Alessandra Ambrosio first post-baby swimsuit photos

November 13th, 2008 // 74 Comments

These are shots of Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio’s first photo shoot since giving birth to a daughter in August. Of course, those facts are inconsequential considering I’m going to post these pics taken in Miami yesterday no matter what.

Alessandra Ambrosio ate a baby panda then wore a bikini: POST.
Alessandra Ambrosio made out with Osama Bin Laden then posed by the pool: POST.
Alessandra Ambrosio kicked The Superficial Writer’s mom down the stairs then peed on his comic books while wearing lingerie: POST.

So, do they mail you the Pulitzer, or do you have to pick it up somewhere? How’s that work?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Fe

    have you seen the alessandra ambrosio rolling stone brasil making of for las january summer cover?
    She was already pregnant on the photo shoot, but she didn’t know it yet:

  2. Meh

    Ya, she looks good–but that’s her job. Her face has never been that great. Ana Beatrice Barros (in the blue bikini) is still hotter than she is, and she’s been working it for VS way longer!

  3. JaidenPaidin

    Previous commments are written by Fucking Dipshits.

    She is a gorgeous lady who just had a baby and now is at the top of my MILF list.

    The fact that she can look like that only 3 months post baby is the SUPER part of this MODEL.

    Most American women start from looking like cows and then Post baby they look like a herd. She had a baby and got back down to Bikini material.

    You guys must be able to give a lady props when the props are due!

    An as far as the canal comments……my dick would still fit snug in there. Maybe yours is a bit to small? Dipshits.

  4. gartt

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  5. thatswhatyourmomsaid

    I don’t think it’s her.. for real

  6. Rogue

    Exactly 53. See, American women are generally excuse-making fat asses to begin with. Then they have kids, get bigger during pregnancy, and NEVER lose weight again. All the while blaming their kids – not babies – kids, for them looking like Elsie the Cow, saying junk like, “But I had a baby! You try losing all this weight after having a baby.”

    Yeah, and their youngest will be like 4. Hell, it’ll be ONE year later.

    Meanwhile, the “unreal” non-excuse making women who are fit and healthy to begin with, get pregnant, have their kids, and get back to their pre-baby weight.

    You don’t have to be a model or have a trainer to get back to your pre-baby weight in three months. The cows will whine and say these women are not normal women. That’s crap.

    It all depends on what your lifestyle was like before getting pregnant. If you spent more energy & time making excuses about your weight, there’s usually nothing that’s going to stop you from continuing to do so. Even having a baby.

    Fat-ass, back fat, and gut before pregnancy = Even fatter-ass, Michelin rolls and bigger gut after pregnancy = normal

    Fit before pregnancy = fit after pregnancy = normal

    Shutting the f-ck up and making changes = not-so normal (for most)

  7. RaraAvis

    Two things: (one) her suit is covering up the scar from her tummy tuck; and (two), Rogue, you are a dickhead with waaaay too much time on your hands. Or maybe too much dick in your hands.

  8. Vicki

    Alessandra looks amazing just 12 weeks after giving birth. She did a better job than Heidi Klum did after having her baby and preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Im so happy Ale kept up with the gym so much and made it back to being in shape right on time for the VS show this year.

    PS. Her daughter is gorgeous

  9. gotmilk?

    are we sure that’s her? it really doesn’t look like it.

  10. Nella

    #59, Yes, that’s her, IDIOT. Seriously, she’s been with VS for awhile now, who the hell else would it be? Maybe you should have looked her up before you asked that?

    And she looks fantastic – look at those legs!
    Her boobs were always tiny – the only reason they got bigger for awhile was because she was pregnant, #30.

    Also – her body can HEAL and, haven’t you heard of kegels? My god.
    I can’t wait to see her on the fashion show!

  11. dee

    Both swimsuits are covering her stomach and her boobs look flat, something she will probably have to “fix” very soon.

  12. kyle

    Seriously needs tits and an ass!

  13. J

    She brings to mind the lyrics of Radiohead’s “Creep”.

    ? You’re just like an angel
    Your skin makes me cry
    You float like a feather
    In a beautiful world ?

  14. Emily

    Apart from her pixie ears there is nothing wrong with that woman. She looks pretty damn fucking fine considering she just had a baby :|
    The day you can pop out a baby and look as good as her is the day your allowed to judge. SHUT UP WANKERS!

  15. Stacy

    I guess she decided her modeling career was more important than feeding her baby, as she is clearly NOT breastfeeding from these photos. That poor baby.

  16. dookie

    she just had a baby but no boobs? WTF

  17. Another one that can pop them out and look amazing a few months later! Absolutely amazing! Sure wish these women would spill the beans on the magic! How can you lose weight so fast after having a baby???

  18. Honestly, kudos to her because I sure as hell can’t look that fabulous after having kids. But of course, this is her job, so without her body, she can’t make money. I just wish I had that kind of dedication and motivation to trim myself that fast and fabulous.

  19. She is also famous on ?sugar baby I just find her under the username look4love3. Lots of her sexy photos can be found there.

  20. If This Jar of Mayonnaise Say Hi to You Geeky Dudes, You'd Want to Screw It

    She has no body. So what, exactly, did she lose when she had that baby? Ugh, VS models are just feminine-looking boys. They used to have hips, now they just have height. I prefer Frederick’s — and so do my boys.

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