Alessandra Ambrosio again for no reason


I know you guys are getting sick of Alessandra Ambrosio, but I figure you’d rather look at somebody you’re sick of than somebody that actually makes you sick. Although I’m not sure anything can stand up to Courtney Love’s stomach. She tries her best, but compared to Courtney Love Alessandra comes off looking like some sort of three-legged rat creature. I mean seriously, appearing in a post after Courtney Love? She’s just embarrassing herself.

NOTE: This is the last Alessandra post, I promise. Unless more pictures of her come out in which case just kidding.

alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-01-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-02-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-03-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-04-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-05-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-06-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-07-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-08-thumb.jpg