Al Pacino to Play Joe Paterno in Jerry Sandusky Movie

HBO originally intended for Brian De Palma and Pacino to do the Jerry Sandusky movie about two years ago, but lost the Scarface director over budget issues and lack of scenes where Pacino had to flip a table. Now they’ve got Barry Levinson directing and Serpico is back on to play the role of disgraced Penn State coach, Joe Paterno.

What would make this project exceptionally cringeworthy would be if Pacino and whoever plays Jerry Sandusky had a similar relationship to Jack Lemmon (RIP) and Pacino’s characters from Glengarry Glen Ross

Joe: Jerry! My man! This guy is a legend, everybody – best defensive coordinator in the history of college football. Jerry, tell’em your secret!
*Sandusky is caught off guard*
Jerry: Yea… yea- ya goddamn right! Remember that goal line stop back in ’88 against Notre Dame? I tell you what, Joe I was on fire that night- but you know me, my game is played 75% in the locker room, none of these new guys know how it was in the good old days… remember the good old days, Joe? … Remember?
*Cops walk in*

The only difference is that Joe Paterno did remember and he didn’t do shit about it. While Jerry Sandusky was teaching kids how to shower and subsequently shoving things in their butts, Paterno thought it best to keep his robotic mind on football. My favorite Pacino movies are these with tormented characters that you’re morally obliged to hate and since it’s HBO, I have faith it won’t be a “Joe Paterno was a victim” spin… if it is I’ll be Sandusking my subscription.