Alessandra Ambrosio Made A ‘Weird Science 2′ Parody With Walter Jr. And Creepy Glen

Thanks to a sudden and pressing need for an ultrasound, a few posts got backburner-ed to today (How you doing, Maria?), so here’s Alessandra Ambrosio starring in a Funny or Die parody for Weird Science 2 with Walter Jr. – I’m sorry, “Flynn.” – and Creepy Glen from Mad Men. Who’s not only the son of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, but whose full name is Marten Holden Weiner. That’s right. One of the most prolific writers on television gave his son the middle name of “Holden” knowing full well it’d be right next to the name “Weiner.” No wonder the guy likes January Jones so much. They both treat their kids like cancer.