Alec Baldwin Punched A Photographer In The Face

June 19th, 2012 // 47 Comments
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Alec Baldwin is usually such a calm, rational man who handles conflicts with dignity and poise, not to mention the man’s a genius. Which is why I was shocked to read he punched a photographer right in the face just moments after receiving his marriage license. That’s probably a good omen. NY Daily News reports:

The volatile “30 Rock” star popped lensman Marcus Santos once in the face outside the Worth St. office after apparently obtaining a license to wed fiancee Hilaria Thomas.
Santos was standing innocently with two other photographers when Baldwin, 54, approached with an angry glare.
“He was looking mad,” said Santos. “He said, ‘Step back, step back.’ I said, ‘We’re moving back.’”
Baldwin then grabbed a second News photographer, Jefferson Siegel, and Santos told the “Rock of Ages” star to back off.
“I said, ‘Don’t touch him,’” the 42-year-old Santos said. “I knew he was going to attack me. I stepped back, and he kept coming.
“He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me — one time, right in the chin. And then he started shoving me, and pushing me. Then he goes the other way.”

What’s amazing about this encounter is even as ridiculous as it already sounds, just one look at the NY Daily News photos tells you these guys are playing it down because, holy fuck, does Alec Baldwin look insane. He’s practically hissing at them. They probably tried to destroy the film just so he wouldn’t murder them in their dreams like he did to Johnny Depp in that movie.

Photos: Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News, Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. Jack Ketch

    I don’t blame any celebrity for doing this. Fucking paps are always in their faces, and they’re too aggressive most of the time.

    • Baldwin’s a punk. He picked the smallest guy out of the group to attack so he could show off to his young fiancee what little testosterone his droopy old man balls can still produce. He would never pick on someone his own size because he would get his toupee shoved up his ass.

    • Duke Steele

      How would you know what they’re like? Are you a celebrity?If not, ho w many do you know so well to make that statement.?

  2. Yuuuuup

    What a rude, thoughtless little pig.

    • Dick Hell

      Credit where it’s due, leaving that message on your daughter’s voice mail is just good parenting.

  3. Pat C.

    “Santos was standing innocently with two other photographers ”
    Then he wasn’t doing his job, so I don’t believe it.

  4. “You think taking my picture is funny?!”

    Your picture isn’t funny. It’s Hilaria’s.”

  5. Codot

    I would be the exact same as Alec. Those fucking paps are like flies. Flies you can’t smack away without getting a story like this.

  6. cc

    Does this mean his gig at the Huffington Post is over?

  7. Incredible Bulk

    Bulk SMASH!!!

  8. The Internet

    liberals are a sensitive and caring lot…

  9. theoriginal LJ

    Should happen more often.

  10. While I’m sure paps are super annoying pieces of shit, they’re doing a job- a pretty crappy job compared to any Hollywood actor’s. There’s a big difference between taking someone’s photo in a public place and punching someone in the face. It’s not that bad though because I’m certain that dude’s chin made a “cha-ching!” sound when Baldwin punched it.

    • doood

      that may be true and they’ll most likely settle out of court for a pretty penny but don’t forget how far being rich and famous goes in that soulless town

  11. doood

    i think there should be laws that make it mandatory for paps to have the shit smacked out of them on a regular basis.
    i know we have laws that deal with assault and battery but surely assaulting paps is more balancing out the universe than just wanton destruction.

  12. puhleez

    Marriage does that to a person.

  13. Alec Baldwin

    I like the perks of money, fame and power but I hate having my picture taken as a result of them. So I get to act like a crazy person and assault people with almost no consequences :)

  14. Rico Jones

    Good. Paps are assholes.

  15. EricLr

    Is it wrong that I want Alec Baldwin, Russell Crowe, and Christian Bale in the same movie–just for the behind the scenes footage?

  16. Bonky

    I think the first time a celebrity kills a paparazzi, we should all just light a candle and tip a bottle of champagne. For the celebrity, of course.

  17. Hugh Jazz

    The only one in this whole story to feel remotely bad for is the bush that was trampled on. No respect.

  18. Frank Burns

    Who the hell names their kid Hilaria? Are her siblings names Funnicus and Laughton? And just a heads up, ‘Hilaria’ (if that is in fact your real name), all that rage your boy Alec has is going to make for a fun marriage, right?

  19. JC

    The sweet, sweet irony of people commenting about how paps are scum of the Earth while frequenting a website that features photos taken by paps is delicious.

    And for the record, I got no hate for paps. Nobody has a right to be a rich and famous celebrity. If you don’t like the downsides of a job, particularly one that makes you ridiculously wealthy, then take a different job.

    • Just to play Devil’s advocate: Alec Baldwin gets paid for pretending to be a character either on stage, TV, or in movies. He doesn’t get paid for being a private citizen. So when he is not acting, and he doesn’t get paid, that’s not part of his job and shouldn’t be considered the downside, or any other side, of his job. It is his private time and should be treated accordingly.

      I would be willing to bet that Santos made some sort of smart-ass remark that got to Baldwin and that the pap deserved a sound thrashing. Or at least a kick in the groin.

  20. MarkM

    Say what you want about Alec Baldwin, but he was the best part of “The Avengers” movie.

  21. Zee Brat

    No one, literally no one cares about paparazzi welfare. They always react to everything like a sitcom character with a neck brace. Alec Baldwin should be beating them up more often.

  22. TimmyB

    “Santos was standing innocently with two other photographers”
    what a crock of shit

  23. blah

    Baldwin has done some awful things, said sme politically divisive stuff, etc. But all of America is behind him on this one. Maybe he can become the Batman of anti pap vigilantism.

  24. SeeAlice

    Baldwin is a nutjob liberal . I hope this costs him $$$$$$$

  25. kimmykimkim

    Alec Baldwin gets a crazy pass from me. Always.

  26. tlmck

    “Santos was standing innocently with two other photographers…”


  27. I like seeing paparrazzi get their asses kicked.

  28. 44-Hall Jefferson

    I don’t understand, these paparazzi’s were doing there job, but end up into a violent conflict and disturbing to others that they were involved in this type of this situation, it’s like “I don’t fucking get it, doesn’t make NO sense at all.”

  29. bubble

    Alec Baldwin is the douchiest of douches. He’s a self-serving scumbag who honestly believes that no one can touch him. All you jerks who say the paps deserve to get attacked because they were taking PICTURES, need to get a clue. If he would have continued on his way, the paps would have taken the pictures and moved on. Fuck him and the Coke he rode in on.

  30. mark

    I am completely on Baldwin’s side – innocent photographers? My ass. Sic em Alec, sic em!

    The writer on this piece is an idiot.

  31. Harry Kirkpatrick

    One of these days Baldwin is going to freak out and grab the wrong person. That’s when the pompous D list actor gets his fucking swollen head ripped off and his stupid face caved in. Beautiful.

  32. emma242

    Why is Alec Baldwin such a racist homophobe? Lately he’s been heard saying some very nasty things about people. Doesn’t Baldwin know that there are many colors in the homo rainbow? Baldwin is a punk who should get beaten by a band of transvestites to show what a fairy he really is.

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