Alessandra Ambrosio does some cleaning

July 6th, 2007 // 234 Comments

Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted cleaning out her car yesterday after spending the day at the beach. I’m just glad the paparazzi captured shots of her doing regular everyday stuff. Sometimes the public forgets people as good looking as Alessandra and I are still regular people too. We supermodels have to clean out our cars just like everybody else, only afterwards when we walk down the street we’re worshipped as gods and get bags of money thrown at us.


  1. miss oblivious

    80…I never said there was anything wrong with being happy w/ the way you look, taking care of yourself, etc, etc. But anyone who says
    … “guys love it and girls hate me for it… Meowww…you can retract the claws catty girls and go squeeze your cookie butts into those size 28 jeans…Stop whining girls and accept the fact that we are and always will be alfa!”
    …sounds like a conceited snot to me. I also never said that tall girls can’t be curvy too; I know they can. Fashion models are always so tall, so I grew up thinking thats what guys wanted. Then was surprised to learn otherwise. A large majority of guys go crazy for petite little ladies. And I’m not one of them, so I’m not tooting my own horn here. Yes, I’m 5’6 and have blonde hair. But I’ve always been considered somewhat on the tall side because I am slender (but curvy)so I look taller. I’ve personally always liked my height because I feel I’m right in the middle; not too short, not too tall. Anyways, besides the point. I think if someone is attractive, they are attractive, regardless of height. And I think most men like curvy (I’m not talking chunky)ladies, which Alessandra is not. She would be if she put on a few more pounds, but instead she looks like she does the typical “model diet” of cig’s, and who knows what else. But I do think Alessandra is attractive, just not gorgeous. So I’ve heard all the data that attractive, taller people make better salaries, etc, etc. But I think the taller part more so pertains to men. And I could totally make fun of you here and say that its obviously not your brains that got you ahead in life…”however, I know my “heigth” has helped me in life”…but I wouldn’t do that ;)

  2. frenchie

    101-miss oblivious

    Wow! Don’t get so upset. Sounds like you’re a cutie! Like I said…different strokes for different folks. My comments are a tounge in cheek rebuttal to all the catty girls out there. A mirror can be pretty scary for some of them..ya know.

    I’m simply speaking from my own experience and yes…a good head on your shoulders is important but first impressions are also important. I’m sure you can see that point.

  3. Play Doctor

    Frenchie I feel sorry for you because you clearly have an “I wasn’t a cheerleader” complex (you probably played water polo or basketball or some nasty man-girl shit).

    Studies show that men FAR prefer women in the 5’4″ to 5’6″ range. Have you ever seen a stunningly beautiful girl with a 23 inch waist 34 inch hips and a full C cup with 18% body fat, super long gorgeous legs (lean and toned without an ounce of cellulite), long gorgeous hair and the face of an angel. That is the description of the hottest type of girl on earth and she will smoke the shit out of the manly fucking tall ass scare crows. At a bar, at work, ANYWHERE this type of girl will overwhelmingly get ALL THE ATTENTION over some nasty tall horse faced bitch that’s as tall as, and in many cases taller, than the guys and wears the same size shoes as them.

    Like I said on the other Alessandra posts as a 6’2′ athlete it fucking revolts me when a girl dresses up and puts on her heels and is as tall as me. Take my other surfer buddies starve them, shave them, put them in a wig and a bikini and they’ll look just like this bitch. Why the fuck would that turn me on. Guys like girls who look feminine and last time I checked man-tall Amazonians look like nasty drag queens. Trust me 99% of guys will agree with me on this one. The other 1% are chubby chasers so you chicky are SHIT OUTTA LUCK. You and the tall bean poles aren’t at the bottom of the food chain but no way in fuck are you at the top either. SOOOOOO many girls out smoke this type of run of mill skank.

    P.S. No men ever lusted after Gwenyth Paltrow. That’s just not the PRIME type of chick. Get over it. Only fat girls think that’s the ultimate body type but, guys aren’t that impressed by it.
    AND if you have this body do yourself a favor and work out beacause like Alessandra you must be doughy, dimply and bony. If your face resembles hers you might wanna get a nose job too.

