Al Roker: ‘I Would F-ck Spencer Up’

June 16th, 2009 // 87 Comments

When did Al Roker become a goddamn badass? This morning on Today he defended yesterday’s verbal bitchslapping of Heidi and Spencer, E! News reports:

During a recap on this morning’s episode, Meredith Vieira showed a clip of yesterday’s much-discussed interview with Spencer and Heidi Pratt. When Roker asked if it looked like an attack, as they claim, the hostess pointed out that what she showed was only a small segment.
“I kept going, then I hit them with Mace and tied them up,” he joked.
“Spencer said, ‘He’s lucky I was saved by Jesus, because a couple of weeks ago I probably would have ripped his head off for talking to my wife like that,’ ” Viera read from the transcript before asking Roker, “Are you proud?”
“Yes, I am,” Roker replied. “I believe I asked what a lot of people wanted to know and, if he had tried to come across, I would have dumped him like a bag of dirt.

Actually, what I want to know is exactly what Spencer’s head sounds like once it’s gripped by a black man and careened off a television camera, so if you could remember that for next time, Al Roker, I’d appreciate it. Not that I’m telling you how to do your job or anything oh God don’t hurt me.

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  1. Sick of It

    WTF is with Meredith Vieira? Is she defending these two?! What’s with all her backhanded comments? Saying, “I don’t know who was right or wrong in the end?” That’s why she was such a good lap dog for Barbara Walters. Cause Walters couldn’t hold a poignant interview if Oprah threatened to shit on the table at The View.
    Vieira should be subjected to having Spenser in her face and slapping shit out of her hands. Lets see where her interviewing ‘skills’ get her then

  2. squeehunter

    There needs to be a vote to kick them out of the religion.

  3. whatever

    #36 – Please tell me you are joking and that you are not really that stupid. Does “getting real” entail misusing the English language to the point where you use such prize-winning phrases as “who be talkin all white and shit”? Are people who “get real” more respectable because they have the grammar skills of a 4 year old? Surely you must be kidding. I’m sure that Obama would have been taken SO much more seriously if he spoke like a moron. It’s a shame how his command of the language and inability to “get real” has been such a hindrance to his success …

  4. Dex

    YEah, she’s wearing the same dress that heather graham was wearing some posts ago…lame

  5. HoodFellaz

    Al Rocker, the man, the myth, the living legend.

  6. abby

    she is the 3rd person to wear that dress this week WTF

  7. Bob

    …and Heidi even stole Heather Graham’s dress! (The one ripped by the dinosaur…)

  8. person

    can’t help but bet spencer gets his dumb ass shanked before the years out

  9. justifiable

    Al is the “hero” in real life here – sorry, Spencer, the man now OWNS your dream. Better aim for something you can actually attain. I hear there’s an opening for a “human toilet brush” on Craigslist. With that hair, you’re a natural.

  10. Slow MonkeyNow Shell-Shocked

    Jesus had a cameo on “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here”?? I’m surprised the ratings weren’t better.

  11. biff

    Al should teabag that douche and make his worthless cunt of a wife hold his jacket and watch.

  12. Tanzarian

    Al Roker, the Apollo Creed of morning talk.

  13. Ronni

    ‘aryan-ness’ PRICELESS! yes I am so glad he called them out! Spencer is such a little piece of shit. I fucking hate these socialite douchebags

  14. justifiable

    And there’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that Al Roker hired Chris Brown to drive Spencer Pratt home.

  15. missywissy


    What the fuck is the Today Show thinking??? They replaced Katie with this…. this….. wanna-be?????

    How does that cheating Matt Lauer not slap the shit out of her?????


  16. justifiable

    #66 “How does that cheating Matt Lauer not slap the shit out of her?”

    He would, missywissy, but he was saved by Jesus two weeks ago. Tough shit, huh?

  17. I'm so Vapid

    Randal….I owe you an apology… I get it….

    Fish! Foe the LOVE of GOD PLEASE STOP! How much does a person have to take.??????????????????????????????????
    Somebody kill me…….

  18. Sol

    While Obama is not meddling in Iran could he perhaps figure out a way to stop the American media paying attention to Heidi and Spencer? It seems like the more repulsive these two act the more press they get, kind of like some pop culture terrorists. Call it War on Douchiness and get some Navy Seals involved. Civilisation is on the line here.

  19. violet rampage

    #21–yes!! those lines from pulp fiction suit this situation perfectly.
    i really wish spencer the douchebag pratt would quit acting like he’s some little badass who can really beat people up. he’s just a spoiled little L.A. bitch who has more than likely never been in a real fight in his whole pampered life. seriously, spencer– NO ONE is afraid of you. get over yourself.
    oh yeah–go al roker!! you rock. give that man a medal.

  20. budah

    Hey times up.. 15 minutes called it wants a refund for making ya’ll famous. later Heidi and Spencer

  21. #18, WTF. It sounds like you’re playing on Spencer’s team. Go back to polishing balls.

    Al Roker should be proud of what he did. I’m glad he didn’t just play it nice and say “Poor Heidi, they took your shampoo labels.”

  22. captain america

    I tell you different: IF I COULD KILL, THEY WERE FIRST TO GO, folks!!



  24. Darth

    People might think about us that we’re really bad sometimes.But the truth is that we are pretty nice and decent people.We’re giving our support to Al Roker this time,who wants to become a badass.Just to show you how really nice we’re.

  25. leesa

    Roker is a hateful, vindictive, smart mouthed person, I feel like knocking the crap out of him myself, He definitely would not have said t hat to Jayz and beyonce, or halle berry or jamie fox, , he’s “picky” about who he hates on, if you know what I mean. He needs to go,.

  26. Prettybaby

    Dear Al Roker,

    Over the years, you have disappointed me a little. I liked when you were chubby and then you got all weirdly skinny looking. Then there was this one time that I planned for sun… you promised me sun… and it rained. And the banter with Katie Couric disturbed me mentally every morning. But now, I can erase all of it because you have said these things about these 2 buttholes. Thank you. I love you.

    Your Friend,

  27. surprised

    Al Roker is my new personal hero!!! This more than makes up for all the bad jokes over the years.

  28. Tom K

    Isn’t he the fucking weather man? What the fuck was he doing interviewing them anyway! LOL

    Anyway wait ago Al!

  29. RtSS

    I can’t stand these two any more… Please never show that ‘flesh color’ beard. More ass shots of Heidi though. I could really work a number on that ass. I really believe that Heidi loves anal, and as I was pump my love pole into her she would be screaming F’ me harder, F’ me deeper. You are a naughty little girl Heidi, I am going to spank you.

  30. Spider-Man

    i officially think al roker is fucking boss.

    fuck those two, those wastes of semen are pitiful. and that spencer douchepuddle need to shave his damn face. its not cool looking spencer, you fuckstick.

  31. cali

    gotta admit, they still still look cute together

  32. cali

    gotta admit, they still still look cute together

  33. cali

    gotta admit, they still still look cute together

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  36. I watched that interview and I thought the questions asked were exactly what I would have wanted to ask them. I am totally on Al’s side and I can’t even believe that any other side would exist!

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