Alessandra Ambrosio

July 30th, 2004 // 12 Comments

20040730_aa.jpg Victoria’s Secret is going to college. The lingerie retailer unveiled the “Pink” line of cotton loungewear and sleepwear targeting 18- to 22-year-olds on Thursday. At the launch of the fall 2004 collection, model Alessandra Ambrosio shepherded 20 college students, who were selected from a nationwide search to be spokeswomen in university dorms. [read]

If there’s a tangible version of sexy, it’s probably Alessandra Ambrosio. There’s something about her face and body that sort of kicks me in the kidneys. That probably wasn’t a very good analogy, but it was the best way I could express how insanely hot this woman is. It’s to the point where I feel actual physical pain in my kidneys. Either that, or my damn kidney stones are acting up again. I’m always getting kidney stone pain confused with sexual frustration.

Alessandra Ambrosio Pink Gallery


  1. She is so beautiful and everything about her is real. She is not fake at all. She has my vote for most beautiful girl. However, what has she been up to lately?
    Love Nobag.

  2. I am in love with her eyes! Sighhhh!

  3. She has beautiful eyes and very innocent face impressions. she’s a complete beauty.

  4. Though she is beautiful but looks more attractive because of her body language.

  5. she is a breath taking beauty man.

  6. Nice article and info, cheers

  7. Glad people are still Diggin this tax might be my favorite woman of all time super model on this planet.

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