Alessandra Ambrosio is a hot mama – literally

January 29th, 2008 // 120 Comments

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio had a photo shoot this weekend in South Beach. I should also mention she’s three months pregnant. Normally, the sight of a pregnant woman makes me want to change my name, grow a moustache and flee to the Rockies. (If anyone asks, my name is Adam F. Thundernads.) But, today, I’m going to make an exception with Alessandra and ignore my natural, sharply honed reflexes. Maybe it’s because I’m starting to mature as an adult or perhaps it’s because she’s wearing a bikini. I’m not really sure. But I’d put money on the bikini – and a lot of it.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Ted from LA

    I can top your little “fart” story. Many years ago, during wild just released from prison type sex, my girlfriend released a very small turd. I later told my friends about it and from this day forward, whenever you hear someone say, “I fucked the shit out of her,” or “I’d love to fuck the shit out of her,” remember that Ted from LA first coined the phrase.

  2. Lemmy Caution

    OK, and I haven’t been reading the whole danged thread, but let me be the first, the second, or whatever to say, “That is one hot Mama.”

  3. comeonted

    Ted, that is exactly how I want you to fuck me…you know, that wild just released from prison type sex…sounds hot.

  4. Paris

    Id fuck her. But Id fuck ravioli to. I am APOTHEOSIS but you will call me brandon.

    call me and lets sex (913) 764-4505

  5. lb

    Ugly stick insect arms and fake tan. Real sexy.

  6. L.Linus

    By the way #16 don’t forget that famous black guy Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. He loved her and left her. Alessandra is just damn pretty and you know that pussy was good, damn!!

  7. Ted from LA

    I am a very happily married man. What do you look like? Are you able to keep secrets? Are you willing to travel to exotic locations and pay for my expenses? Do you like getting caught in the rain? And the feel of the ocean? And the taste of champagne?

  8. CruisingForCock

    RE: 54 Anyone else have this strong urge to call that #? No? Um…me either.

    @Ted from LA You win.

  9. CruisingForCock

    @56 Tom Brady is black? Me thinks you should step away from the computer NOW and put on Sportscenter. Really.

  10. ph7

    shaping up to be a fine MILF.

  11. Sherry

    Adriana Lima’s the virgin, not her.

  12. OMG shes sooooo hottt.. check out my new show at

  13. embee

    Man, love sure turns to hate the moment someone gets knocked up, don’t it?

    What gives? Are you guys all closet bible-thumpers who foam at the mouth at the thought of a kid born out of wedlock? Or.. do you just abhor the idea of any kind of procreation? Hm.

  14. kitty_kat

    Pregnant really IS the new black!
    Adriana Lima is better looking if you ask me. But congrats to her.

  15. ack

    seriously, does anyone know who the father might be? does she?

  16. Marc

    What’s with all these celebs getting knocked up?

    Don’t we already have enough stupid people on the planet?

  17. Always get her confused with Ms Lima.
    I guess this one’s not the virgin ? Maybe I’ll get it str8 now
    I just noticed I had a troll on one of the last Britney threads. (Whoo HOOO !! ‘ Rate my video’ as they say in the industry. )
    Look trolls ‘Binky’ quite often has a link to assist, bore, or motivate the average drivel reader. Get with the program.
    Like this one. Even has a job offer.
    Britney – this ‘Sibel Edmonds’ woman has a job offer for you about a third of this link down. Go 4 it.

  18. ThePhantom

    I hope that fucking cunt stopped smoking, for the sake of her baby.

  19. Tony

    She was born and raised in Brazil, but she’s half Italian and half Polish (mother is POlish). The best set of genes anyone can get. Italian and Polish women are the most attractive, Czech come close.
    Pregnant or not, she’s a fine speciment. Who is the father???

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Fuck all but Alessandra, what a beauty. I refuse to be like the pimply fucktards worshiping that gypsy whore that I won’t mention. In this case however, I’m following suit. Allesandra…Goddman!. @17, wow Ted, what can I say? Sure I’m jealous, but kudos to you brother. I’m sending you two a set of Star Trek steak knives as a shower present. Use them (or regift them) in good health. You lucky fuck…I mean mazol tov.

  21. BoneCrusher Smith

    Oh #16 Sam I am regardless of what your mother has told you about me… I luv’ded her for those 15 minutes of passion behind that Cracker Barrell… signed your dead beat dad… PS… You’re Gay!

  22. Ted from LA

    Do you really think she is a fine speciment? Me too. That is why I impregmented her.

    I love steak knives. Thanks for thinking of me. You’ll be sure to get a wedding invite if I ever get desperate enough to marry her. I think marriage is a great institution. I’m just trying to figure out if I want to spend the rest of my life in an institution.

