Al Roker sandbags Heidi & Spencer

June 15th, 2009 // 140 Comments

Heidi and Spencer appeared on Today this morning expecting a happy little interview, but instead were completely sandbagged by Al Roker who basically painted them as the fake, self-entitled brats they really are prompting them to go crying to TMZ:

Heidi, who claims Roker viciously attacked her and hubby Spencer Pratt on the air this morning, tells us Al “was incredibly rude and was verbally assaulting me… I would warn any people, especially women, who are going on the show to watch out for him.”
Heidi also said she had no idea Roker was going to interview them: “I just thought he did weather. I thought he was coming to tell me it’s sunny in New York.”
Spencer was even funnier. He told us: “I never in my wildest dreams thought a weatherman would treat us like we just rigged the Iranian election.”

Wow, so Spencer just admitted to rigging the Iranian election. Somebody tweet that, too, along with their home address. You know, I’m starting to come around to this whole Twitter thing. Who can we get shot in the face with a rocket launcher next? I’m open to suggestions.

Video: MSNBC

  1. I think theyre brilliant! Id like to see a media outlet rejecting their antics and not feature them on their show; its one hand washes the other. Im suprise they didnt get a call from Vance Mcmahon yet…

  2. justifiable

    They also called into Ryan Seacrest!
    HEIDI: “I really would advise women especially to be careful around him. I wanted to say to him, ‘Do you feel proud of how you’re talking to me right now? I’m just a young woman and you’re coming at me so aggressively and meanly [sic] and mean-spirited’ “.

    WTF? Really? Way to call Al Roker out for being ‘sexist’ by playing the “I’m just a wittle girl” card!

    Why the fuck can’t I find a flame thrower on mail order?

  3. When Heidi comes to her (little) senses and tries to leave that psychopath, we will get to watch the celebrity murder trial of the 21st century when he hacks her to bits and eats her up.

  4. Mich

    I cannot stand them! they made me sick just from looking at their photos, but when I saw them on ‘Im a celebrity’ I was almost as sick as she was. Ugh! Fake fake FAKE.

  5. justifiable

    #48 No shit, it’s just the same. Heidi is extremely put out because she’s not being treated like the prettiest Barbie in the room and the Bambi defense is all she’s got. Women are fighting in the streets of fucking Iran and she can’t handle an interview with Al fucking Roker without pushing the I’m-a-delicate-flower button? My goodness, where’s her Christian faith to sustain her through this terrible trial?

  6. Fuck these two

    Agree completely with #48. That obvious raging racism clouded in phony victimness routine makes me fucking sick and you see that shit a lot these days and it depresses the fuck out of me. Even the whole tone of “I thought he was only a weather man” was laced with obvious racism. Fucking whore I would have spit on that bleached blond bitch, riped out her nasty barbie extensions and punched her in the implants until they ruptured.

    I still can’t get over the hilarity that Heidi-Whore sees herself as the next mother Theresa, except for MT being a raging anti-abortionist and extremely Christian (never a good thing) she was a pretty incredible person and I can’t imagine any woman who is more of a polar opposite of Mother Theresa than Heidi Montag.

    #43. As a white woman I fully respect you feeling that way, but just remember we aren’t all racist, vapid, vain, greedy gold digging pieces of shit. Sadly Heidi proves that 99.9% of white blond haired hick town reared women who become or want to become famous without any having ANY marketable talent are exactly what you think they are. I just think in general most human beings are pieces of shit and the less diversity you face in life the more of an entitled bratty waste of skin you become (hence more waste of skin white people).

    Spencer was raised in a multi-million dollar mansion by wealthy parents who spoiled him rotten and taught him zero values and Heidi was raised in the tiny piss-ant racist little town of Crested Butte by sheltered ragingly religious hick parents (or as call it Crusted Butt) so the coupling of these two is basically apocalyptic.

  7. titsonsnack


  8. Jennifer

    I absolutely love this couple for revealing how moronic the average American is.

    If they’re so idiotic…stop commenting about them. Stop absorbing anything which contains information about them. Ignore them.

    They were created by us, and now we’re complaining that they’re worthless?

    Then what of the people who allowed them to become famous in the first place? Like people just couldn’t stop watching MTV? God forbid someone takes control over what they voluntarily choose as “entertainment.”

    If for nothing else, they’re brilliant in that they’ve managed to create jobs for themselves through allowing people to express “hatred” toward them.

  9. natasha

    Aren’t they actors? Nobody is that obnoxious in reality. They seem like they are playing grotesques or charicatures of themselves at least.

  10. annika

    #43 Kevin, take a number and get in line because I’m a white woman and I’m with #56. I want to punch her in the throat – with an icepick. Pulling the baby girl defense is bad enough, to make herself a victim of the big black man is beyond disgusting. I’d say she’s a cunt but that’s insulting to cunts. What she really needs is a tour in Afghanistan, but the Taliban wouldn’t take her.

