Al and Tipper Gore separate

June 1st, 2010 // 96 Comments

Al and Tipper Gore are apparently separating after 40 years of marriage, according to People:

The Gores said it was “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration, according to an e-mailed statement obtained by The Associated Press Tuesday.
Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider confirmed the statement came from the couple, but declined further comment.

At this time, a moment of silence for global warming deniers who still haven’t finished ejaculating into their guns. (You’ve got 20 minutes until the next post.)

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  1. Rob

    Mark this under “who gives a shit”

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    This way Algore can be freed back to the sea where he can rejoin his true love: Moby Dick. He’s such a pompous stupid fuck…but she’s no walk in the park, either.

    Gotta go clean my love juice outta my AK before all that ice cap melts!

  3. Bajingo

    Now he’s going to gain another 200 pounds considering he ate a Twinkie factory after losing the presidential race

  4. assclown

    Fish – you’re a fuckin idiot.

    I guess you still think HE is the one who created the Internets too…. dip shit.

  5. Fester

    Wonder if Al has been giving it to Bombshell McGee? More likely it was one or more of Tiger’s mistresses, which now number in the billions.

  6. MatthewD

    As one who is currently spooging into a gun barrel, I appreciate your consideration.

  7. CMS2004

    “At this time, a moment of silence for global warming deniers who still haven’t finished ejaculating into their guns.”

    Huh? Dude, if you’re gonna insult a section of your readership, at least let the insult make sense.

  8. McFeely Smackup

    Tell you what, give me a weather forcast that can tell me if it’s going to rain or not a week out, and I’ll give Gore a pass on being able to predict global warming.

    But then about that time I’m also going to expect him to give up a couple of his ginormous energy sucking mansions, and maybe jet around the world a little less often…possibly rely on video conferencing a bit, since he invented the internet and all that. (he really DID say it after all)

  9. Global Warming deniers.. haha..

    Read up on CLIMATEGATE.. You retard..

  10. Try Harder

    I blame Twisted Sister lyrics.

    Al Gore did invent the internet. If you little fucksticks keep it up he’s going to take it away from you.

  11. Tenacious MC

    He’s a Mac. She’s a PC. =P

  12. Kangaroo

    Al is gay,

  13. misterfister

    By the look of it Al is knocked up and by the news I’m guessing its not Tippers.

  14. Anonymous

    “Huh? Dude, if you’re gonna insult a section of your readership, at least let the insult make sense.”

    You sound like a racist anti-Obama teabagger.

  15. Soviet Snow

    Ho-hum. Wake me when America and Obama split up. Then I’ll be interested.

  16. DIRK

    Al Gore will be coming out of the closet any day now!

  17. Mr. T

    It’s one thing to be an idiot who honestly thinks and believes in global warming.
    Your poor simple minded fucks just believe anything you read if the author/bullshitter is a liberal wonk…but it is quite obvious that Gore doesn’t even believe his own bullshit….how can he, when as a matter of public record his gas bill TO HEAT HIS SWIMMING POOL was $10,000.00 a month…A MONTH…how could ANYONE justify running around the planet screaming about how doomed we are, yet wasting all those resources to HEATING HIS SWIMMING POOL!
    That would make him a hypocrite at the very least and a Fraud at most……
    His hockey stick theory (which was a lot of his evidence in his bullshit movie) has already proven bullshit….and fish as far as your comment about “deniers” ejaculating into our guns….we’ll wait for you to finish jacking off to internet video (which Al Gore invented remember) you have of Al Gore butt fucking a polar bear.

  18. Ted

    Oh geez, now Fish got the right wingers all riled up…

    Look, you lost one election, after winning two in a row. Quit being such whiny little bitches (“I want my country back wah wah waaaaah!!!!”), wash the sand out of your vaginas, and go out and try to win the next one. Nobody has to bother to listen to you until you do that.

  19. bribios

    Too many beard kisses back in the day. Also, a lot of my more liberal friends are starting to feel skeptical about man made global warming. There’s just been so much bullshit from the supporting side, it feels like something is wrong, or at least exaggerated.

