Alessandra Ambrosio Looking at Her Butt and More News


Someone else came forward looking to cash in on Usher’s herpes and let’s just assume Usher was rrrealllyy drunk when he got with this one. [People]

Bella Thorne made fitness porno things. [DrunkenStepfather]

Ryan Seacrest has finally admitted he has a girlfriend, what is he in middle school? [TooFab]

I’d watch a one-off episode of Murder She Wrote only to see 91-year-old Angela Lansbury try and figure out how to use Amazon to buy more ink for her typewriter. [Dlisted]

Looks like Amy Schumer will be making her Broadway debut. [EvilBeet]

Rapper Boosie Badazz said something about his 14-year-old getting head on his birthday. Kinda weird, but ya know… rappers get a lot of head so it’s probably pretty normal in that house. [TMZ]

Elon Musk dumped Amber Heard after about a year of dating. I bet she’s wishing she didn’t give all of Johnny Depp’s divorce money to charity right now… [WWTDD]

Jim Bob Duggar can’t seem to ‘let go and let God’ when it comes to his married daughters wearing pants… what the hell is this family? [Hollywood Gossip]

There’s a rumor the Miley Cyrus put a permanent wedding diaper on Liam Hemsworth behind our backs. I don’t believe it. [Wonderwall]