  11. meee

    yeah that was ridiculous. i’ve never seen heidi & spencer in action (i’ve somehow avoided it until now) but that clip reel was horrifying. i want them dead now more than ever.

  12. Venom

    I wish Al Roker would have just gotten up an pimp slapped the shit out of Spencer.
    Tired of this annoying asshole.

  13. Anne

    Heidi has a horse face. Long. Thin. Huge mouth.

    Spencer’s eyes are close together. Too close together. Like a chimp’s.

    A horse and a chimp. Nice combo. (Although horses and chimps are considerably more intelligent than those two).

  14. funny how no one in the history of al roker ever complained about al roker until these two fucks were exposed to the truth of who they really are and thats used up douche bags. it would be so hilarious if they died some how. like today

  15. zenawhoreeorprincess

    Just curious why Al was such a bully to Speidi? I mean he clearly made up his mind about these two before he sat down in front of them. It was hostile and uncomfortable to watch from a viewers point, regardless of who they are and what they’ve done. He’s pre-judging people….something I’m sure he’s fought all of his life to overcome. Interesting. From a journalistic side, he didn’t even do his homework when accusing them of saying they were being tortured by NBC on the “I’m a Celeb” show. UGH! Put the rags down Al and do your homework. They shouldn’t have him do interviews any more. Noboday wants to see him pigeonhole Speidi. The truth is, his fat ass was interviewing a young couple that clearly won’t go away, and should in his position. Jealous much?

  16. sm

    #58. Is right IGNORE THEM, but if you really don’t want any part of people like this and you don’t want to contribute to their undeserved wealth you’ll have to stop coming to blogs, watching television, and going to the movies and don’t bother buying or eating anything unless you produce it yourself because most wealthy people and the powers that be in the world are all sick human beings just like this. It’s all interconnected and in media many channels and programs are owned and produced by the same immoral giants it’s all a giant incestuous and self serving bullshit machine
    The fact is there are LOT of Speidi’s in media and in the world, these two shits are just more open about it because they have nothing else to sell and nothing of value to sustain any relevance.
    In the end you’ve got to do a little more than abstain from shit if you want the world to suck less and I tell that to raging vegan’s all the time. This is the last I will ever write about these shits because you do have to star somewhere so why not start at the filthy rock bottom of the broke ass barrel of humanity.
    Anyone else want to join me in permanently ignoring these shits and ending their reign of terror on humanity.

  17. Geoff

    Randal, you need to tell me which drugs you’re in. Apparently they’re really strong and I need some of them.

    In H’Wood, like three people like these two fucktards. Nobody even understand why they are getting so much press. Is it time the press stop talking about them already?Believe me, BELIEVE ME, nobody will care or miss them… except for the three people in H’Wood who like them, and Randal. But as soon as Randal stops the meds he’s on all day, he will hate them too…

  18. ***

    #65 Stupid much?

  19. Jamie

    1. Al Roker should never interview anyone.
    2. Heidi and Spencer need to go away. PLEASE.

  20. Getoff

    I like how they diss Al Roker by calling him a lowly weatherman. Roker does more on the can than these two idiots will ever do in life.

  21. Hancock

    That interview was seriously disappointingly lame. I was expecting him to seriously lay into them and it never came.

    Bring them to the UK and get Jeremy Paxman onto them, I’d pay my life savings for that.

  22. Delgo

    Damn, Al.
    Tougher than Katie Couric on Sarah Palin.

  23. amisaki

    #65 You think that’s bullying? An interview isn’t a kissyface tea party – often it’s about putting people on the spot, it’s rarely worth watching if you don’t have any probing questions. He asked questions about their questionable behavior because people have raised those questions. That;’s why the lead in – or did you miss that? They made a lot of fuss about weeping over removed shampoo labels and made outrageous claims about “torture” – should he just have ignored those and not mentioned them because it would make them squirmy uncomfortable? He had direct quotes from Pratt, he did do his homework. Tough shit if Pratt didn’t like having to stretch to explain them.

    And if I ever tried that “you’re being a bully, I’m just a young woman” ploy when my boss asked me to account for something, I can guaranDAMNtee I’d be laughed out of the office and onto the street.

  24. Tom K

    They are the typical all American couple. They are as American as apple pie.

  25. Tom K

    They are the typical all American couple. They are as American as apple pie.

  26. Tom K

    They are the typical all American couple. They are as American as apple pie.

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  28. anyway

    #74,75,76 With a heavy lardy greasy crust. Filled with lots of chemicals, prreservatives, corn syrup and apple substitute.

    And step away from the POST button, bitch.

  29. Al My Pal

    I have more respect for Al than ever. He asked those two celebrity whores the same questions I would have asked. Al you are the man!

  30. ***

    #79 Al got to Spencer to admit he’s not an actor! There is now no reason on earth for him to be famous! WAY TO GO, AL!!!!

