Akon throws a kid off stage

June 4th, 2007 // 260 Comments


  1. acorn

    Yeah we know about stage diving.
    It’s banned at most concerts because of the danger of landing on your head or kicking someones teeth out.
    What were the chances of that guy being caught? Did he actually get dropped? I couldn’t see.
    He didn’t exactly make the most fluid exit off the stage. Looked like he was going head first

  2. Ashleigh

    ok i think akon needs to get his act together.. thats ridiculous throwing a kid off stage, as a performer he should know to expect thngs like that and needs to keep his cool, hell if everyone threw a person off stage everytme something was thrown at them there would be alot of people getting chucked around at concerts.. and second i hope , really really hope that kid sues his ass and sends him back to the projects, we dont need people like him around who need to be tough guys, theres way too many of them out there as is.. sadly nothing will be done because somehow it will be twisted into being racism, whereas if the beastie boys or some other white singer did that itd be all over the news.. ridiculous..

  3. star69

    Who’s Akon and what was he doing on stage??

  4. next time , I’ll bring Britney’s fat ass up on the stage and thrown that bitch in the
    audience..and you’all better run, coz when her fat ass hits someone , it’s going to hurt.

  5. Rodney


  6. crewmancross

    say what you may….there’s a big difference between what the kid did and what akon did.

    the kid is a child, akon is an adult…he should know better. I hope he loses a lot of money and a lot of fans because of this.


    Bad Call Akon, bad call…

  8. @ #23

    I agree. Little bastard shouldn’t have thrown something.

    As the amazing linguist and English professor Lil Jon once said:
    “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

  9. What a jerk!!! He’s only getting lamer and lamer…when is somebody just ging to cut this guy off?!?!

  10. Santre

    what a bastard moron….i can’t believe tha he did that…ok..the guys throw something..but..c’mom…

    The real problem is that a lot of dumb people still going to Akon show’s…

    cheers from italy!

  11. Lira

    I was there, this was totally a set up. Little bastard didn’t even run and I saw security talking to him before, slappin’ him on the shoulder and shit.

    Akon had said something before hand about being ‘hard’ and ‘nothing holding him back’. The kid did it not even 45 seconds afterwards.

    Can you say SET UP?!

  12. gdfgdf


  13. star69

    I thought “midget-throwing” was illegal?

  14. cracka

    lets see….. If i was that kid i would be at a lawyers office right now.

    Hmmm… Kidnapping ( they took the kid against his will)

    Assault ( Thats obvious)

    Wreckless endangerment ( for the people that the kid landed on)

    If the universe is right that monkey will get his ass sued……..

  15. Evil

    Akon is nothing more than an over-egotistical CUNT. He does not deserve to have any type of career where any people look up to him, much less does that little bitch deserve his freedom after that shit. And you can quote me on this, if he ever laid a fucking finger on one of my kids i would inject his ignorant knob gobbling ass with the ebola virus and masturbate as he bled out of every pore and orifice in his waste of space body. Nuff said.

  16. Stickman

    Akon should be shot.

    Now…what’s this story about?

  17. Evil

    By the way…#158 you are an ignorant mongoloid.

  18. Kamiki

    @#70 – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! thanks for the side splitting Although I may have to sue you for making me laugh so hard……

  19. cracka

    #70… that was funny…..

  20. La La

    I can’t believe the twat actually took off his top beforehand.

    Did someone say this guy was wealthy and educated? Yeh, and I’m the Easter Bunny…

    I hope they find the kid and sue. I hope everyone who found themselves the safety net of the kid’s fall sue.

    Sue him til he has no more dosh and has no chance of making anymore shit music.

  21. Doomhammer

    Anyone who goes to see one of these no talent baboons gets exactly what they deserve. You lay down with apes, you get bananas.

  22. every live concert i’ve been to ppl throw shit on stage and the artists take it lightly. even the dude from slipknot laughed about it when a water bottle just missed his head. he just goes “nice one, fucker”

    its just what happens at live events. deal with it akon. maybe its just my bias against his crappy music. gimme some fuckin ed banger crew any day over this garbage.

