positions...
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  46. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll discuss whatever I feel like discussing Fraulein, and there’s fuck all you can do about it. And I know enough about the third reich to tell you they lost and their leader went out like a punk.

    Next time you are at the compound playing grab ass with your wannabe SS buddies you can tell them how you got your ass handed to you on a gossip website.

  47. PrettyBaby

    #138 Troll- I know that you have this love/hate thing for me, but ya gotta think up better shit, k? Using my sexuality is just…. stupid. Stupid because if you met me, you’d fall in love…

  48. PrettyBaby

    Oh and of course I have a great self-esteem so good luck trying to break it, Troll.

  49. hellothere

    She’s really attractive, but could definitely be more curvier. Also, she has a long head and sharp chin. Nevertheless, she’s definitely up there.

    As far as Brazilian supermodels, I’d say she’s #3 behind Adriana Lima and Gisele.

  50. fabricator

    The ugliest legs on a chicken ever seen! First grand prize.

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