    Curious, has anyone proven or disproven the idea that the middle ages were actually warmer than modern times? I remember hearing that once and it makes sense to me. Weather being cyclical rather than consistent makes more sense to me. Not sure I buy the hockey stick theory.

  20. Anonymous

    “his gas bill TO HEAT HIS SWIMMING POOL was $10,000.00 a month”

    Conservation is for the little people. Now go back to Arkansas, you inbred christfag.

  21. SmackBack

    “You sound like a racist anti-Obama teabagger.”

    And you sound like a narcissistic Marxist “Useful Idiot” drone.

    Oh, sorry, was that your forehead?

  22. ranish

    Al Gore – he’s almost lifelike.

  23. Mr. T

    @20 that is what I would expect from a kool aid drinking fucktard that believes anything Al wants you to believe….

  24. havoc

    Its interesting that he decided to notify everyone by email….you know, since he invented the Internet.

    I can’t blame him for wanting some strange……look at her.


  25. eatme

    the sad truth about global warming deniers is that they are more like…al gore deniers. do you really think that al gore is the man to ask either way? we let so much nasty man made shit out into our environment and you think it won’t have an adverse affect? I have a feeling that global warming deniers sit in their own fecal matter whilst eating buckets of KFC. PS. Tipper Gore is a cunt.

  26. ME

    Tipper wouldn’t give up the Aqua Net… and all the CFC’s that go along with it.

  27. Anonymous

    Haha. You racist Jesus-lovers make me laugh. Stupid Rethuglikkkans. I hope Fish forwards all your email addresses to the Black Panthers again.

  28. Oh Shit, I Said Fuck.

    If you support Democrats or Republicans, You’re an idiot.

    Nobody’s telling you the truth. This is a sham democracy. If you don’t have several hundred million dollars, your opinion means jack shit.

    Suck it. Losers.

  29. Rossco

    Gotta love how global warming deniers are still pointing to “Climategate” as their evidence when it’s already been shown that those emails were taken out of context and there has actually not been any conspiracy…
    Please, kill yourselves.

  30. See Alice

    Soon Algore and Bawney Fwank will become an partners .

  31. I’m sorry to say, but who are these two?

  32. zug

    She’s smart, and distancing herself from him. At some point he will be headed to Federal Prison when it is all said and done, and Al gets his ass tossed in jail for pulling off one of the biggest investment (Carbon Credits) Scams of all time. Mr Ponzie has nothing on Mr “I invented the Ineternet” ManBearPig-Gore.

  33. Ha Fish, typical commie-lib diatribe. Rather than make fun of the demagogue Gore, who’s ‘documentary’ has been thoroughly discredited, and has been exposed as a perpetrator of a massive hoax, and is obviously a pod person, just turn it around on the “bitter clingers.”
    His wife was a founding member of the PMRC, who tried unsuccessfully to JAIL Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys for “obscenity.” Funny, we NEVER EVER hear cracks about that fascist old hag from you or any other democrat kool-aid drinker.
    Fuck you, Fish, you hack. Go ahead and champion these consummate politicians who don’t give a shit about ANYTHING except the money and the power.
    Oh, and how can one be a “denier” of something that doesn’t even exist? Just wondering.

  34. Hairlip

    I am really upset with Fish for missing the mark on his subject line. The best you could do for a subject is “Al and Tipper Gore separate”. I am only going to visit the site once a day as punishment. On a side note will this increase or decrease the value of my Al and Tipper bobble head doll?

  35. ROUGH vs the status quo

    Ha! let’s see Al distance himself from slick willie now, when he introduce him to some fine piece of trim…

  36. I guess this means a sequel to “Love Story” will have to be made since it was based on Al and Tipper according to Al himself.

    This couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple (insert sarcasm). I remember about 25 years ago when Tipper was hell bent on censoring music and Al was busy inventing the internet that the anti-christ had surely reared it’s head in a hairsprayed mess of a style. Thank god she failed in her quest to be the gatekeeper of popular culture.

    On the other hand, not that Tipper won’t be around harping on Al, maybe he can make it back to SF Jacks for a session or two. I know he’s in town a lot being that he sits on the board of goooooogle and since Tipper won’t be handy to suck his global warming rod he’ll need some relief. Come on down Al and I’ll share my lube.

