Oh, Give Me A F*#&ing Break, Alec Baldwin

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin punched a photographer in the face after being spotted leaving the Marriage License Bureau in New York and, like a rage-filled idiot, did it in front of other photographers while looking like the goddamn Hulk with rabies. Considering this wasn’t a first for him, the smart thing to do would’ve been to let the whole thing blow over, but Alec Baldwin is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Scotch, so here he is walking around New York with a blanket over his head last night which really showed those “scum” paparazzi. There’s no way these photos won’t be worth more than just boring, old Alec Baldwin taking a stroll. Ghosts always walk around Manhattan.

In the meantime, huge thanks to JC for being the only person to point this out yesterday:

The sweet, sweet irony of people commenting about how paps are scum of the Earth while frequenting a website that features photos taken by paps is delicious.

WHERE DO YOU THINK I GET MY PICTURES FROM? You can’t stroll into the comments and puff your chest like Tommy Toughnuts about how you’d punch the paparazzi in the face, too, because those bastards “have it coming” when every single time you click on this site, or Us Weekly, TMZ, etc., you create a demand that allows them to exist. The Superficial is all about lambasting the ridiculousness of celebrity worship, yet for some reason when it comes to them bitching about how hard it is making millions of dollars in exchange for sometimes having their picture taken coming out of Starbucks, the comments load up with blustering Bill O’Reillys pulling out the pitchforks and saying that beating the shit out of an average Joe just trying to make a living should be legal. Except I’m being way too complex here, so let me bottom line it for you: The paparazzi bring you boob photos. They take pictures of boobs. You can start with the apologies and calling them heroes now.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News