  4. frenchie

    miss oblivious-

    If you think that looks only play a role in interpersonal relationships than your professional achievements will reach a mediocre level…at best. My comment on looks is true and does not reflect nor should it diminish any other attribute on an individual.

  5. frenchie

    P.S. Thanks for the novel. I’m sure lots of thought went into it …Sorry that your track record is so shotty you had to settle for average.

  6. Play Doctor

    #105. Well I knew a “novel” would offend you since you aren’t very bright and probably have trouble reading more than a few sentences.

    You are obviously a bitter miserable hag. I admit that being tall matters for men (lucky me)but it’s quite different when it comes to women. I smell a high school nerdy dork who thinks she got hot when in actuality she still looks like an awkward sasquatch with man feet.

    Your right it’s hard to have to accept the fact that you’ve ended up with a girl where everywhere you go AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE, on a daily basis people gasp and say to my wife “oh my god you are so stunning” and
    “Oh my god you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”. It gets annoying. We like to travel all over the world but since my wife has a little something called striking universal beauty it gets irritating. Average NOPE she’s exotic and TRAFFIC STOPPINGLY BEAUTIFUL (literally she has stopped traffic, funny but true). I could tell so many stories of what she’s had to endure. I mean she was harassed and it actually got to a point where the police had to be involved. Stalked at every job. She is literally dangerously beautiful. Even in crowded cities like New York and Paris she stands out. My wife is incredible and I have no shame talking about how perfect she is. Luckily unlike you she is incredibly humble and modest. I remember a girl at one of her jobs same description as you was so jealous of her, she would tell us that every time we saw her “Oh my god I am so jealous of your wife she is like the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen”. Poor thing. Plain tall Jane.

    Back in my day some nasty tallies were always calling me and following me around while I surfed and I was like fuck I just don’t like girls who look like men why won’t they get lost. They looked like this typical twat tall AVERAGE skanks.

  7. LaLaLa

    Hey 5’10″ & Attractive -

    If it makes you feel better to think that the whole world would jizz at the sight of someone with your looks, cool. Personally, I don’t “hate” on women very often. I find most women attractive, actually, including a lot of celebs that get bashed here. I have NO trouble saying that a chick is pretty or hot, ever. But AA is not in my eyes. She’s the polar opposite of everything I like about women. I like boobs. Butts. Curves. Pretty face. Nice voices. Eyes that don’t look like someone sucked the soul of them. So when I say she looks like a boy, I mean it. If I saw her on the street would I pick apart her flaws? No way. I just wouldn’t notice her at all, but then that probably bothers you most, judging by your little fit. Can’t handle that we all have different tastes and some of u 0 gasp! – don’t give a shit about tall and skinny chicks with bland looks? Sorry. For what it’s worth, there are plenty of people that DO love this look, so I’m sure you’ll get your share of jizz that you’re so desperately seeking. It just won’t be mine. :-)

  8. MexicanLust

    Play doctor – pic?

  9. kitty_kat

    Is this site gonna become an Alessandra Ambrosio fansite? Seriously, if you’re gonna obsess over a VS model, at least obsess over Adriana Lima. She’s a billion times hotter than this chick…

  10. Play Doctor


    If the world wasn’t such a filthy place and the internet was not crawling with psychos I would have posted a pic of my princess and not have had to write ONE word. Sadly I can’t. I’m sure you’d approve she has long dark hair, like rich chocolate, and the most jaw dropping eyes and perfect features. Just picture the definition of beauty. On our wedding day that’s what the priest called her. She is the personification of a goddess. Again I have no shame praising her. I’m in love with a beautiful woman, the most beautiful. Life is good.

  11. miss oblivious

    Basically what it boils down to is…Men like the women in Playboy, not so much the women in fashion magazines. Not just for the obvious naked reasons, but because these women represent their “ideal” of female beauty; curvy & sexy. And its usually the same in the celebrity world;the hottest celeb chics usually aren’t real tall. I think women are finally starting to realize this; hence the increased female interest in breast implants, butt implants, etc, etc in the past decade. Anyways, I realize that looks have a huge impact on one’s life. I just don’t think height has that much to do with it (at least not for women). As for your comment… “Sorry that your track record is so shotty you had to settle for average.”…I have no idea what you’re talking about here (but as far as settling for average, my husband is 6’1 and very successful & handsome). Then again, this topic is starting to bore me so I don’t really care. So my “novel” (which was all off the cuff)has ended, and you can continue on with your tall girl saga.

