Alec Baldwin is a great dad

February 11th, 2010 // 53 Comments

So remember when Alec Baldwin left that insane voicemail for Kim Basinger where he called their daughter Ireland a “thoughtless little pig?” He just tried to kill himself in front of her last night. Ha ha! Dads. Us Magazine reports:

Early Thursday morning, NYC’s WNBC News reported that Baldwin, 51, was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital after his 14-year-old daughter, Ireland, called 911, claiming that the 30 Rock star was “unresponsive” in their West Side apartment.
A law enforcement official tells the Associated Press that Baldwin and his young daughter had argued and she told 911 he had threatened to take pills. (The official spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the person wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.)
Last year, he told Playboy that he contemplated suicide after the phone message was leaked to the press. “I spoke to a lot of professionals who helped me … If I committed suicide [Basinger's side] would have considered that a victory. Destroying me was their avowed goal.

But they never guessed you’d do it in front of your own daughter, did they? Ha! You sure showed those bastards. High five!

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  1. gaybo


  2. gaybo


  3. Danomite!


  4. havoc

    He doesn’t have to committ suicide.

    This guy’s a heart attack just waiting to happen….


  5. havoc

    He doesn’t have to committ suicide.

    This guy’s a heart attack just waiting to happen….


  6. Danomite!

    Hahaha we failed

  7. Ralphie

    Alec Baldwin is the man! Case effing closed.


    This guy is so much more messed up than people realize. How much more does he want to torture his child just because his wife left him? Honestly! Some people should not be parents.

  9. Rougher than rocco

    Thoughtless little pig 3
    Alec Baldwin 0

    This must be keeping score day….

  10. alec is a funny dude on screen, but a total dip shit in real life. i just dont have it in me to feel bad for the rich and famous. him, doing what he did, in his position just makes him look like a big pussy.

  11. Jenna

    He shouldn’t be trying to kill himself in front of his kid, but I just got around to listening to that voicemail and he was TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT for reaming his kid out!

    11 or 12 years old and turning off her phone so she can go off gallivanting? She is a thoughtless little pig. And in a few years she’d turn into a teenage mom crackwhore that headlines The Superfish EVERY DAY and people would be bitching that her parents didn’t KEEP HER IN LINE!

    Poor guy.




  13. Dogless

    Take it all with a pinch of salt people.

  14. I understand how he feels. I get Seasonal Affective Disorder every winter. Try indoor tanning, Alec, that’s what I do!!

  15. wtf

    Noodle — well said.

  16. KIKI

    “In three days, I am going to fly down there and KICK YOUR ASS.”

    Funniest threat ever! I will be sure not to be home, Dad!

  17. me

    I hope there is a restraining order put against him to see his daughter. No matter how she may be, no kid deserves this trauma. The guy needs professional help and prayer. I know he’s rich and famous, but he needs prayer too. Get help Alec.

  18. Random Weirdo

    #16 come over here so I can kick fuck you!

  19. Irene Barcelo

    I don’t believe any of this. I bet you that little girl is spoiled and rotten to the core. Kim Basinger has latched herself onto Ireland and has brainwashed her. It happens with divorce parents. One trying to pawn themselves so their children can love them more above than the other. This shit makes me sick.

  20. Rae

    i don’t really care what she did, it’s never okay for a father to call their 11-12yr old daughter a “thoughtless little pig”. that’s sick. if i were her mother, i’d fly down there to kick -his- ass.

  21. meowmeow85

    “Destroying me was their avowed goal.”
    Seriously, who talks like that? I almost wish now that Alec Bladwin had succeeded in offing himself.

  22. KIKI

    @ 18, Whaaaaa?

  23. Isabel

    Jenna and Irene Barcelo: that does happen, and it’s truly a tragedy if you’re a child caught in the middle of a divorce like that. But am I the only one who remembers things like Baldwin yelling at his then-wife with unrestrained anger and at the top of his lungs, in public? The guy has major anger issues, imo, and I pity his daughter for having to put up with him. Seriously, does not making an appointment warrant being called a PIG by your father?!

  24. Random Weirdo

    @22 Too much? It was suppose to be a joke about “come here, so I can attack you.”

  25. KIKI

    24. I don’t think it is funny he threatened his daughter, I think it is funny he gave her ample notice to get out of town.