    I wonder who will get the huge mansion in Montecito they just bought?



  37. Jim

    Just like his marriage, the time for Al Gore and his fellow liberals is over. In 2012, the liberals will be thrown out as…uh…Mitt Romney is elected President? No, wait…the guy on Fox, what’s his name, Mike Huckabee? Or…uh…that Kermit the Frog guy from Louisiana, Kindle or something—no, hold it, it’s Jindal…or that fat old guy, the Grinch—Gingrich, that’s it…or…no WAIT I’VE GOT IT: SARAH PALIN!!!

    yeah, it’s in the bag.

  38. Shep

    There’s actually people who still believe in global warming? Really? Global Warming is like the sham wow, all kinds of great gimmicky advertising but no substance when you really take a deeper look at it. You’re also looking at Global warming version of Vince except Al Gore I don’t think gets into altercations with hookers er wait he was an American politician wasn’t he? So I better reserve judgement on that one.

    Try researching “climategate” in your google.

  39. Eric

    Rossco the comments have NOT been proven to be taken out of context. The context is actually verified by their program source code. All of the investigations done were white washes that only looked at the e-mails and carefully avoided the actual programs that the CRU created.

    The truth is in that source code. The program comments talk about artificially adjusting the data.

    for example:
    Plots (1 at a time) yearly maps of calibrated (PCR-infilled or not) MXD reconstructions of growing season temperatures. Uses “corrected” MXD – but shouldn’t usually plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures

    or this comment in another program
    ; Specify period over which to compute the regressions (stop in 1960 to avoid
    the decline

    Notice the phrases “artificially adjusted” and “avoid the decline”. These comments were from programs dated around the same time as e-mail describing “Mike’s Nature Trick” to “Hide the Decline”. Those programs are used to plot global temperatures. The CRU scientists artificially coded the programs to have temperatures grow after 1960.

  40. mfbinc

    wonder how long it will take tipper to fuck someone else?

  41. Maybe Tipper will make a guest appearance on Dee Sniders show and finally say to the world that PMRC was a joke.

  42. Rossco

    —The “trick” was a graphic device used by Mann in a 1998 paper in Nature to merge tree ring data from earlier times with thermometer data for recent decades. He explained it in the paper. Jones was repeating it in another paper. “This is a trick only in the sense of being a good way to deal with a vexing problem,” Mann told the Guardian. Clearly, this problem with modern tree data raises questions about older data – at least until the reason for the divergence is nailed down. But it is not clandestine data ­manipulation, or, as claimed by Palin and Inhofe, a trick to hide global cooling. That charge is a lie.—

  43. Yesssir

    … time to start some deep sea drilling on some young ass.

  44. Leja Siv

    I wonder if he’s “super serial” about this?

    Al Gore: 0
    Manbearpig: 1

  45. Deacon Jones


    I was contemplating global warming when I was sitting around in my house the 2nd week of April in Philly and it had reached 93 degrees outside.

    And also when we set the record for the hottest May ever.
    Oh, and when I had my picnic on Memorial Day and it was 96.

  46. I Eat Republicans and Shit Democrats


    Wow, you’re so fucking tough, hiding behind your ANONYMOUS display name.


    Don’t you have some bullshit Peta rally to be at right about now? Run along chirruns.

    And besides, who the fuck is dumb enough to use their actual email address on a site like this? Oh, that’s right. You.

  47. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Now it won’t seem so strange when Al and Leo 69 each other. Global warming is the biggest fleece to the American public right after Social Security.

  48. Eric

    Rossco, you are exactly right. It was a vexing problem because the tree ring data in recent times didn’t support the growth that they wanted. So they tied in different data points, using a different set of thermometers. Go read up on the problem of urbanization to see why this is a sham.

  49. turd da third

    typical politician, putting a new spin on things,,,,,,

    ditch the wife, THEN have an “affair”

    end result is the same, but you don’t have to say sorry of give any interviews in the process..

    THIS IS KNOW AS DOING THE INVERSE TIGER WOODS….. (give it another year and he will be out on his own..)

  50. LPB

    “Don’t stop–
    thinking about tomorrow!”

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