  12. HeyNow

    Alessandra is pretty much vertical front and back, with very little T&A. Tall and extremely slender. But I find her really beautiful and attractive, along with Adriana Lima.

    I guess for me it’s all about the slenderness ratio combined with a nice face. To each his own.

  13. Trent

    Alessandra is the perfect woman, not one flaw on her. It’s easy to see why women here are so jealous of her.

  14. unowho

    Man this chick is one nasty fugly man-faced dog.

  15. Jenny

    LOL All you people calling her too skinny and anorexic.

    ALL GIRLS HAVE DIFFERENT NATURAL BODYSHAPES. SOME ARE THAT SKINNY BY NATURE, and if everyone in your country wasnt so damn fucking stuffed with grease and burgers you all would know that too.


    Youre all obviously just jealous of her. ”Omg, she has ONE chin, lets hate her!”

    Most people in the western world (which includes europe) LOVE Alessandra, shes absolutely stunning. Except americans who dont like anything unless its so fucking fat and unhealthy you have to forklift it to the fucking hospital before it has a heartattack and dies.

  16. grotto

    she’s simply not that hot. i’m unsure why you feature her. yeah, she’s a model, she has a “cool” pc, alliterative ethnic name, but she’s frankly a bit mannish in a pubescent kind of way. also, who decides who becomes a model — a panel of gay men, right? well, they don’t speak for straight men. we like breasts and some semblence of an ass. thanks, though.

  17. HeyNow

    I’d also like to say that this thread is exactly why arguing over the Internet is completely pointless. It’s nearing the posting quality of youtube, and most of you know how childish and retarded those e-arguments get.

    Any bold claims made by anyone over the Internet should always be taken with a grain of salt, so don’t expect people to just believe you. Say what you want about yourselves or people you know, but without a picture to justify them, they are all null. Not to mention in this day and age, you could probably just take a random obscure picture of another person and pass it off as your own.

    You can pick on Alessandra all you want, or pick on each other and argue which is better, but in the end I believe there’s a market for every kind of beauty. And to me Alessandra is very beautiful and deserving of being one of this site’s “spotlight” girls, along with fellow model Adriana Lima. But that isn’t to say that’s the only type of women I like.

    One last thing. You know those Top 100 Sexiest Women Lists that are made every year by publications and websites? I finally found one where I (for the most part) agree. And it’s from The Bastardly of all places too.

    Nice to know Alessandra and Adriana took the #1 and #2 positions. Although personally I would’ve flipped the two. Nevertheless, it’s a hell of a list.


  18. sharpeidude

    She’s a fucking swizzle stick are you people kidding? This cadaver could pass for an Dachau survivor!

  19. crazy otto

    why isn’t this post about Paris or Linsey?

  20. HeyNow

    “why isn’t this post about Paris or Linsey?”

    I get tired of hearing about them. This site could really diversify itself a little…

  21. Aja

    @ Number 19 Bridget-

    I don’t really give a sh*t about this chick in any sort of capacity, but sometimes people that post here are so preoccupied with finding fault that it’s kind of sad. And I’m not talking about sad in the “I shed a tear for you every night before falling into sweet slumber” kind of way…it’s more in the “I laugh at you, because I know that the other 98% of your life is spent playing XBox 360 live and bragging to some dorky Russian gamer about how you succeeded in getting a pity f*ck from an off-duty prostitute two years ago” kind of way.


  22. crazy otto

    ……isn’t this ?

  23. How does this qualify as decent gossip? I don’t come on this site to read about this chick and Ashley Tisdale, I come here to read about Britney and Lindsey Lohan acting like retards!

  24. Alex

    These posts are SO uninteresting? Who cares about Alessandra Ambrosio’s day-to-day life? She’s so overrated. Write about her when something worth writing about happens. Like, she dies.

