Alec Baldwin leaves angry messages

April 20th, 2007 // 247 Comments

If you haven’t already heard it, this is the message Alec Baldwin left on his 11-year-old daughter’s voice mail. I don’t get what everybody’s making such a big deal over. This sounds like a pretty normal father daughter conversation. Although I am surprised he lets her out of the cage long enough to use a phone.

UPDATE: In the shocker of all shockers, Alec Baldwin has apologized for the message on his official site. Although it’s less of an apology and more of an self-justification. He writes:

“Thank you to everyone who has posted messages of suppport and understanding. Naturally, it is not best for a parent to lose their temper with their child. Everyone who knows me privately knows that I have endured a great deal over the last several years in my custody litigation.

Everyone who knows me privately knows that certain people will go to any lengths to embarass me and to disrupt my relationship with my daughter. In such public cases, your opponents attempt to take a picture of you on your worst day and insist that this is who you are as a person.

Outside the doors of divorce court, I have friends, I have respect from people I work with and I have a normal relationship with my daughter. All of that is threatened whenever one enters a court room.

Although I have been told by numerous people not to worry too much, as all parents lose their patience with their kids, I am most saddened that this was released to the media because of what it does to a child.

I’m sorry, as everyone who knows me is aware, for losing my temper with my child. I have been driven to the edge by parental alienation for many years now. You have to go through this to understand. ( Although I hope you never do.)

I am sorry for what happened. But I am equally sorry that a court order was violated, which had deliberately been put under seal in this case. Once my book is published, I’m sure more people will understand the incredible strains created by parental alienation.

In the meantime, I’m sorry to anyone who’s taken offense from this episode.”



  1. Lowlands

    His daugther will become just an asshole like her father.Like most of us assholes creates assholes,like usually.

  2. FRIST!!!

    Guess not. What I want to know, is how his daughter not answering her phone is humiliating for him.
    Get over yourself…

  3. veggi

    FRIST! What about MY hangover??? Isn’t MY hangover important??? And I shall have another one tomorrow. Wine slushies!!

  4. Lowlands

    This world is created by assholes and assholes get created.

  5. veggi

    lowlands, that’s deep man.

  6. Jimbo

    FRIST – sorry that did not help. if you would have called me and taked dirty, that would have cheered me up. Any pictures or videos from last night little romp?

    The hang over is not to bad. I am waiting for the BS to hit. I hope it happens before I get on the plane. If not the poor suckers that are sitting around me are going to be in for a rough flight

  7. mrs.t

    When my husband and I bought our first house, we neglected to notice that the lovely turn-of-the-century home next door was owned by an alcoholic divorcee. Who also worked at a matchmaking service. So she sets herself up with this prisoner, then she fucking marries him right around the time our first child, a girl, is born. Soon, we learn that PrisonerDude has an eleven-year-old daughter. We learn this b/c we hear him screaming at her in the manner of Alec Baldwin. And then, alcoholic widow starts wandering over into out garden in the afternoons, crying to me about how SHE has to sleep in a guest room on the nights when his daughter stays with them, because he and his daughter like to “spoon” each other while they slepp together. AND rather than being worried about the sexual abuse that is assuredly taking place, the bitch gets CRAZY jealous of the daughter, says the daughter rubs it in her face that the dad prefers her, and she kicks them both out of her house and divorces him.
    Then we moved.
    The end.

  8. FRIST!!!

    Ok Veggi, how’s YOUR hangover….der you sound just like me…most of the days I come in to work STILL buzzed from the night before.

  9. D'arcy

    Wow, I’m not the only one with a hangover apparently. *feels like he belongs*

  10. whitegold

    When Alec says he was pulled out of a meeting, he means that he had to pull it out of the stripper and put down his drink to give her a call. So you can understand why he’s so mad. I mean, if you were drunk and having sex with strippers and then had to stop to call your daughter and she didn’t answer, you’d be pretty pissed also. But this is an example why people shouldn’t drunk dial, whether it’s to an ex or your own kid.