  23. AnonHatter

    I’d give my left tittie to look as good as she does.

  24. Juaqin Ingles

    Couldn’t she just get a puppy or something? Oh well, another one bites the dust. We still have Adriana Lima.

  25. a doe

    Her legs are way too freakin’ skinny

  26. Ted from LA

    I’ll take it!!!

  27. mmmm

    I just came.

  28. #77 Get out more.

  29. Elk

    I didn’t think someone that underweight could get pregnant.

    Really this isn’t funny at all if she doesn’t start eating normally that kid is going to be screwed-up.

  30. ( Thank God I skipped a few daze. I scanned down, and just looking at a few of the pics below, believe me ,like, painful .’No comment’ type thing.)
    But don’t worry – we’ll fight our way thru this.
    Cliff Notes : That’s a John Goodman type reference – Austin Powers Movie. In the bathroom . When Austin was in the ‘can’ . You. know. And believe me – when all shit happened. LOL ! There was like a ‘Kookoo over Cocobits’ cereal type thing going on in that flick. “Are you in the show ?” LOL ! No I’m English. LOL!
    Binky : Look Cliff,try to settle down. Must we always play to the lowest common denominator ?
    If no one gets it. No one gets it.
    Walk on. ( but for those of keeping score at home – 9/11 was an inside job) (Ok.Sorry.It’s so old school it’s getting pretty lame)

  31. Re #80 those of you * keeping score…etc.
    Binky : (Oops typo)
    GenerationWTF : Hey Binky ‘hot for words’ on youtube was ‘flabbergasted’ when she tried to define for me.
    Binky : Look – we haven’t seen you here at this barn, doing the plowing, for at least a year GenerationWTF. Get a job.
    Cliff Notes : Amen.
    Arthur C.Clarke: I don’t even have a fucking robot.
    Binky: Same goes for you Art.

  32. She is so hot and sexy. I can’t believe she’s three months pregnant. She is beautiful, right?


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  33. Hey wait a sec – is # 82 actually Sibel Edmonds ?
    Seems like a good plan Sibel -
    Hopefully one day America will pick up the ‘flipside’ as they say in the industry.
    (the jury’s out)

  34. HAHA @ 76 and 73.


    alessandra is looks a bit leathery. but still hot.

  35. Well turds are certainly the ‘state of your union’ #84.
    Any comments on 9/11 ?

  36. GenerationWTF : I guess #84 was ‘flabbergasted’ you were still awake Binky.
    Binky: Look ,WTF, try and slowly pry yourself away from the computer…
    I heard 7/11 was still hiring. (And never say no to a Slurpee.) And don’t get me goin’ on 9/11.
    Public at LARGE : Binky I think you’ve done the ‘Sibel Edmonds link’ thing quite enough, on an Alessandra Ambrosio thread, without going ‘off topic’.
    Even an average reader of this drivel shit might read down one of those links, through the crap -by mistake -and get down to like ‘BRITNEY’.
    Binky : Yeah, but I don’t think it’s in caps.

  37. nturner


  38. tc

    I don’t understand how she could have gotten pregnant.

    I can’t imagine doing anything but arse-fucking her.

  39. LAST ? Like your last link was too wordy.
    Go for, like, a Batman one. But still with a bit of Britney.
    Binky: Oh. Ok. And Alessandra – I’m sure you’ll be a good mom. etc.

  40. Look # 89, no offense – but you’re just getting in the way. etc
    Can you ‘imagine’ 9/11 being a inside job ?
    Speak now or forever Fuck off etc.

  41. Cliff Notes : Bink, I think this ‘tc’ guy has just been ‘milk cartoned’ ?!
    Binky : I’m beginning to like the ‘Skim’.
    Do the disappeared come in all fatness levels ?

  42. beyonce

    OMG, she looks so beautiful and skinny. It is said she is single now. Her profile was found on millionaire dating site last week. gOOD LUCK TO HER SEARCH.

  43. concerned

    lay off the drugs.

  44. krista l

    Yes #93 Always hot for a preggo brod to be looking ofr love on the net and pregnant EW!!! Desperate Just a Little…Yeah she has an incredible body but her HEAD SUCKS …. such an UGLY FACE!!! Needs to do like that movie FACE_OFF!!! LMFAO ..Even Nick Cage is better than that thing she calls a face now lmfaoooooooooooo

  45. Want to touch the heiny

  46. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I’d die happy being suffocated by that ass

  47. havoc

    Right there is your argument for cloning………



  48. #85 – I like what Flavor Flav said about 9-1-1 oh so many bimbos ago…

    Git up a git git git down
    9-1-1′s a joke in your town…

  49. FFF

    Her feet and legs are gorgeous!!!

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