  23. Mommy

    I can not believe that he could be so childish, he was a young boy. So it starts with the Pacers… when you are public figure things are going to happen, if you don’t like things like that, then don’t be in show biz idiot! If I were that child’s parent I would have sued him, and then maybe then he would go back to being a convict wearing the stripes and working on the chain gang. Had this had been a white singer tossing a black child from the stage OMFG, we would have never heard the end of it. What an ass! I hope this kids parents take him for a few million. Maybe we should get the radio stations to boycott his music for awhile…

  24. Jason

    HOW THE $#*# IS THIS GUY (akon) NOT IN JAIL!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?

  25. Fluffy Butt

    from the look of that second vid, it doesn’t look like anyone attempted to catch the young sap. poor fella.


  26. KatieKates

    I hate Akon, but that kid isn’t 8 years old. What is he, like 16? Who freakin’ cares? If he isn’t suing the bastard, why should we care?

  27. Dave

    Seems like Akon is the 8 year old boy, acts like one. What a piece of S__T !!! People like this ass hole?

  28. Blohan'sDeviatedSeptum

    Serves you right for going to an Akon show in the first place.People actually paid money to see that shit?

  29. Akon's Brother

    The only thing thats more disgusting are the cocksuckers still cheering for them I hope they all fucking die

    So true. People these days are f’d up.

  30. any fuckin thing for attention

    juzt call him Lindzay, Brittney, Pariz!

  31. He should have humped another underaged girl while he was throwing that kid.

    Have fun with that lawsuit, kid.

  32. dre

    That was wrong man

  33. meh

    wow. wish i could have seen that one

  34. Roop

    It serves the kid right, he should’ve been spending his time listening to skynard instead of that jungle music! He deserved to be thrown by his Father not by Akorn.

  35. Roop

    It serves the kid right, he should’ve been spending his time listening to skynard instead of that jungle music! He deserved to be thrown by his Father not by Akorn.

  36. dean

    Well the way i see it , it was un-called for on both parts… ok first of all that kid did pay to get in there. And not cheap at that… and ok yes the kid should not have thrown the bottle weather it was at akon or not… but i mean its not like Akon went to his concert thinking that every thing would be nice and quiet like a fuckin Sharon Lous and Bram sing along………………. But i mean Akon what the hell is wrong with you . your a icon for thousands of kids and millions of others and not to metion your an adult. un like the kids you like to molest on stage.
    I agree that some thing needed to be done but throw him off the stage . ok that helps. all you had to do is to get the security to take him off stage and make him leave … but i gess that would be concidered nice and not gangster enough , and you frlt that you had to be an ass about it . as to being seued , I think he should be . not to mention by the people and loyal fans he fell on that payed good money to watch the hack they call Acon ………………………

  37. Afterwards did he sing, “oh didi oh didi whoah” or some shit?

  38. G.W. Bush

    I’ve done my best but this country has still become a nation of weak-kneed pussies. Back in Texas, that eggplant would have been hanging from the nearest tree before that white boy even hit the ground. Word.

  39. Cristina

    This dude is an idiot and needs to get some help.

  40. hahahaha

    fuck that, this was funny as hell. don’t throw shit at performers, maybe this won’t happen to you..i think the kid learned his lesson. i mean this was probably a petty response from akon, but i’ve seen plentyyyy of concerts where some asshole decides to throw some shit on stage and nail the performer. getting hammer thrown into the crowd is just the thing to prevent some more idiots from pullin shit like that

  41. aimme

    Leg ‘er down ‘n smack ‘em yak ‘em.

  42. Ottie

    That cracker got what he deserved, bring a few more up

  43. G.I. Joe

    As we say all the time in Iraq, we’re killing the wrong darkies.

  44. Al Sharpton

    As slaves, we served a purpose. But honestly, do we add anything to this country now, or are we just a big dark cancer on it? Melanoma-Americans. If we were exterminated, would anybody miss us? Nope.


    I can’t believe this animal did that! And there are people out there still listening to his music… we should ban him for real. Start an anti-akon campain and teach him a lesson, the fame has gone to his head…and the people in the crowd didn’t do anything either. Where has this world gone!

  46. Sky


  47. noon

    I think that the boy definitley deserved it. I mean he threw something in the guys face,its not like he’s mentally retarded or anything.I dont think the kid was hurt. Anywayz he deserved it, i mean show some respect…


    @ 123 Frist … I am with you on that one!!

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