    But what I mainly want to know is HOW THE HECK DID THIS MESSAGE BECOME PUBLIC?!?! From what I’ve read her, it sounds like his ex-wife gave the clip to the press?! Seriously? What sort of horrid person do you have to be to release this to the press? What a huge bitch!!!

    And while I was shocked with the way he spoke to his daughter, as someone else said, maybe it’s time parents start laying down the law on these little brat kids who think they’re entitled to everything. I mean, he’s calling his 11 year old on her cell phone at 10:30 pm?! I dunno about you, but when I was 11, I didn’t have a cell phone and I wasn’t out running around town at 10:30 pm at night!

    #12 – haha, that made me laugh. You make a good point there, maybe he was justified in his comments.

  11. FRIST!!!

    Step 1 is admit you have a problem

    step 2 is to admit you don’t give a damn and go on with your drunk happy life

  12. Jimbo

    @54 you just need to add a little bongos to your story

  13. How mortifying must it be for him to have this go public?

    He was absolutely wrong to call her a pig, but people say awful things in anger (that they don’t mean) to people they love. For all we know he has since apologized … or just feels like a shit now … or doesn’t give a fuck … whatevs.

    30 Rock, um, rox mai sox.

  14. whitegold

    #57 – WHAT?! You’re just fucking with us, right? That isn’t a true story, is it?

  15. D'arcy

    “Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in the midst of you and sons shall eat their fathers…I will send famine and wild beasts against you and they shall rob you of your children; pestilence and blood shall pass through you; and I will bring a sword upon you. I, the Lord, have spoken.”
    Ezekiel 5:10, 5:17
    The Father always loves his children. :)

  16. GooniesNeverSayDie

    What I want to know is how to do these guys have such rad hairlines at their age?

    I am 34 and my hairline is poo!

    Are these guys getting plugs or something? I wish my hair would look like his at that age, but it is impossible because it already looks worse and I am way younger than him.

    Leo DiCaprio also has rad hair.

    The only cool thing about my hair is that it gives me an excuse to wear a cool bird hat.

  17. lovescontroversy1

    I’ll never understand how two people (married at the time) can have a child they both claim to “love” so much and later on when things go sour, put their offspring through utter hell. And to make it public? Sure what Baldwin said to the girl was awful but the whore of a mother prostituting the information like that… what a tramp. Kim’s neck looks like a vagina anyway… I’d be bitter too.

  18. veggi

    haha FRIST! Now, you read MY mind. I was just going to write that I’ve already got step one taken care of…

    I love my drunk happy life. I’m rarly bothered by anything, and if I am, I soon forget all about it. Yay!

  19. FRIST!!!

    #56 Yeah, I’ll send it right away

  20. mrs.t

    #64 It’s all true. And now I feel like shit that I didn’t call Child Services.

  21. Jimbo

    D’arcy should a say a couple of Hail Mary’s and i am good to go?

  22. Jimbo

    Thanks your the best!!!

  23. Lowlands

    These deep and spritual words of mine that’s all for today folks.

  24. FRIST!!!

    Veggi…best part about it, is it’s FRIDAY, so I can drink quadruple the martinis, or appletinis and margaritas and pale ales and sex on the beach and wait what was I saying?

  25. FRIST!!!

    I probably have the liver of an 80 year old…or Lindsay Lohan…

  26. veggi

    Yay!!! Well, I’m off like Brit’s panties to go get some lunch (2 beers). Filling and delicious!

  27. veggi

    FRIST. My liver tried to jump out of my body last night, but I pushed it back down with a corona. Silly liver! Good thing we have 2 ;)

  28. D'arcy

    FRIST!!! you are making me thirsty…

    71. Do what you please, but remember: God wants to paint his creation in all the shades of our blood.

    I’m going to drink until I pass out now. Goodbye!!!

