Alessandra Ambrosio Doing Tae-Bo and Other News


A new accuser has given a video testimony of the time Harvey Weinstein begged her to watch him masturbate in a hot tub. [TMZ]

Donald Trump is being haunted by a literal skeleton in a 5th Avenue closet… Ivana. [Dlisted]

Kylie Jenner’s mom is making her reveal the sex of her baby this week after enough test groups responded positively. [Celebuzz]

This is the real danger of listening to bands like Lostprophets… [PageSix]

Rapper Nelly may not have the longevity of Uncle Harv, but he’s being accused of rape nonetheless. [HHMW]

Another week, another story about an adult woman getting busted for banging a high schooler. [WarpedSpeed]

Oh, Tila Tequila, please go on about how you are a warrior for Christ fighting Muslims and sinners with those two sex tapes under your belt. [WWTDD]

This is why you don’t give anyone from any Real Housewives of Anything a microphone and an audience. [CB]

Farrah Abraham brought her prosthetic baby-maker to the Xzhibit of vaginas for her second vaginal rejuvenation and it went something like this…
“Yo Farrah, I noticed you like fresh juices so I installed a dope new juice maker right up in that goodie! Here’s a carrot, try it out! We also put custom LED lighting up under the hood that you can control with this remote!” 
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