  25. Mal

    You know, she is gorg but she would definately be drop dead gorgeous if she just wasn’t so skinny :\

  26. that girl is way too skinny! somebody give her a sandwich!!

  27. woodhorse

    #50 – That is an Excellent Idea! The Paps could pan across some piles of shit and claim they have found “Britney Spoor” – they should have a Marlin Perkins narrator/front man and some poor slob named “Jim” who actually does all the dirty work (like Britney clobbering him with an umbrella) but doesn’t get any of the credit. Classy Xtina and Avril could spit on him, he could have phones thrown at him… the possibilities are endless.

  28. She can come over and clean any day :)

  29. to all the fuckerz?
    who wrote fuckin bookz?
    on here yezterday?
    no fuckybody carez
    about your bullzhit?

  30. Felicia

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her figure. It’s an hourglass, as you guys can see from the picture where her back is to the camera.

    It’s true that being attractive helps people in life, but being tall doesn’t help women much, I think. It might help men, but not women.

    And I doubt that there’s such thing as a ‘universal beauty’. Doubt that there is even ONE person in the world that everyone finds beautiful. What one person considers ‘exotic and sexy’, might be considered ‘ugly and dorky’. (Trust me, been there)

  31. fatt fuckerz that
    write bookz??
    enjoy your zcoobyxnackz
    while I enjoy the beach?

  32. Conky

    Conky is always happy to see pictures of the Goddess Alessandra.


  33. Play Doctor

    You know someone has won an argument when people say “oh well prove it”. Awww boohoo to good to be true eh, ya it’s a great life to live, and I could give a fuck if some fat little douche in their basement doesn’t believe me. When I’m done writing this I’ll spend the weekend with my angel while many of you will spend it getting fatter ALONE, ALL ALONE.

    What loving husband would put up a picture of their wife when she already had to deal with so much harassment, especially in these unsafe times with the internet crawling with perves.

    Universal beauty definitely exists, but anyone who doesn’t understand the concept is obviously really ugly and has been found unattractive by so many people. Felicia don’t feel bad that people think you are ugly and dorky. Perhaps the term exotic confused your little brain (exotic as in a more beautiful leaner young Catherine Zeta Jones). Anyway honestly I pity someone who is so bitter. A guy can just talk about a girl who is really beautiful and girls get all upset and defensive, it’s quite pathetic. Tooo bad no one will ever feel that way about you. If EVERYWHERE (the mall, the grocery store, walking down the street, all over Europe, in Africa, in China, all over north America, in all those different places with such different cultures) a girl goes people tell her how absolutely stunning and astoundingly beautiful she is trust me she’s universally beautiful. You can also tell when people say to her over and over
    “you have that incerdible universal beauty”.

    Anyway whatever bullshit people throw my way or whatever little troll tries to overcompensate for their pathtic existence I don’t give a fuck. The truth hurts losers, and the women here know no man would EVER spend time writing this much about how incredible they are. I could go on FOREVER. Everyone knows damn well they wish they had a treasure and I have no shame being so in love, it’s the best thing on earth. Life is good and my wife is incredible.

    I have a princess to get back to. Goodbye fatties and uglies enjoy your bitter misery. You’ll all have plenty of company.

  34. La reina del mambo

    #19 & 73 : You know… being tall and slender doesn’t automatically make you hot… you conceided bitches! Just look at Kimberly Stewart!!LOL
    It’s so easy to say you’re pretty when you’re hiding behind a computer!

  35. Flavio

    nnnnnot hotttt. average, boring, yawn. this is the kind of chick that gay dudes think is really hot…

  36. YaYa

    She’s pretty, I don’t see what’s wrong with her, and Im a girl. Although she does look like a female Tom Cruise, but that’s because of the face she is making.

  37. Ruby

    Oh, Play Doctor: shut the fuck up for awhile and get back to your little *princess* or whatever. You bore us.

  38. sexymom

    Jeez, has this gotten ugly.

    First off, NO ONE looks like they would in a professional photo shoot in real life so just stop picking her apart. Also, yes, models photograph and look better on a runway at 5’9″ and up. In real life, they tend to be a bit awkward and probably taller than most of the males reading this which is why guys usually go for women in the 5′ to 5’7″ish range in real life.