  26. Doc Schweinstrudel

    That is just so sad. Depression kills. Every time the atmoshere pressure changes, meteo sensetive people, people with weak heart, PMS’ , depressives list go on and on – feel terrible . Environment &ecology is fucked up. People are fed with genetically modified garbage.
    Take Omega 3 people & folic acid au pair with vitamine D everyday = BEST CURE ever. Protect your family and your loved ones from depression and mental disorders.

  27. MeanV

    I completely agree with #11. So what if he called his daughter “a thoughtless little pig”? Big deal! If I was trying to get in touch with my 11 year old daughter and she was shutting off her phone to avoid my calls, there would be hell to pay. I love and respect my parents more than any two people in the world, and they’ve called me worse names than that. LOL! Seriously….”little pig”? That’s laughable!

  28. NYC

    Wow! I saw him on a 60 minutes and he seemed okay

  29. BoomBoom

    I saw him on 30 Rock and he seemed funny there. His dawter wasn’t there tho.

  30. See Alice

    He is a failure even in suicide .
    He should have moved to France like he threatened to .
    Another derangned lunatic fringe liberal

  31. stupid parents

    He called his daughter a ‘thoughtless pig”?

    So what? I called my mom a ‘bitch’ when I was 9 yrs old, and my dad flew into my room, and kicked my ass so hard, my kidneys hurt.

    Let me tell you, I minded my p’s and q’s after that.

    He once hit my brother so hard, he went blind for 3 days. My brother skipped school for 2 days straight while dad, was working to pay for bro’s classes.

    I have the best father in the world, who would work 5 jobs, to make sure we get everything we want, even the stupid things we don’t need. He hit us, when we needed to be hit. You can’t reason with a 10 year old as you would an adult, hence the belt, the spoon, the smack, if used sparingly and justly.

    That’s the fucking problem with parents today, kids rule the household, and then parents are shocked, crying on tv, when their kids disappear, turn to drugs, prostitution…Laissez faire parenting for lazy people who don’t have the balls to raise their kids right, so they lose them to the world outside.

    Parents need to bring back discipline in their homes. People all over the world suffer imaginable tragedies, and we have pussy parents, being fucked up the ass by their kids. Why the expensive fuck would I buy a 10 year old 200$ shoes , so he can outgrow them the next month? Who are these stupid parents, not preparing their kids for the world? Who is going to buy you expensive stuff, when mom and dad are watching the daisies push upside down? That’s when your daughter’s turn to Ashlee Duprees, and sons turn to Nick Cannons, and Adam Lamberts.

    Better your children cry now, then you cry later.

    wake up parents of America!

  32. you go ..stupid parent

    I cannot tell you how much I agree #31. Parents today have no clue!

  33. It's Just Me

    WTF! I hope this is not true! He is my favorite actor.

    #8 You fucking liberals will be the end of this country!

  34. Anomaly

    I was never spanked or hit as a child and I never became a knocked up crackwhore.

    One of my brothers, on the other hand, was often “disciplined” physically and had attitude/behavioral problems into his adult life.

    Though he never became a knocked up crackwhore, either.

    There’s a lot more to assuring your kid won’t become a douche than physical discipline. Parenting and discipline are not synonymous and plenty of douchebags were used as punching bags by their parents.

  35. beebo

    Too bad he failed at suicide just like he fails at life.

  36. sva1994

    Right on–that’s the right response for someone who just attempted suicide—taunt them for their parenting skills.

  37. MNsuperBee

    haha I think his daughter is just a psycho, poor guy. They examined him after an hour and found no pills OR alcohol in his system.

    Poor Alec. No wonder he started doing comedy.

  38. role reversal?

    Isn’t it supposed to be the TEENAGER who threatens suicide to the PARENT?

  39. Great blog Alec! And great job in Lymelife. You played a wonderfully in depth version of my father. Thanks for the great work in another great film.

  40. Stuck in Iraq

    Alec Baldwin is a liberal douchebag and needs to commit suicide like every leberal douchbag needs to. Kennedy, Murtha and now hopefully Baldwin.

