Akon throws a kid off stage

June 4th, 2007 // 260 Comments


  1. j9

    what he said

    “Posted by Andre on June 4, 2007 5:16 PM

    Please sue him. Send him back to the projects.

  2. j9

    what he said

    “Posted by Andre on June 4, 2007 5:16 PM

    Please sue him. Send him back to the projects.

  3. j9

    ps. akon should go back to prison. isnt he like almost 40?

  4. beer


  5. Miaki

    Akon is a piece of D I R T

  6. rocker

    Oh please, how is that a big deal? The kid was at a concert with a big crowd and he was throwing stuff (it happens all the time and no one cares). If the stage wasn’t surrounded by guards, he would have probably climbed up on the stage and jumped off himself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped off a stage like that. Its fun. I’ve even been thrown off a stage and thrown others off. Good times, let them have fun. Screw all of you for calling for lawsuits and ruining a good time.

  7. cynthia

    i think akon should go to jail on that , if it was my kid i would sue his sorry ass that is for sure …

  8. lil miss

    There’s a real man…. one who calls on his lackeys to pick a child from the crowd so he can humiliate him. No wonder the men (not all obviously, just the ones who unfortunately get heard) in North America SUCK! They look up to losers like him.

    Sounds about right coming from someone who has duped everyone into thinking he’s got talent.

    Does anyone ever wonder why he’s overcompensating so much. hmmm.

  9. Mike

    #50, sure, treat him like a regular human being and toss his ass in jail for playing with 15 year olds. And of course he’ll get sued….doesn’t matter what kid threw at him, he missed. Think Akon can plead self defence sending a bunch of bouncers after a kid so he can throw him off a stage headfirst? Sure, he was clearly in danger from the flying plastic water bottle. As much fun as it is to stage dive, its only fun if someone catches you…and I didn’t see any of the little teen girls catch the kid from cracking his head open on the pavement.

  10. fag4eva

    People don’t like Rap, kids today just want to go to concerts like their parents did in the 60s and 70s when music required talent just to say in the near future that they went to those rap concerts, though in the future I hope those kids will realise how gay and annoying that music really is.

  11. krystle

    akon must be simple minded to take that seriously, I’m sure many performers had things thrown at them but that kid didn’t deserve to be humilated like that.

  12. No, I’m FRIST!!!
    That would have been way funnier if it said Aiken, instead of Akon.

  13. idontwant

    Fucking retards cheering.

    Just shows you how much of a pussy he is if he has to do stuff like that. He started acting all tough like he was about to start a fight and then just chucked him off the stage.
    Probably will get his ass sued because stage diving is risky enough without it happening like that. Most places ban it.

    LOL that person must have been REALLY light though. He was literally picked up and chucked.

  14. Yeah I know I used that joke before, but it was funny then, and it’s funny now!

  15. idontwant

    Oh and I forgot to say as far as getting stuff thrown at the stage, he should stop taking himself so seriously and learn to dodge.

    It comes with the territory. If I ever went to see Akon i’d make sure I knocked him out. Maybe someone could hold up a mirror and ditract him with his own refection so I can get a real good shot.

  16. You’re all for the kid, because you’re all fucked up kids with no live. Akon thought quick and did something so that punk won’t get his self confidence over the roof and repeat the same thing at another concert. You all losers should focus on who was the one to initiate this scene. Now go back to porn sites, you fucks!

  17. Kyle

    If that were a white guy throwing a black kid off stage, the NAACP would have a bitch fest all over the white entertainer. But since this kids great great great great great great grandparents owned slaves, it is acceptable for Akon to throw him off stage. That seems fair to me.

  18. and here is my missing l and s from that last post..

  19. wowomg

    akon just did wat any normal person wud do if they got shit thrown in their face. i guess all you people backin the kid wouldnt mind if i came up and just threw a bottle in your face.

  20. #119, you are funny!! …spellchecker

  21. jetta

    I don’t even care to know who this Akon is … already seen the dry hump(Barf)
    I can understand someone throwing at you like a plastic bottle i would let the shit slide …

    But seems to me this akon sure seems big headed or aogront.. :(
    (funny thing it wasn’t a brick ..)

