Alec Baldwin will f-cking kill you

February 12th, 2010 // 71 Comments

While leaving Lenox Hill Hospital in New York after being checked out for a suicide attempt, Alec Baldwin snapped and attacked a photographer because he believed Kim Basinger sent him. NY Daily News reports:

“This guy! This guy!” the actor yelled as he burst out of a lobby and grabbed New York Post photographer Tim Wiencis by the collar. Cops immediately pulled the actor off Wiencis and hustled him back inside.
A witness said Baldwin was pacing around the lobby muttering: “They are the lowest scum of the Earth. They are the lowest scum of the Earth.”

Says the man who ends arguments with his 14-year-old daughter by threatening to kill himself. At this point, Alec Baldwin should give up trying to look like a calm, rational human being and just start shitting on the foot of anyone who pisses him off. It’s good for the soul.

ASSISTANT: Your coffee, Mr. Baldwin.
ALEC: I HATE PEOPLE WITH NOSES! *thhhhhhbbbppppppt*

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  1. Crusty

    When it falls apart, it falls apart quickly.

  2. Crusty

    Oh.. and first.. and second..

  3. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Alec, dude. Your daughter is 14 of course she’s a pain in the ass…If you can’t cope with teen age girl seek help about why your really going over the edge.

  4. cherry

    Basically, yeah. But I still think he’s a cool enough dude.

  5. Matt

    Did you really just come to the defense of the paparazzi. Baldwin may have some issues, but at least his job doesn’t consist of taking pictures of people right after they tried to commit suicide.

  6. Taz

    30 rock sucks

  7. Names Are Foolish

    What Matt #5 said..

  8. Gungan


  9. V

    I’m not condoning hitting anyone- but if you have ever seen the photographers follow a celb. in New York or LA they are just terrible- in many cases it should be a crime.

  10. Dread not

    Paps following… I mean, hunting celebs? Hunt ‘em to extinction!

  11. They released him after an hour in the hospital; if he’d tried suicide, he would’ve been kept far longer. I wouldn’t put it past Basinger to have blown things WAY out of proportion and sent the press after Baldwin; that woman’s a nut case.

    I would expect a site like Perez Hilton’s to perpetuate the obviously false “suicide” angle to this story, not this one. It’s a sad day indeed when the writing on The Superficial is as lame as it is anymore and as inaccurate as PH’s. PLEASE GIVE US A BETTER WRITER.

  12. JJ Daddy-O

    Did he ask the photographer “WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY KENNETH!!!!” Then you’ll know he’s ready for Paine-Whitney next door.

  13. random

    i am with #11. basinger is a crazy bitch. she provokes the man…even through his own daughter, who seems to be polluted against him via her mother. all we see out the over dramatized reactions of baldwin…no one acts like this for no reason…

  14. EEEEli

    Agree with 11 and 5

  15. Richard McBeef

    @5 & 7 – Of course the SW defends the paps. How do you think bills are paid?

  16. DKNY

    This was NOT a suicide attempt. All he said over the phone to his daughter was that he was going to take an Ambien, then when his daughter tried to reach him later, she couldn’t. She probably got paranoid and called 911. As #11 said, if it were actually a suicide attempt, they would’ve kept him in the hospital far longer. Instead, he was back at work on the same day.

  17. John

    I want to see Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin in a cage match. After weeks of not being fed, poked with sticks, and taunted by jews and Basinger respectively.

  18. spicy

    dude, alec baldwin is the man. i dont even think hes alec baldwin anymore, hes just jack donaghy, one of the best characters in a sitcom. so leave him the fuck alone. we cant stress him out cuz that show is my saving grace. take away my conan and now fuck with 30 rock. go to hell, id be beating people up too. hmph.

  19. rob

    That’s not a human photographer, it’s a donut with arms and a camera. A donutagrapher…

    The fat donut looks like it crying as well.

    It’s also not assault, just a harsh way of telling the donut that you don’t want any more of it’s jelly.

    If it were me I’d step on the donut until the jelly started pouring out of it’s mouth.

  20. Harold^Sick

    AB is baller, baby! Should have punched that asshole! No love for the Paps.

  21. beebo

    This guy is proof that liberalism is a disease.

  22. r k

    wah, as an actor, i get fame and fortune –but can’t handle my life being public. cry me a river.

  23. Ted

    Fish takes payoffs from Heidi Montag’s publicist to post stories about her and her “husband” so don’t be surprised when he takes the side of the paps. It’s an old story – an insider pretending to be a critical outsider. As genuine as a politician. Anyway, Alec Baldwin has been giving very entertaining performances on TV and in movies, granted playing close to real life (his characters are always creeps). What has Kim Bassinger done, except try to hide the fact that she’s a psycho?

  24. Sport

    Actually Baldwin is the lowest scum of the earth.

  25. For The Record #21

    /’l?b?r??l?z?m, ‘l?br?-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [lib-er-uh-liz-uhm, lib-ruh-] Show IPA
    1. the quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude.
    2. a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties.
    3. (sometimes initial capital letter) the principles and practices of a liberal party in politics.
    4. a movement in modern Protestantism that emphasizes freedom from tradition and authority, the adjustment of religious beliefs to scientific conceptions, and the development of spiritual capacities.

    Liberalism is not a disease. It means something else completely. If you picked up a book once in a while maybe you’d know that. Jackass.

  26. pheh

    If Alec Baldwin, or any Baldwin for that matter, grabbed me by the collar he’d be face down be on the concrete staring at one of his dislodged teeth within seconds. What a douche bag. Paparazzi are just a retarded fact of life which this guy should be used to.

  27. VanDammit

    Hey, how about leaving a guys alone who just checked out of the hospital FOR TRYING TO KILL HIMSELF.

