Alessandra Ambrosio again for no reason

April 12th, 2007 // 79 Comments

I know you guys are getting sick of Alessandra Ambrosio, but I figure you’d rather look at somebody you’re sick of than somebody that actually makes you sick. Although I’m not sure anything can stand up to Courtney Love’s stomach. She tries her best, but compared to Courtney Love Alessandra comes off looking like some sort of three-legged rat creature. I mean seriously, appearing in a post after Courtney Love? She’s just embarrassing herself.

NOTE: This is the last Alessandra post, I promise. Unless more pictures of her come out in which case just kidding.

alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-01-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-02-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-03-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-04-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-05-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-06-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-07-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-south-beach-08-thumb.jpg


  1. BigJim

    Fist! Up her ass!

  2. My day has just been made.

  3. wow

    Fish… go join the Alessandra Ambrosio fan club and stop posting this shit.

  4. castanza

    Is it just me or do none of these photos load?

  5. tits_on_snack

    Ok first of all the code on this thing is all jacked up and all I’m seeing is text. Secondly, Alesandra Whatever Her Name Is is boring as box of bran flakes and I would actually rather sit back and snicker at Courtney Love’s malformed body. Thirdly, I’m awesome. And Fourthly, I want a cinnamon bun – I haven’t had one of those things in years.

  6. JaeMae

    #5- i thought you only snacked on tits?

  7. veggi


  8. She needs to get 8 hours of beauty sleep and then write a paper on it.

  9. Donkey

    Hey the photographer caught that guy squeezing off a silent-but-deadly.

  10. veggi

    Like I said before, I am so sick of SANJAYA! For the love of cinnamon buns, make him go away!!!!

  11. Milla

    I think there are loads of other women who have a prettier face than she does. She looks like a deer. Bambi-looking girls might be pretty but not deer. But then again I’m not into girl so I wouldn’t know..

  12. combustion8

    pic 2 proves how overrated this chick is.

    Fish post some Adriana Lima next please, she destroys this chick.

  13. veggi

    OMG! @12, I just enlarged pic 2 and she scared the shit out of me!!! She looks like a cross-eyed frog. And I used to think frogs were cute…. poop.

  14. Flush it all away

    Jeebus, enough already!!

    We don’t pay these hefty yearly subscription fees for a lame Alessandra Ambrosio fan site. Here, let me save everyone the trouble and type their comment for them: “She’s so hot! She has kewl boobiez!”

    (Wait, we ARE all paying for this content, right?)

  15. JaeMae

    I agree, this girls body is sick, but her face…. eh.

  16. verania

    Nice hair extensions. Weighs more than she does, probably. Cousin It wants his hair back.

  17. combustion8

    you could stand up a bowling pin on that right knee of hers… freaky!

  18. veggi

    I’m off like Alesandro Sanjaya’s eyes. See ya’ll.

  19. EWWWWWWW! Her stomach is all nasty too!

    Oh wait, that’s just her dress…

  20. whodatiz

    what do you mean “this girl’s body is sick?” sick as in stupid or sick as in great? I can’t iamgine being with her… I mean she’s probably taller than most guys. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww who wears the pants in THAT relationship

  21. schack

    momma, rock me

  22. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    I like looking at Alessandra while eating ketchup packets here on my lunch break.

  23. lambman

    yawn, I think I’m done with this site

  24. She’s still hot!

  25. whackjob

    i got ketchup AND crackers today! Yay!

  26. guymorgan

    Oh Superficial,

    Your empire is crumbling….

  27. Alayney

    Wow! Her hair “grows” fast! Somebody give her a turkey leg — she looks hungry.

  28. urockmysocks

    her teeth still looking as yellow as they seem from the last post…come on, bleach those teeth! yuck!

  29. sweetbee

    Well, she’s skinny, so that makes her hot.

  30. HollyJ

    Thanks #12 – TOTALLY

    She’s got a great body and good taste in clothes, but BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Long-ass scarecrow fingers too.

    ‘Lots of more beautiful women out there IMO, dark AND light. Beauty is a subjective thing, after all, and since I’m not a ruglicker, it doesn’t matter to me that much.

    lol @ turkey leg 27

    Honeycombs, you’re making me sad watching you sustain life on ketchup packets =(

  31. heyheyhey

    ok. she’s cockeyed. get over it superfish, she’s not that hot

  32. FRIST!!!

    #30 Dammit I was going to say WTC is up with her freakishly long fingers, but you beat me :(

    Sucks cuz that’s all I could think of….

  33. Lore

    Thin or prepubescent? She’s a butter face.

  34. farty mcshitface

    i’d say she has nice legs……… for an ostrich. for an actual woman….. not at all.
    these goddamned euro-skeletons are not sexy. i think some just like the sound of their names.
    now amy robach….. thats a beautiful woman.

  35. Conky

    I require more pics of this hot babe.

    And another box of tissues while you’re at it. Thanks.

  36. edmund.ignasious.aloysius.III

    Ethiopian knees…DISGUSTING!!!

  37. endometriorama

    cell phone in hand? ugh
    adriana is way hotter, yes. despite her retarded english.

  38. edmund.ignasious.aloysius.III

    35…Get layed

  39. I bet 99% of you nerds have never even kissed a woman, much less been laid.

  40. tits_on_snack

    #39, shut up! I’ve laid lots of times.

  41. Liverpool FC

    I’d pound her relentlessly.

  42. Ya, we get it, you have a raging hard-on for this chick, but come on, let’s move along shall we?

  43. this chick is scary. she is what 3 pounds?

  44. lickmybutt

    the more i look at her ugly face, the more i hate the superficial for being in love with her.

    she looks like her mother was an alcoholic and she has fetal alcohol syndrome. stupid fat cunt.

  45. Flush it all away

    #44, seek help. Whatever your mother did to you, it’s time to let it go.

  46. lickmybutt

    hey, #45, it’s not time, it wont ever be the time, fuck that cunt, she ruined my life.

    oh wait, no she didnt! She is actually a very good mom.

    go fuck yourself.

  47. combustion8

    @39 lemme guess you’re the 1% on the internet that has? Congrats, you win the internet.

  48. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Trannies get all the great shoes

  49. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    OMFG 40, AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! You owe me a new monitor damnit!! I love a good BC reference. My poor pc though…!

  50. whitegold

    I bet I know how #39 came up with his statistics…him and his 10 “friends” (and I use quotes cuz, well, I don’t really think you can call people you meet in online chat rooms about wizards “friends”) were talking and they were like “hey, have any of you guys ever had sex?” After a round of “nos”, #39 was like “but I saw my moms tits once, and then I ran to the room and jerked off to it, that’s kind of like sex, right”? All the other friends were very impressed that #39 was such a stud, and they determined that based on their little survey, 99% of the people on the internet have never had sex (they couldn’t give #39 full credit, hence the 99% rather than 90%).

    You’re a stud buddy.

    I was actually so bored earlier today, and had so little to do, that I actually snuck out for an afternoon quickie. True story. That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. And my point is…some people on her actually do have sex. Especially the ones who are married with kids. They’ve all had sex. Well, other than poor Joseph, damn that Mary and her “immaculate conception”. But even then, I’m sure Joe still got some.

    What was this thread supposed to be about anyways?

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