  22. #122 you gotta be careful up there, you know, David Bowie got a sucker stick stuck in his eye during a concert…ouch! And…people throw fucking Birkenstocks at Pearl Jam and Janes Addiction. Actually I was at a JA concert and my friend tried to pull off one of Perry farrell’s dreadlocks when he jumped in the crowd. I can imagine it hurt. He almost did not continue the show. Fans are idiots. Except me. I like to stay in the back and smoke pot ith the rest of the lazy stoners…

  23. Wow, that took me 7 minutes to type, and I’m a secretary. I type like a 12 year old, but not as fast.

  24. EMILIO


  25. Binky

    I hate to agree with an Hollywood Agent # 75 – those 15 – 20 percent bastards – but I do.
    The thing’s a setup.
    -The kid is caught, quickly and didn’t bolt ? Yeah -Right.
    - Acorn slowly takes off his shirt, waiting. Yeah, Right (must have judged the size of guy by the angle of the throw- ie not expecting ‘Rampage’ Jackson.
    - NORAD isn’t scrambled within the usual ten minutes. Yeah Right.
    - there’s molten metal found in the mosh pit.
    IE – Inside job.

  26. acorn

    You’re right. If someone threw something at me I would totally whip off my shirt and throw them off a stage. Or I would hope that my giant ego just made it rebound

  27. PrettyBaby

    I see you winding, grinding up on the floor, I know your gonna throw some shit at me but I want you to know… I’m gonna toss you, toss you right out the door.

  28. “Fifth, that happens if your cock is too big. It takes a while for the system to “accept” you. I get that shit all the time.”

    Translation :

    “When several extraordinarily well-hung strangers line up to plow my ass over the console of my 1973 Pinto, in the parking lot of the local gay bar, and this situation occurs more often than you’d think, it sometimes takes a while for my anus to “accept” the lubeless, bareback abuse that is to follow, for hours, and hours, and hours, …”

  29. PrettyBaby

    Ewwww Ferret, you’ve made sex on the console of a pinto sound dirty somehow.

  30. B

    SUE HIM… PLZ IF you were there SUE THIS mother**cker down… he is an asshole and no one should go to his fuckd up shows … OH god I’M just itching for him to get sued so i wont have to hear his disgusting voice ever again

  31. Joyce

    Comment No.14. Posted by B_Rocka: you just made my evening!

  32. I move that all comments whining about his wealth be colored green.

    Furthermore, I would like to see more artists fuck up hecklers and dickheads like that kid.

  33. of courze itz set up…..
    big fuckin deal…..
    next time, maybe he’ll do
    something interezting like
    biting someonez ear off
    and spitting it into the
    crowd, and then turn
    mid=evil on their azzez
    and scare the fuck outta
    them……while jumping into
    the audiance with vampire teeth…

  34. M@RiVeLLe

    what’s with all the white people?

  35. …hmm, No, I still don’t know who this AKON person is…

  36. hahah

    the dumb kid threw something at him he deserved it.

  37. Danklin

    This guy is my fucking hero. Seriously.

  38. Seb

    This kid learned his lesson. you don’t THROW SHIT AT PEOPLE ON STAGE. He won’t do it again, that’s for sure.

  39. Rachael

    #135 What? Are you saying that only black people should be at a Akon gig?

  40. keebs1977

    If that piece of shit would have done that to one of MY kids or even attempted to do that to me he wouldn’t have a fucking dime left to his name after i was done with him!

  41. That nigga puda

    I think Akon is a dirty ass nigga

  42. acron

    #140 maybe they were meaning all the idiots that are coming on posting racist remarks ?

  43. lambman

    Wow, am I the only one who feel bad for Gwen? This A-hole already got the #1 sponsor of their tour to drop out, and then he pulls this crap?

  44. Dickey

    Stage Diving and Crowd Surfing: Two staples of the traditional concert going experience.
    (for those of you who have never been to a concert before please look up the term)

    Here Akon just gave the fan a hand… and a better location front and center. If the fan is upset with anything, he should be upset with the crowd for not catching him.

  45. bguy

    I went to this concert, but I arrived shortly AFTER Akon’s set. I mean like, 10 minutes after. This clip was a shock to me, nobody in the audience or otherwise voiced any concern over this incident. As my girlfriend and I headed to the concert quite late, we listened to the radio the whole time. They kept talking up Akon’s set, but they were nothing but enthusiastic. This is the first I’ve heard of it; I guess that’s “damage control” for you.

  46. Binky

    Re:# 126
    Well my sources are now saying FEMA is denying there was molten metal in the mosh pit, although it did show up in the NASA Thermal Imaging photos, and the melted beer cans which were collected and sent to China for ‘re-education’ showed signs of thermate mixed with drool.
    No set-up. Nothing to see here.
    Nothing to see here. On with the show.

  47. Jolene

    Can you say DOUCHE?

  48. The One

    Not an Akon fan but I think it was far more dangerous having a bottle thrown at you on stage then throwing him off a waist high stage, what an asshole that kid was!!!

  49. Italian Stallion

    Even after time in jail (pfffft) AFJ still isn’t funny. Why don’t you tell them what really happened faggot…………….

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