    Scum of the earth is right. Hope Tyson delivers that pap-boy a smear.

  28. xo

    that’s his apartment building, not lenox hill….

  29. He’s right. Those photogs are the lowest scum on the planet.

  30. André

    These photographers ARE the scum of the earth. Go Baldwin!

  31. big jerm

    i hope he gets help. and hopefully that paparazzi aren’t taking pictures of every second of it.

  32. John

    @25 … Over literal much?

  33. Jack Donaghy's Rage

    If you’re a paparazzi and you constantly follow celebs (or anyone else) around sticking a camera in their faces esp during very emotional or embarrassing moments for them then “EXPECT” to get grabbed by the collar sometimes and called names! People hating them and getting frustrated to the point of aggression is also a “retarded fact of life” that the paps should be use to by now. Hell they get paid to point a camera at people when they just want to be left alone so take some lumps for your art paps! Real photojournalist travel the world, and sometimes they actually die helping to report real news.

  34. For The Record #25

    Rhetorical questions don’t require a question mark. Feel free to continue being a stupid jackass though.

  35. The Sartorialist

    Alec, your shirt sleeves are way too long; also your cuffs are too big. If the shirt falls that far down your hand, you need to make the cuffs smaller. Please take care of that. You have the money.

  36. spicy

    lol #33. “Jack Donaghy’s Rage”

  37. Stuck in Iraq

    Too bad Baldwin didn’t succeed. There would be one less liberal douch. It would be the tri-fecta. Kennedy, Murtha and this ass clown.

    #12, That was classic! I haven’t laughed so hard since people started to believe in Hope and Change.

  38. oh boy

    You chose to be a celebrity, not a group counselor for al anon, a secretary at a paper factory, a nurse at a private clinic, a lifeguard at a public pool, a car salesman, a hairdresser.No.

    You went to acting school did method acting, slept with (insert any director’s name here) or posed for Playboy to be doing exactly what you are doing now, working in Hollywood. Jackass, if your faces isn’t in the papers how do you expect the celebrity machine to work exactly???

    There are maybe 5 or 6 good actors in Hollywood, and 4 of them are British, if your faces bodies, aren’t in the papers, nobody gives a shit about your 0 to 60 seconds of fame.

    Hollywood will continue to crank out a dime a dozen Julia Roberts’s + Taylor Lautner’s faster than Megan Fox can blow a director for an acting part.

    What the paps do, is keep you alive in our minds, long enough for you NOT to blow ALL your money on hookers, drugs, and homo erotic art. There is a thousand younger Alec Baldwin’s chomping at the bit, ready to pull down his pants to have Woody Allen stick his socket in the plug, gladly, all on tape.

    If you don’t want your cellulite, wrinkles, baldness , acne scars, shown to the public, stay home quietly, do tv, movies, save your money, invest and disappear into the limelight while you still can…

    But you all just can’t…hence the sex videos, the money shots, the anger at paps…

    P.s…so Alec, was it all worth it, marrying a gorgeous starlet, hmmm?

  39. Facts in Media

    Wow, are there really allegations that Baldwin has sexually abused his daughter?

    That sick little fuck.

  40. fitzwilly

    Say what you will about the man but I like him. He’s a great actor and funny as all hell on tv, esp. Saturday Nite Live. Yes, he needs to calm down some but when it comes to the paps they are the lowest scum around. They make their living by chasing, hounding and most times, harrassing celebs to get a reaction.

    Count me as someone on Team Baldwin.

  41. The Incredible Bulk

    @38 (Oh Boy) – spot on!!

    No matter how annoying (someone might even go as far as to say ‘despicable’) they are, these celebs have simply NO right to attack any paps or wage this “justified” little war of theirs against them. The paparazzi are a form of leech, and they live in symbiosis with the celebrity culture – it goes with the GIG, deal with it. You’re more than welcome to give away that ASTOUNDING (and unfairly) large salary of yours, and go work the night shift at a mail delivery center, or something. Or better yet – take your money and disappear if it’s bothering you that much.

  42. tc

    Threatening to kill yourself in front of your 14-year-old daughter ? That’s just not normal.

    What ever happened to incestuous rape ? That’s far more normal over there in the states.

    Baldwin – I know your daughter is a bit ugly, but you should still do the right thnig.

  43. Oscarin

    Alec (aka) “Fatman”, you just are a piece of shit!

  44. Doc Schweinstrudel

    No, Alec, the lowest scum of the earth are the people who consume all this pap shit (that is us, people!)

  45. See Alice

    ” Liberalism is a mental disorder ”

  46. Jack Donaghy Rocks

    30 Rock is awesome, partially because Alec Baldwin is quite possibly a comic genius. He might come off as batshit crazy in his personal life sometime, but at the same time Kim Bassinger comes off as a total dick who uses their daughter as a pawn against and ex-husband she hates.

    There are no allegations that he sexually molested his daughter. Unless his ex made that shit up too.

    Wow #38, just, WOW. Get a clue.

  47. Chris Jones

    I am so glad people listened to you and voted out the Republicans. I have noticed how much better everything is now.

    Yours truly

    No Job / No Money

  48. Lemmy Caution

    Well, now on record as the kind of intellect that is attracted to the democratic party. There you have it, unstable and rabid. Pretty much sums it up.

  49. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I thought he was going to leave the country for good if Bush got second term? What’s he still doing here? Oh yeah, making a living as an actor/celebrity.

    There are parts of everyone’s job that really really sucks. This is how it sucks for him, too bad. Suck it up wimp!

  50. Taylor

    At #19.. thank you, I haven’t laughed that loud and that hard since– well– I can’t remember! Thank you!!!

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