    Second, she does not have ugly “snake” veins or cellulite to whoever it was who said that.

    Third, to frenchie, I guess I can agree to a certain extent that in American culture, we are somewhat lazy and tend to eat too much so if that is what you mean by the fat problem, I agree although I am the opposite of this myself, I guess that’s not really the norm in the US. What I said though was that there is no fat movement in fashion, nor has there ever been. Also, if you are so great, why aren’t YOU on the cover of the Victoria’s Secret catalog?

    PlayDoctor, I think it’s sweet that you are so in love with your wife. I hope she’s as beautiful as you say she is.

    Finally, I still say this model is very pretty but I wish she would gain a few and I find it ironic that a lingerie model would have next to no breast tissue on her body but whatever. I will still shop at VS regardless. It does bother me a bit that her BMI is only 16.1 (healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9) and that she is an example for young girls but if it weren’t her, they would just go find some other too skinny model to take her place.

    I think Adriana Lima has a healthier looking body with pretty curves. Hopefully, they will go back to more of that in the fashion industry soon. I miss the beautiful curvy girls of the late 90′s/early 2000′s like Heidi, Cindy, Claudia, Eva, etc. To me, they look like women, not little boys.

    That is all.

  39. peace

    I prefer Adriana Lima too. Sure she might have been a little choppy lately compared to her old self but she has more curves and is more healthy looking than Alessandra.

  40. skye

    Her legs are gross. Why is this person so popular with the men? Are all men gay?

  41. mafme

    So far, there is a kind of funny trend in AA’s most vocal supporters (not counting the people who are calm about saying that she’s pretty): Straight woman & men/males who call everyone else gay. I mean, doesn’t this *support* the people who say that she’s a bit boyish? Straight women like her as do latent homosexuals.

  42. HeyNow

    LMAO, Play Doctor, all you seem to do is insult everyone. If anything, YOU are the very definition of an Internet troll.

  43. Lowlands

    ‘Sometimes the public forgets people as good looking as Alessandra and I are still regular people too. We supermodels have to clean out our cars just like everybody else, only afterwards when we walk down the street we’re worshipped as gods and get bags of money thrown at us’.Genius!your writing has really made improvement lately! I could have written this myself!Go on with the good works!

  44. Lowlands

    (67)At the first thought i was thinking this is the back of a horse-trailer anyways.I didn’t know she’s this tall and a giant that she’d need a Stretch (in height) Hummer.

  45. lastangelman

    somebody kill me now. i just wacked off to a hot model taking out the trash. someobody spank me. spank me. won’t somebody pleeeeeeaaaaazzzzz spank me now?

  46. Aislinn

    ugh, anyone who jerks off to pics on the superfish should not be spanked — they should be beaten within an inch of their lives. Haven’t you guys ever heard of playboy?

  47. ILovePooch

    uhmm… so lemme get this straight… the story RIGHT UNDER THIS ONE… pple comemnt abt eva longoria being to short, that shes a midget and looks liek a gnome… now on this post, THE SAME PPLE are talking abt Alessandre being too tall, looking like a giant. so may I ask.. what in the world should a good looking woman look like. and would all you ladies stop fighting over who looks the best. I havent seen any pictures and im not very interested either, but it just seems to me like theres a lot more self esteem issues going on here. Just learn to respect yourself and like the way you look and accept others the way they are. Tall, skinny, curvy, short. Different men like different women so jsut stop making up excuses for the way u look and just be happy. I thank god that i have all my limbs and all my senses cuz some pple don’t and you can imagine what they’re thinking if they’d be reading these posts.

  48. HoboChic

    I confirm guys like curvy, average-heighted chicks, even my pro athlete boyfriend.
    What they like most though is a girl that is (to quote Notting Hill) “gaga for it.” Bar none, that is the most attractive quality in a woman for a man. They tend to forget how tall you are when you are shaking your tail in their faces.

  49. gary

    Hey PlayDoctor, please post a photo of your wife. I have to decide for myself if she is really as “traffic stopping beautiful” as you say she is

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