Alessandra Ambrosio does some cleaning

July 6th, 2007 // 234 Comments

Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted cleaning out her car yesterday after spending the day at the beach. I’m just glad the paparazzi captured shots of her doing regular everyday stuff. Sometimes the public forgets people as good looking as Alessandra and I are still regular people too. We supermodels have to clean out our cars just like everybody else, only afterwards when we walk down the street we’re worshipped as gods and get bags of money thrown at us.


  1. cowcat

    #48, supermodels are tall?! Thanks, Captain Obvious. I don’t have a favorite model, so I don’t masturbate to any of them. I was merely illustrating how stupid #19 was for posting what she looks like on a site called “thesuperficial.” Don’t take it personally.

  2. Tall girl love is for gay fashion designers

    Straight guys don’t masturbate every day to fashion models like Alessssssssssandra. We jerk off to (hopefully) some jiggly girl we saw in real life. Walking behind one during your commute home is a special treat if you’re married. Or, maybe there was some big-titted girl at the office whose boobs we accidentally/intentionally brushed against while pretending to look at something together on the computer. Or, failing all else, there’s now an infinity of online porno chicks with cartoonishly large boobs and butts (e.g., hit the bookmark to Bern’s site). Jerking off to tall skinny bitchy supermodels??? Sheesh. Girls really have no idea what’s going on in guys’ heads (big and little). Thank fucking god for that.

  3. BringItA-hole: *applause*

    my sentiments exactly. i really wish i could see a picture of everyone that posts on here so that i could rip them a new one about their flaws, starting from head to toe.

  4. black hole sun

    For the millionth time, none of us are trying to make money by putting our bodies out in the public as “works of art” like models, and sometimes actors, do.

    This girl’s job is to put on underwear and pout. Possibly the most dim-witted thing to do (other than put on underwear and pout) is to defend her from criticism.

  5. miss oblivious

    Ok, superfish guy. Time to fess up now. She’s not as perfect as you claimed her to be. With her size 12 clown feet, some beginning signs of cellulite on the backs of her rail thin legs, and the itty bitty titties. Oh, and the fact that she looks like an 11 year old prepubescent boy that just went thru a big growth spurt over the summer. ‘Dems some hot shit; haha. No, not really. Hey, I just realized she’s somewhat slyly flicking the camera man off in the first pic.

  6. bobsi

    what you talkin about willis? I challenge you to take a stroll thru the victorias secret online catalouge and try NOT to wack off

  7. bob

    How fucking huge is that car of hers?

  8. Kamihi

    Her body is OK I suppose but facially she is somewhat ferret like.

  9. Aislinn

    Ally: what is an “ing?” I can’t even imagine where you were going with that.

    Krazihotkelli: the pope scares you ’cause there are no z’s in his name. You seriously must be 15.

    And #54, I agree. If your being paid millions to be gorgeous, you had damn well better be smoking hot. If you don’t look good, you’re going to get ripped by the superfish.

  10. Lowlands

    Since when is 5’10″ tall?In most NW European countries it’s below average.I expect the next generation of supermodels to approach the 7 feet.

  11. Pope zcarez me becoz:

    He haz dark ciclez under
    hiz eyez, like evil?
    He picked the name Benedict?
    He hidez in a caztle like Zepplin?
    He wearz long robez, wavying
    like the queen?
    He hangz out with too many men?
    alzo in robez?

    the girl at the top?
    iz a plain old jane?

  12. willis

    “I challenge you to take a stroll thru the victorias secret online catalouge and try NOT to wack off”

    If you’re online and you’ve already pulled your pants down, why would you settle on the VS site? Dude, click around a bit. I know it was a big deal to graduate from the “foundation garments” section of the Sears catalog to the VS catalog, but really, it’s not pre-internet and you’re not a newbie adolescent anymore. Click around. You’ll love it.

    (unless of course the VS “catalouge” is a magical combination of a catalog and cantaloupe, in which case you’ve stumbled on a real treat for the senses)

  13. Pat

    Damn that nose! (pic #1) if only the nose became boobs… she would be hot

  14. Sauron

    (60)How about me,in human shape i’m 9’6″.

  15. Quinn

    She’s cute but where are the curves? If she put on about 10 lbs she’d be smokin’!!!!!!

  16. woodhorse

    I know you have to accept the bad with the good since you are so in love with her Fish, but those are some long earthworms crawling up the back of her legs (at her young age) and that’s an indication that she won’t take care of herself. That could easily be fixed and for not much money, either. She’s got plenty of money, so what is her problem?

  17. woodhorse

    Lowlands – did you think she was the Pope because she drives a Stretch Hummer? The way you can tell it’s not the Pope is that there is no bullet-proof glass. (Wouldn’t want him to go before his time! We’d be at Pope #1,387.)

