Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pictures

July 5th, 2007 // 192 Comments

If you don’t understand why I’m posting these shots of Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini you really don’t belong on the site. I’m not even sure if you belong on the planet. And I don’t want to perpetuate any of the unrealistic body images set by society, but if you don’t look this good in a bikini you should seriously consider just lighting your face on fire.

NOTE: Can you believe Alessandra Ambrosio and Britney Spears were born in the same year? It’s like telling me a lion and a used sock are the same species of animal.


  1. John


  2. lisa

    I never knew they were the same age… Alessandra looks 10 years older than Ashley.

  3. MexicanLust

    Scrawny, boyish, knobby knees, dumb expressions, face like a Chinese crested dog. No thank you.

  4. veggi

    Easily the hottest anorexic bolt-on tits cig smoking manface transexual on the planet!

  5. wanky

    wow 2 and 3 must be homosexually linked over the internet…she is hot.period

  6. :(

    Maybe it’s the smoking?! :/

  7. N

    6th lol!
    but Alessandra is smoking :( I don’t love her anymore…

  8. Jackie

    Alessandra and Ashley aren’t the same age. Alessandra is 26 and Ashley just turned 22. Get it right!

  9. Kristina

    Yeah… can you chill with the Alessandra pics and get some Adriana Lima? Thanks

  10. Alayney

    Liddle biddy titties! Gee, what smoke and mirrors can do for ya! It’s all about the padding baby! Amazing what those VS bras can do!

  11. AS

    shes in a bikini…big deal. like thats not what she does for a living

  12. I like ‘em skinny, makes me seem bigger

  13. yukadoozer

    Strungout smoking skinny hag…can’t wait to see what 35 looks like.

  14. Hollywood Agent

    Really, is that right, you made that top yourself at Summer Camp. I’m so impressed. I never would have guessed.

  15. brijett

    Umm…..I never ever post, this is my first time on this site…but what is up with the veins around her pelvic area in pics 3 & 4….just wondering.

  16. Tool Time

    Time to get the socket wrench, I think those titbolts are loosening up a little.

  17. @12 The train has not hit you yet? To bad

  18. brijett

    Correction: my first time posting on this site…been coming here for like a year and some of you all are true comedians!!!! except for the looser trolls.

  19. When my dad would say “the train’s gonna hit you” boy-howdy, he wasn’t kidding! I couldn’t sit down for a week. Never knew I had that many “uncles”

  20. blissfulqueen

    Way hotter than Gisele.

  21. Fitr


  22. Elysium

    She is definitely hot at times, and this is no exception. She is skinny, yeah, but not like NICOLE RITCHIE skinny. But the SMOKING, no way. I was like, she looks good, and then I vomited in my mouth. Too Bad. She went from an 8.8 to a 7, so sad.

  23. Fantastic!




  24. What about when your dad told you “you would never amount to a pile of shit”? Now you can go tell him he was wrong, you are a big pile of shit!!!

  25. Gerald Tarrant

    Except for the ciggy, I can’t find a flaw. I’d be willing to overlook the smoking if she can overlook my constant desire to nail her.

  26. Madonna

    Without too much makeup she doesn’t look like model who’s super. A supermodel. Still I would like to schlik her til she comes three times.

  27. @26 Only 3 times? I am up for 9 or 10

  28. lambman

    I forgive you for that Ashley Tisdale crap now

  29. Receiving, that is. Bukkake is my favorite, like a facial mask of love. I feel so close to all my buddies afterwards

  30. wedgeone

    She can smoke all she wants. I wouldn’t be offended so long as she doesn’t mind my breath smelling like her snatch – because I would constantly have my face buried in her beav.

    AA: “Hey, wedge, can you answer a question?”

  31. Jimbo

    @29 I am sure you do fuck face

  32. wedgeone

    It’s such a pleasure to look at pictures of somebody who’s not a heirhead.

  33. Eric

    What’s with the forehead in picture 5?

  34. I feel the same way about Tom Cruise:

    TC: “Hey, Jimbo, can you answer a question?”

  35. @32 she would be more of a pleasure to look at if she was naked, laying on her back, with her long legs over my shoulders and I buried my face in her nicely trimed little beaver

  36. rochelle

    First of all, it was BRITNEY & Alessandra who are the same age, not Ashley.

    Second, I think Alessandra is stunningly beautiful and looks great in a dress, but I think her body looks a bit scary here. And the camera supposedly ADDS 10 lbs……

  37. Alucard

    Alessandra Ambrosio could take a dump on a dead dove I’m sure this dove would be a lot sexier than your girlfriends. Keep masturbating to Jenna Jameson.

  38. First of all, rochelle, strip and bend over.

    Second, take some deep breaths and try not to clench up. And whatever happens, DON’T BEAR DOWN. Instead, go to your happy place if you need to.

  39. Gerald Tarrant

    It’s chicks like this that make me question gay dudes. Seriously, they’d rather have a dudes hairy ass in front of them? I’ll never understand gay guys.

  40. I have an extreme desire to insert my penis into this fine young lass.

  41. p911gt10c

    Fuck, the one girl in the world I’d actually get married to and she’s a fucking smoker!
    Now she’d have to beg me to fuck her.

  42. Lindsays Grammar book

    the Chinese crested dog comment is right – nice body but her face is not adequite at all

  43. Depraved22

    The only thing I can think of that’s negative about her is the smoking. She’s got the perfect body & is gorgeous. It makes me want to go on a diet!

  44. Her body is just scrawny and unattractive here. She looks MUCH better in photos. I never knew her boobs were so small.

  45. my comment

    Belly button piercings are disgusting. Instant degrade.

  46. domingoflores

    hey btw this guys saying they think she is manish. whatever just because all you can get is fat chicks doesn’t mean that the skinny ones are not great females…idiot fucktards

  47. More freakin bikini pics…

  48. cockson

    i’d let her touch my penis

  49. the cunt

    huh??? this girl has no body. booooooring.

  50. @3– Boyish? Really? You show me a boy that looks like her and I’ll have gay sex with him. That’s a promise.

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