  41. yr momma

    this man is a psychotic, misogynistic control freak. and the comments on here that support verbal and physical abuse are just scary. no wonder there are so many homicides and such condoned violence in the world. the “happy couple” used to eat at a restaurant i worked at in my home town where they owned a summer beach house and kim always looked either morbidly depressed or absolutely petrified. he would drink and talk about how he knew she was screwing around on him in this really loud uncomfortable voice right there in the middle of the restaurant, then he would leer at , make rude comments, and hit on the female wait staff right in front of her as if to “get her back”. get help is an understatement, he also looks like he still drinks alot. he admitted his own father physically abused him and that this had a bad affect on him and his brothers. why is it so hard for people to admit he might have very severe issues that interfere with his ability to parent? my god, he threatened to kill himself in front if his daughter and you are ALL acting like it is either HER fault or “no big deal” . i think he is a brilliant man but there is a lot of hostility and rage beneath that wit. and also, obviously, deep pain. i’m not saying kim bassinger is a saint but for god’s sakes, what is it going to take for people to admit there MAY HAVE BEEN a REAL reason why she left him and why she is the custodial parent? wake up america.

  42. Alec Baldwin is an actor. He’s not a politician. He may be interested in politics and may be politically active but he’s not a politician unless he’s elected to office.

  43. Irish pee

    Two of the four Baldwin boys are pretty much trash…

  44. Albin Bainbridge

    Does anyone else find it funny that some people are using the comments section on an article about a father famous for going on a 5-minute long rant threatening to beat his 11-year-old daughter then tried committing then trying to commit suicide in front of her as a springboard for their rants about how easy American parents are on their children?

  45. spinal

    @ 31 ‘stupid parents’ -

    “My dad flew into my room, and kicked my ass so hard, my kidneys hurt…He once hit my brother so hard, he went blind for 3 days.”

    WTF? Temporary blindness is a sign of brain damage, and hitting a child in the kidneys is a pretty easy way to kill them. Your father sounds like an abusive asshole. Plenty of us were NOT beaten as kids and somehow grew up to be functioning members of society too.

    I get your underlying point, but there IS a middle ground between letting your kids run wild and beating them half to death. Again, WTF???

  46. beep beep

    Agreed with Spinal @45.

    Seriously, Stupidparents @31, WTF? You should probably get professional counseling before history repeats itself and you end up beating your children. You sound like a completely miserable human being.

  47. vagina man

    fat sloppy stuffed pig.

  48. Fati87

    Pathetic worm

  49. I call 'em as I see 'em

    It appears that Mr. Baldwin is in need of serious professional help. Retroactively.
    It also (unfortunately) appears that those with a gift for comedy are the most unstable, depressive, and emotionally unhinged people. That’s really sad.
    Who are they trying to make laugh, themselves or us?
    Hey- anybody need a dissertation topic for their psych. degree?

  50. Don't raise a brat, and don't be one, either.

    You know what? My Mom only had to hit me once for me to know that she meant business. She did it when I was young enough for it to make quite a memorable impression on me, and help me behave well for the rest of my childhood, but old enough that I knew what was happening, and why. She DIDN’T beat me half to death, she spanked only enough for it to be really unpleasant and embarrassing. She didn’t hit me out of rage, just discipline. Forever after, she only had to allude to ‘a spanking’ and I’d snap out of whatever my ‘problem of the minute’ was. She would count to three, to give me time to straighten out. I think she did exactly the right thing. I knew she would back up what she said- and while I wasn’t terrified of her, I knew if I pushed her, it wouldn’t be fun. It was a matter of respect. She was the adult, and she was in charge. As the adult, she knew things about life that I, as a child, didn’t have a clue about. She needed to teach me, and that’s what she did. Kids aren’t born with inherent knowledge about the world- they don’t know that if they walk in front of a moving car, they will be hurt- or that fire is hot. They need an adult to inform them about how things work, and what’s dangerous; teach them how to make choices, and how to behave in a civilized society. You can’t let a child figure this all out for him/herself- or allow the child to dictate what they are going to do- they simply don’t know enough to make those kind of decisions. That is not parenting, that’s abdication and laziness.
    Hearing 2 year olds deliver ultimatums to the whole family just doesn’t cut it for me. If you parent that way, aren’t your children effectively raising you? (Not to mention that then every child in the family can expect to have a separate outcome…)

    And I’m not saying that the ‘parent’s way’ should be the only way; or that parents should micromanage their child’s every thought. It’s a two way street, but within reason. As they grow and learn, they should get more responsibility for themselves. Parents who listen and interact with their kids know as they go along how much responsibility their child can handle- and it’s a learning experience for everyone involved. But parents have the final say. That’s the way it is with most of the animal kingdom.

    Unfortunately- Alec, Kim AND their daughter seem as though they haven’t grown up yet.

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