Alessandra Ambrosio

20041111_alessandra.jpgI hate to say it, but I think Tyra Banks reign as supermodel queen has passed. Her looks are fading and, judging by her hosting abilities on America’s Next Top Model, so is her mind. Not that I don’t appreciate all her supermodel wisdom, but I don’t really need to hear all the bullshit that her and her cohosts come up with. Nobody cares if one contestant lifted her arm too high or didn’t pout enough or looked left instead of right. Being a model isn’t a job. Everybody appreciates what they do but they’re not fooling anybody into thinking what they do is hard work. “Ooh I have to stand up for an hour at a time and sometimes it gets cold.” Good lord, it gets cold?! Maybe they are earning the millions of dollars that they get paid.

I’m not sure how I got all sidetracked but what I meant to say here was that Tyra Banks is old and that Alessandra Ambrosio is so devastatingly beautiful that when she walks down the street, people actually die.