  29. Jimbo

    Veggi – have a good lunch. Drink a 3rd one for me. I will see you on Monday

  30. That voicemail message has become an instant part of pop culture, driving thoughts of Imus and Sanjaya right out of our minds.

    First things first, Baldwin is way out of line leaving that kind of message for his daughter. However, we all say stupid things to our kids. The Bill Cosby line about sounding like an idiot in front of his kids because he’s constantly censoring himself comes to mind. Baldwin obviously has problems with that control.

    The big problem here is that it’s no longer a family matter. Proving correct Baldwin’s long-time assertions that his ex-wife Kim Basinger is indeed a batshit loonball with no sense of decency, she leaked the tape of the voicemail.

    Think, for a moment, about how long in the age of the internet that message will haunt her daughter. Imagine how bad your junior high and high school existence was. Now imagine every time you get something going and you feel moderately cool, somebody loading up the dance remix of your dad calling you a pig and letting it play.

    It’s eternal hazing by YouTube. It’s just not fair.

  31. FRIST!!!

    Haha 2 livers!! That veggi always doubling her organs…

  32. Jimbo

    Am I on the Superficial or at mass? I am confused

  33. FRIST!!!

    Anyone who’s drinkin already, that’s not FAIR!! I got like four more hours to go!!!

  34. I didn’t realize Kim Basinger was such a whore that she would publish internal family matters involving her pre-teen child. What a snatch. I think the daughter will be scarred much more by the attention than she was by the message. What a snatch.

  35. FRIST!!!

    Hey Jimbo, at least if we were at mass there would be wine :)

  36. flavio

    doesn’t really sound like him.

  37. Jimbo

    WOOO HOO I am up for that!! In a few hours I am getting free drinks

  38. dogonabone

    Really, it’s not that bad, he didn’t call her a “nappy-headed ho”, just a “Little pig” …. Little pig! little pig! Answer the phone! (the list of acceptable names one can call another is getting shorter and shorter)

  39. flavio

    seriously, why does this little kid have a cell phone and stay up until 10:30? what the fuck need for a cell phone does an 11 year old kid have?

  40. BarbadoSlim

    If more parents treated todays kids like the little shits they ARE they wouldn’t be such the whiny pampered little pieces o’ shit they are.

    Make no mistake, it’s the liberal hippie therapy addicted whiners that have turned parents into scared figureheads and teachers into nothing more than nannies.

  41. FRIST!!!

    Jimbo…free drinks? What, are you going to raid the tiny fridge in your hotel room before you go?

  42. bungoone

    maybe it’s 10:30 NY time. let’s assume that this “little pig” is in california and it’s not really that late. more the reason to be disrespected mr. baldwin!

  43. Jimbo

    @88 The “nappy-headed ho” call will be from Eddie Murphy to his daughter. Look at Alec, put an apple in his mouth and he is ready for an Hawaian luau. What a fucking tool!! Now that guy is trying to explain his phone call. Where is Team America when you need them!!!

  44. Jimbo

    No I am out of my hotel room. They give you free drinks when you sit in those nice big leather chairs in the front of the plane

  45. #89 Fabio- A lot of kids that age have cell phones. In my case it’s because I’m a single parent who works all day and she needs it for emergences. And BFD my kid stays up til 10:30 some times.

  46. FRIST!!!

    94 Oh, right…and I would know having flown first class all my life…

  47. Jimbo

    I thought you would have

  48. YouRang

    #93 I got your Team America right here

    We’re dicks! We’re reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong Il is an asshole. Pussies don’t like dicks because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes. Assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck a asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate. And it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves. Because pussies are a inch and half away from assholes. I don’t know much about this crazy crazy world, but I do know this. If you don’t let us fuck this asshole we’re going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit.

  49. PooPants


    I love you.

  50. Keres

    ROFL, a little over the top, but at least he isn’t pussyfooting around kids that need to be whipped into shape. It’s so goddamn annoying when parents don’t discipline kids this days. >:O

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