  18. asteadyrain

    boooring. who cares about some anorexic broad clearing out her car? who is this alessandra chick anyway, and why has the site become a shrine to her?

  19. She is hot. By the book about me. I try to be an actor in Hollywood, and go fucking insane. My book pretty much predicted the current state of Hollywood.

  20. no more bimbos please

    she looks like she farted. wow, must have been a doozy from the look on her face

  21. D. Vader

    This chick is fuckin’ ugly. In a world of beautiful women, why does she get post after post on here??? Lame.

    She looks like a 12 year-old version of Bridgette Wilson…..”Ooh Veronica Vaughn – sooooo hot. Want to touch the heiny! Ahhooooooh!!” Billy Madison fans know what’s up.

  22. mejane

    she is well known for having a coke habit. smoking and being thin seems a bit arbitrary at this point

  23. frenchie

    BringitA-hole #19 is completely right!

    Alessandra is hot by definition. I’m also very tall and slender and guys love it and girls hate me for it… Meowww…you can retract the claws catty girls and go squeeze your cookie butts into those size 28 jeans.

    I don’t care if I hear people cutting down tall slender pretty girls because I know “for a fact” that life is much better because of the way someone looks. Tall attractive people are more sucessfull, live longer and stand out in a crowd. Allesandra is undeniably striking to look at with her long limbs and exotic features. That is a fact every 5’6″ average looking dirrrty blonde fast food eating American girl HATES!!! Stop whining girls and accept the fact that we are and always will be alfa!

  24. rach

    mejane- my thoughts exactly. everyone knows she loves the blow a little too much…who cares if she is skinny or smokes?

    Lowlands- Check your facts and stats. Models are getting SHORTER AND SKINNIER, NOT taller! The average height of a model back in 1994 was 5’11″. IT IS NOW 5’8″!

  25. Jimbo

    frenchie, you conceited bitch, bend down so I can cum on your face!

    p.s. Given your self-description (honestly, if you’re not famous, who the fuck cares?), I’m quite sure you’re a horseface.

  26. miss oblivious

    #73 …I always thought guys liked tall girls too. But as it turns out, most guys I’ve met actually prefer small, petite girls w/ some curves. (And a big thing too is the whole “waist to hip ratio”, but I won’t even get into that). Guys might find the glamazon supermodels sexy on tv and in magazines, but they don’t realize that the girls are tall and just photograph better for it, and in real life they usually aren’t as drawn too tall, lanky, twiggy types. A lot of guys are short these days too, so what guy wants some chic towering over him? Not too many. Not only that, but you are bashing all these typical “American girls”, saying they all have dirty blonde hair and are 5’6. Well, actually, 5’6 is considered somewhat tall for an American female. The average height is actually only around 5’4. All that being said, everyone has different taste, and it all just comes down to that, and also how people look as a whole; not just feature by feature, and not just by height. Oh yeh, and personality plays a big part too. So, basically…get over yourself.

  27. frenchie

    75-Dumbo- I’m sure the internet porn takes care of you discharge habits…besides, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know what to do with a live girl.

  28. George

    She looks hungry to me. I’m going to send her some of those McDonald’s Gift Cards, and then she will be my friend for life.

  29. strawberrylaundry

    who the F* is this, and why the F* should we care?!!!

  30. frenchie

    76- miss oblivious

    I agree that there are different strokes for different folks; however, I know my heigth has helped me in life. Statistically taller people do better, but personality does matter in the end… good genes only add to good characteristics.

    I take care of myself to stay fit and like the way I look. I don’t think that is conceited so I don’t really need to get over that, but thanks.

  31. Hollywood Agent

    My mom had a friend who was a supermodel like this bird. Fast forward 25 years…. I’m in a Jewish deli in the SFV with a girlfriend when my mom’s friend comes up and give me a kiss. My girlfriend started laughing and laughing and laughing she thought that someone was playing a joke on us and had a drag queen come up and kiss me.

    Now you know the rest of the story ……

  32. who fucking cares. stop posting this bullshit that isnt even news just because it gets you off.

  33. frenchie

    miss oblivious

    One more thing… just because a girl is tall doesn’t mean she can’t be curvy. I know all about the hip to waist ratio.

  34. Cynthia

    I totally agree with all the Alessandra supporters.
    This whole fat trend is disturbing. While it is true that I will look twice at a woman who has nice T and/or A, it is increasingly more disturbing that men AND women are encouraging the beautification of obese and unhealthy body types. What happened to encouraging
    proportionate BMIs and those who don’t have Dunlaps Disease??
    It seems like we as a society went from the rail thin heroin-chic of the 90s to walking tubs of lard.
    I hope we can all agree that this chick is, at the very least, CUTE, if not very lovely.

