Akon throws a kid off stage

June 4th, 2007 // 260 Comments


  1. LawyerDude

    Akon is so awesome, he definitely should have power bombed the little punk first though 14 & 37 are racist bitches

  2. Chauncey Gardner

    I’m with Akon, 100%. Most children need to be thrown. The only thing that could make Akon’s awesome campaign against children even greater is if he actually kills one with an Xbox (or Playstation 3).

  3. wedgeone

    I’m with #34, #35, & #37 – that was really fucking funny, #14.
    #31 / 32 – What were ya’ thinkin’, Lincoln?
    #28 – I would agree except that Al Sharpton only deals with white against black race issues, not the reverse. He probably saw this clip & said “Black Power!”

    He’ll probably sue for the embarrassment of getting pwned!

  4. wedgeone

    Not Al Sharpton. The kid who got dwarf tossed, I meant.

  5. MzzBitch2U

    Why do bitches record video sidewayz? it aint like a picture where it can be flipped er nuthin. shit yo. learn 2 uze a camera right. damn sucka.

  6. Miss New Booty

    @ 26, 27 & 29, aka Julie

    Julie, hun, let’s keep the multiple clicking to a minimum.

  7. domingo flores

    i have two things to say one of them is dumb and the other one is nigg2

  8. Miss New Booty

    @ 26, 27 & 29, aka Julie

    Julie, hun, let’s keep the multiple clicking to a minimum.

  9. Miss New Booty

    @ 26, 27 & 29, aka Julie

    Julie, hun, let’s keep the multiple clicking to a minimum.

  10. Miss New Booty

    @ 26, 27 & 29, aka Julie

    Julie, hun, let’s keep the multiple clicking to a minimum.

  11. Jimbo

    @56 58 59 60 – Yo Booty, Hun, Sweety, let practice what we preach

  12. If that would have been Paris Hilton up there singing and she tossed that little muppet off the stage, she would already be in jail.

    Fight the oppression of Rich White Girls in America! It has to stop! Who amongst us is safe?

    Actually, if it was Paris up there, we would all be safe, because there would be nobody in the crowd.


  13. Akon is a Little Bitch!

    Word! Akon would get knocked the fuck out!

  14. mrs.t

    Now THAT’S class. The kid must have knocked off Akon’s monocle. (only posting that b/c for once, Fishdude didn’t).

    and lol @ New Booty’s multiple posts….sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be an asshole.

  15. And lo, the Lord spoke: “Let he who is without talent cast the first muppet…”

  16. mrs.t

    wait a cottin-pickin minute…is Miss New Booty an alias for Danielle???

  17. mrbone

    He forgot to kick the boy in the nuts, bad akon

  18. Jimbo

    OK this is Fucked up. I got an e-mail from TV guide saying they will be airing a 2 fucking hour show tiled “Paris in Prison”. That in the hell could take up 2 hours to say about that stupid bitch!!! You watch it will be all ove the entertaiment show for the next 23 fucking DAYS. I think we need to let this bitch out of jail. Where is John Hinkley when you need him

  19. brooklyn11218

    Apparently #50 wants us to believe he/she is a celeb.

  20. White Devil

    He went from spear chucker to child chucker. Now that’s some evolution for ya.

  21. Akon is a Little Bitch!

    If someone threw something at me… I would throw them off the fuckin roof!

    Then kick them in the nuts!

  22. mrs.t

    #70-don’t you mean ‘spear chucker to child fucker’? either way….

  23. bART

    Mr. T is right here –> http://www.bran.dk/video/mr-t-fra-a-team-reklame-video/

    If I ever catch you again acting like a crazy fool again, you’ve gonna meet my friend PAAAAIN…

  24. Shorty

    Alright, #14 – that was fucking hillarious. #70 and 72, my side hurts from laughing so hard. You guys kill me.

  25. Hollywood Agent

    Who cares. This whole think was staged. Everyone involved was so obviously in on it.

    It wasn’t even all that funny.

    They should have used vampire blood and had EMT actors standing around. His PR people could have done better.

  26. #69 – Ha! I am having trouble believing he/she can even put together a complete sentence.

    Cwise, show us all how edumacated you are, and diagram this sentence. I would LOVE to know what this semi-conscious train of though was ‘supposed’ to mean:

    “We are all humans like you, we do the exact same things you do, but with the problem of poparazzi and cameras and everyone around to see it.”

    Put a sock in it, Oprah.


  27. mrs.t

    Oh, Hollywood Agent, when did you become so jaded? Gone are the days of your childlike wonder and trust in the ruthless power of Akon and all those who came before him with their tales of thuggery and violence.

    Yes, it looks very staged. But he should still go to jail for ACTIN A DAMN FOOL.

  28. mrs.t

    Also gone, apparently, are the days of me abiding the rules of sentence structure. Run-on sentence, anyone?

  29. Jimbo

    YO Mrs T!! How are you doing? I still have the prev for you.

  30. mrs.t

    Hi Jimbo! Does Valtrex work on the Prev as well as the Herp?

  31. mrs.t

    NOT implying that you have the herp…..

  32. Jimbo

    Not when it comes to you:)

  33. dirtchicken

    What a tough guy – throw an 85 pound skater off the stage. I hate rap, but if that shitbag plays in my city I’ll get front row. That punk would be eating his oversized teeth if he tried that shit with me.

  34. mrs.t

    and I’m good…just got home from acupunture, so I’m mellow as the jello.

  35. Jimbo

    Yes I know and I hope you know I am just kidding with you.

  36. beer

    Akon will be a choice prison bitch.

  37. Jimbo

    Akon will make a good salad tosser

  38. I live Here

    HAHAHAHA I live about two feet from the stadium that this takes place at every year. It’s the WORST show ever. i believe hulk hogans daughter sang this year too. It’s horrible. but it would have been worth it to see that. Almost wish i would have went.

  39. blpressure

    I’m looking at pictures of eggplants and akon online now, I’m still laughing. Thank you B_Rocka!

  40. Hayley

    seriously, akon’s a motherfucking bastard. he should die and burn in hell !

  41. #44 Jimbo- Here is what the Superficial tells me when I try to post the comment I want to post.

    “Comment Pending
    Your comment has been received and is awaiting approval. Due to recent issues with commenters, we’ve put in a system to filter out inappropriate commenters. Once approved, you shouldn’t see this message ever again.”

  42. Jimbo

    5th stooge, you must be special. I have never gotten that. You are my hero. I was wondering what you had to do to piss off the Superfish

  43. Fifth, that happens if your cock is too big. It takes a while for the system to “accept” you. I get that shit all the time.

  44. btreese


  45. TKO

    What a peice of sh*t. That kid payed money to be there… what if he was throwing his bottle because, the water tasted like piss and he didn’t mean to throw it at a moderatley talented sample singer. I know I’ve blindly thrown things. Then to get tossed off stage at a bunch of fans who like an artist like Akon. I’m pretty sure that’s what my eternal damnation would look like. Shivers….. ewww. Gross he had to touch Akon.

  46. freakoid

    I’d do him.

  47. Rachael

    What a fucking tough guy – NOT!

    Akon is pretty buff and to pick on a little white guy like that is just wrong! Isn’t this guy have meant to have grown up hard as on the streets?? he gets a something thrown at him and he loses it! Harden up fuckwit!

    #50 – your a fucking tool. If celebrities want to be treated like “human beings” then they should learn to act like it. Oh yeah and nice try trying to sound like a celeb – we all know your just a looser looking for attention. Most big celebs would not have time for these sites.

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