Alec Baldwin Calls Paparazzi ‘C*cksucking F*g,’ Is Very Progressive

When we last left Alec Baldwin, he was beating the shit out of the paparazzi, so you’ll be glad to know he’s evolved as a person and now just screams hate speech in their faces. TMZ reports:

Alec Baldwin is a sore winner … chasing down and threatening a photographer outside his Manhattan apartment … just hours after a courtroom victory this morning in his stalker case … and the whole thing was captured on video.
The video shows Baldwin — who was with his wife and baby — taking off in angry pursuit after the pap (not ours) … yelling, cursing and calling him a “cocksucking fag.”

Of course, Alec Baldwin has a talk show on a MSNBC to protect, so he’s claiming he only said “cocksucking fathead” which is so natural, it just rolls right off the tongue:

Further, Alec is threatening to sue TMZ for even suggesting that he used the homophobic slur.
Baldwin wrote, “Acoustic analysis proves the word is fathead. Fathead … Anti-gay slurs are wrong. They not only offend, but threaten hard fought tolerance of LGBT rights.”

Alec then added, “Isn’t it funny that Harvey Levin is accusing me, a liberal host on MSNBC, of hate speech when everyone knows Jews start all the world’s wars and suck the blood of infants? And I’m the intolerant one, ha! Smell my breath, Harvey, not a drop of baby on it. I’ll see you in court when I force your own people to destroy you for gold coins on the dollar. #NOH8″

UPDATE: It gets better.

Photos: Splash News