  35. freddiegirl

    Ummm…just to comment…I’m 5ft one…yes I’m tiny and I’m 98 lbs. Guys may like tall slender girls but I’m here to tell you they love small petite ones as well. I’ve never had problems getting a date and I’ve never wanted to be 6ft tall. I say this because I don’t want to hear the old ‘you must be chubby’ refrain. Having said that I think there are some tall models who are lovely, Christy Turlington back in the day was about the most perfect looking women I’d ever seen IMO. I think Christy now in her late 30s and Adriana Lima both smoke this girl, however. I don’t understand why Allesandra looks so plainish here when she didn’t in the pictures in the post below??????

    Can we have Jessica Biel in her bikini back on the site now?

    76. I agree….when it comes right down to it guys look at the whole package and personality DOES indeed, play a huge part.

  36. freddiegirl

    Oh and by the way, Frenchie? Good for you that you’re so tall and beautiful, thank your parents for that. Good to see that it’s helped you in life but….even though I’m a shrimp and therefore, according to you, someone that may not be as successful in life I’m doing fine thanks. I’ve been a succesful bathing suit and fetish model and I’m on my way to becoming a sucessful real estate agent so I don’t think my ‘shortness’ has hindered me too much.

  37. frenchie

    freddiegirl #86…eeer shrimp? Thanks for reciting your dance card for all to see…sounds like you’re mediocre at a lot of things. Keep at it though…I’m sure something will stick. Now go on with your short self!!!

  38. sexymom

    72 and 74, where do you guys get your info on her coke habit?

    84, WHHHATTT? I hardly see a fat trend in fashion these days, or ever for that matter. Clothes generally look better on slender, tallish people who are in proportion.
    This woman has a BMI of 16.1. Do you think that’s healthy? I don’t.

    Oh, and just in case you think I am the jealous type, I’m not. I am 5’7″, 125 pounds with D cups and a smoking hot body.

    I think all sorts of body types can be attractive and this girl is normally very pretty but something is up with her now and she’s looking kind of sickly. I feel sorry in a way for her and other celebs who get followed around by the paps and picked apart like this by us on the Internet.

    The Victoria’s Secret people are going to have their work cut out for them at the nest catalog shoot trying to make it appear as though she has any boobs left at all.

  39. frenchie

    #88 There IS a fat trend. Women use to try and get their waists thinner to look curvier. Now women say f— the waistline…I’ll just grow a bigger ass and get a tit job.

    I’ll take a venti mocha with double shot of caramel and chocolate sprinkle on top…and a muffin top to go.

  40. drowningfool

    Maybe I have weird tastes or something but her legs and arms look like my grandpa’s, and I’m not attracted to my grandpa…should I be?

  41. freddiegirl

    Wow, Frenchie lots of pesonality you have there. Having several careers doesn’t mean mediocre, but hey, good to see I touched a nerve. You go with your beanpole self, right back atcha!

    So….what have you done lately?

  42. freddiegirl

    Wow, Frenchie lots of pesonality you have there. Having several careers doesn’t mean mediocre, but hey, good to see I touched a nerve. You go with your beanpole self, right back atcha!

    So….what have you done lately?

  43. ordinarypeople

    Airbrushing emergency.

  44. Big Mama

    Short people….Short people…..Short people ain’t go no reason to live…….

  45. Sue It's Me Sue

    She looks like one of those Century City Assistants that are looking for Mr. Rich Billionaire to run away with. Mr. Rich needs to be just entering mid-life crisis, so she can walk in and steal him from his wife and children. This would be a challenge to this type of girl. Just look at her — HOMEWREACKER SLUT!!!!!

  46. kix

    Frenchie obviously has self-esteem issues, otherwise she wouldn’t be posting about how wonderful she is on some celebrity bashing website. Leave the poor girl alone and let her think she is special for being so tall.

  47. asteadyrain

    by the way, why are there a bunch of people reciting their life stories on here? I don’t care how tall you are and how much you weigh, and I doubt anyone else here does either. so stuff it.

  48. Cowboy Pete


    Hay Alfa – Frenchie – I love horses, are u a really tall horse. Will u go to the barn dance with me…….please. I’ll bring u some carrot treats when I come to pick u up.

  49. cristina marie

    this websites keeps me laughing long after i’ve closed the window. i want you to write my life story, at least then it would be interesting!

  50. frenchie

    91 and 92 freddiegirl-

    You’re right…you’re not mediocre. But someday you may aspire to become mediocre. Good models always end up in real estate right?…a nice middle man warm bodied position.

    Do you sit in a booster seat while driving to random open houses on the weekends?

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