  31. gigi

    is NBC so hard-up for ratings? I wonder what would happen if people just stopped interviewing douches? [ in general, not just this pair] Just didn’t even return their calls…. so so so embarrassing to be a human right now

  32. Chad

    I’ve only seen those two in the tabloids and have never actually heard them talk. That being said I really and truely cannot stand them more than I thought. Everyone and I mean everyone!!! Quit giving these two people attention!! What are they famous for anyway? What talents do they have? Because I would love to know!!

  33. Kristen

    Don’t get me wrong – Heidi and Spencer are absolute diseases, but Al Roker somehow pissed me off, at 3:13 and 4:20 – sounds like a pretty unprofessional interview.

  34. alex

    Now I have another reason to love Al Roker besides his sexy chocolate nipples.

  35. anon

    wow just read through comments, all of them are very cruel and mean, but lets face it these bastards deserve every bit of it.

  36. Rachel C

    Heidi,the reason Al did the interview is because no one else on Today could stomach your presence.As far as women needing to be scared of Al, the only person I saw abusing a women in this clip was Spencer.BTW, did you pray before posing in PB?Great morals!

  37. vomitcomit

    These two seriously make me sick. If I ever become bulimic, they will go right in my little book of vomit motivations. Heidi was talking about how they were there to win, but they were trying to quit from the moment they got there. Spencer talks about how he’s all real and not an actor, but then he says he plays a villian on the show but wants to be a hero in real life.

    It’s really only a matter of time till someone realizes that life in prison is totally worth it and takes care of them.

    Please, superficial, stop posting about these douches. Even your bikini pics of heidi all look the same. there is nothing original about these 2.

  38. ridesbuttons

    Al Roker clearly drew the short straw for this interview. I don’t think anyone on the Today Show would have wanted to bother talking with these twits.

  39. abby

    thank you al !!!

  40. twzzlrgirl

    Seriously, I think that these two are having a huge laugh at America’s expense. Are we seriously to believe (unless we suspect that they are actually, clinically psychotic or retarded), that Heidi was crying over labels being peeled off her bottles? Or that Spencer is really that much of a douchebag (even for him?)?

    In my opinion: they are seeing how much they can get away with. Let’s see how awful, obnoxious and outrageous we can become and still have people posting and twittering and interviewing us. They are like late-night wresting: all fake, ridiculous show…and people eat it up.

    They are taking us all for a ride people — and the bigger the assholes they become, the more money they make. God bless the USA!

  41. baxter01

    Please please please, don’t write about them… Please!

  42. I'm so Vapid

    I just vomited in my mouth…..

    Randal if I can repeat #38 (J Dizzle) YOU are a FUCKTARD! Wait…I think I just figured it out…RANDAL is SPENCER! Either that, or he is related to Daisy from Geekologie….(Another fucking retard)

  43. live and let live

    I love Al Roker for this! Spiedi (they really are just one person, lol) are about as Christian as Carrie Prejean. Bible Thumping Hypocrites! This interview made my day! XD

  44. Matrim

    @56 > Actually, Mother Theresa was a pretty awful human being…do some reading about her “houses for the dying.” *shudders*

  45. BEAM


    Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

    They know exactly what they are doing.

    Andy Kaufmann has nothing on these two.

  46. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Everyone is asking why why why are these two even around? Its because there are too many channels, too many writers, too many actors and wanna be “stars” around in the the land of fruits and nuts. So many, that they don’t even know what kind of “shit” to pump into your home anymore. They are clean out of ideas. They are too few good writers, etc to come up with any kind of decent TV worth watching. Its much easier to pump out “reality TV shit” with no talent shit heads like these two. Reality TV is too easy, so they unleash a bunch of retards on a set, hope for some fighting so the mouth breathers at home can be entertained. Its called the decline of a society.

  47. Nela

    @ 17 WTF-
    LMFAO!! So true, so true.

  48. VtFarmboy

    This is a perfect example of how empty these so called reality celebs are…. and this is why when somone like Susan Boyle comes along she shines….. shes ugly but she shines…… Susan Boyle… the anti spencer and hidie…… one a only hope these two walk off into oblivion soon…. such empty people deserve no more fame.

  49. HoodFellaz

    I’m sure Al could have murder these 2 on live television and he would have been able to get away with it.

    Shame on you Al, you had your chance to make the world a better place.

    Next time just do it, make us proud.

  50. Fuc TheseTwo

    #94.Can you give me a good link about Mother Theresa. I believe you since again IMO most human beings are shit and I have yet to find a famous person worthy of even an ouce of respect, not that I am looking to idolize anyone I have zero desire to be any person’s fan since I think the entire concept is beyond unhealthy.
    Was it something to the effect of letting people die because it’s god’s will or some vile crap like that? Anyway I went overboard with what I said about MT it’s just very few people suck as much as these fucktards so in comparisson anyone looks decent, but all religious leaders are frauds so Im not surpised about the Mother T.

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