Akon is sorry

May 10th, 2007 // 157 Comments

Akon has apologized for the incident last month where he basically dry-humped a 15-year-old girl on stage. He released a statement saying he was sorry, but that he also didn’t know the girl was underage.

“I want to sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and any pain I’ve caused to the young woman who joined me onstage, her family and the Trinidad community for the events at my concert. It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.”

In Akon’s defense, there’s no way anybody would’ve guessed this chick was underage. Who the hell would let their 15-year-old daughter go to a concert dressed like this? The Incredible Hulk would make a better parent.

EDIT: The girl is either 14 or 15 depending on what news source you’re reading. I don’t know which to believe so I’m going with the one that sounds right in my heart: 8.



  1. crazyotto

    if that was a blue eyed blonde…..i’d go hinkley on the boon

  2. crazyotto

    that aint racist…..its reality..biotch

  3. tc

    …get real you yank prudes…

    As far as I can tell, he didn’t even bang her.

    In almost the entire world, the whore would be banging away with the full consent of the law.

    Age of consent for man-woman, non-arse sex:

    Madagascar : 14
    China : 14
    Iran : 13
    Japan : 13
    Afghanistan : 14
    Yemen : 9
    Thailand : 15
    Tonga : 12
    Austria :14
    Bosnia : 14
    Bulgaria :14
    Croatia :14
    Estonia :14
    Hungary :14
    Iceland :14
    Italy :14
    Latvia :14
    Lithuania :14
    Serbia :14
    Spain :13
    Almost all of South America : 13/14
    Almost all of the rest of the world : 15/16
    America : mostly 17 and 18

  4. she shouldn’t have been in the club

    a whore is a whore no matter where she is!

  5. joberry

    Casualmode: I disagree with you when you said the media humiliated her, she humiliated herself when she made the decision to stay on stage and act out er…do the dry hump with Akon. You reap what you sow. Did you see how she was dressed? That alone would humilate my parents forget the dry humping. As they say, actions speak louder than words! You know from one Trini to another.

  6. joberry

    P.S. She’s giving us “nice” Trini girls a bad name. As a politician said, when celebrities visit Trinidad, Trinidadians get stupid, or stchupid as they would say. They go crazy even if its freakin REO Speedwagon…lol

  7. mia

    To dress like that, this girl must be a Paris Hilton fan.
    And I have no doubt on her age. Only a 14 years (or a dog) can dry hump somebody. When your older, you just do the real thing. What i’m questioning is Akon’s age… Doesn’t he know how to have sex for real?

  8. #107==I guess your questioning his age
    coz u want him to be your little
    Boy Toy…go get one outta your basement,
    I’m sure there’s a stash of them
    down there…

  9. just check out http://www.deevy-baby.hi5.com

    sluts apologize but they aint sorry…..

  10. skh.pcola

    I guarantee Akon didn’t write a single word of that apology. It’s all straight lawyer-speak, and about 10 grade levels above Akon’s reading ability.

  11. mia

    Unless they have red skin and a tail, i’m not interested.
    I usually make an exeption for M. Spock. Pointed ears are great.

  12. Truthseeker013

    So, exactly *why* is he sorry? Because he was tasteless enough to dry-hump someone in public? Because she was reportedly only *fifteen*? Or because he was f*cking stoopid enough to be *seen* doing so, with a *camera* rolling? And where are the Pedo Police when you need them? Days like these make me ashamed to be even part-Black.

  13. brick195969

    man someone get that brother some lotion cause those ashy elbows are the real tragedy in these pictures. I dont care about the broad, even in the pictures you can see she is enjoying the ride(not sure why) and she is dressed like a world class slump buster, her father is a minister so why would he let her go out looking like this. if akon knew she was to young it would be outrageous but since he did not how the hell would he know a voluptuous young thing was not of age.

  14. brick195969

    he truthseeker which part is black ?

  15. islandgirl


  16. heyheyhey

    I’m pretty sure that this is not the same girl in the picture that he’s referring to in his statement. Those boobs definitely do NOT belong to a 9th grader, and I’m pretty sure I watched that video and Akon was basically dragging the girl around like a rag doll…she was never riding on top of him like a willing stripper

  17. alison

    I love how the girl is sitting on HIM, grinding on HIM, yet HE has to apologize.

  18. I’d fuck that little bitch hard.

  19. Carsten5577

    Negroes are wild sex-crazed maniacs & beasts. I’m shocked, shocked…Tell us something we didn’t know…

  20. Fuck all you racist bastards im carribean but then again im an ignorant poor fuck living in a 3 floor 7 bedroom 6-7,000 square foot house does not count basement . Plus i know tons of people in ivy league schools but hey.and i think i manage to not be in those situations. i Do listen to rock and read the economist.

    but honestly after the kobe all those access hollywood interviews and the duke lacrosse case no to mention the r.kelly case its not the age some girls are just screwed up. Regardless of their race or social class. In this cae maybe all those repressed church girl years got to her. she should not be their.

    I dont feel he was degrading women anymore than commercials with helpless men shopping do its a matter of situation personally id be at a strokes concert or home reading but thats me no wonder their are so many teen pregnancies and abortions.

  21. mia== the devil is awaiting his weekly

  22. Sexylee

    Akon is not all to blame but at the same time u don’t know the environment. And for goodness sake you are a celebrity. You do not have to act like that. And for the record that girl parents need to lock her a2s up and throw away the key till she 18. She is 14 and she hoing already.

  23. sexylee

    Yo #38 you sound kinda racist. Come let me fu*king fart in your face. You probably got 2 nappy headed hos of your own with two kids. Or you probably was dumped by a nappy headed person that probably broke your racist heart!!!!! Go to HELL

  24. footmaster

    the akon doesn’t fall far from the tree, fine his parents

  25. kayo

    it’s like r. kelly…except if it were r. kelly, nobody would blink an eye…we should call him the teflon r. kelly, and akon, the not so teflon akon. Lol, but really, that heifer is dressed like a tramp and her parents should be slapped for letting her walk out of the house like that.

  26. clare

    These people are savages…monkeys behave with more dignity. They are just so primitive and are a disgrace to the human race…send them back to Africa..and steralize them..the average lifespan is 40.

  27. Robin

    I like how whites call other people savages, when history can attest that they behave more savagely than anyone else on the planet. Biggest perverts around, including having sex with horses, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, etc., yet blacks are savages? Funny. *begging the ozone layer to hurry and finish depleting so they can all die of skin cancer*

    Anyway, who would know that chick was under-aged?

  28. 1seekspie

    14?! She looks like she’s at least 18-20 something. Wow, TALK ABOUT BRAGGING RIGHTS! But isn’t it every girls dream to be dry humped by a famouns man on stage?

  29. Samson Okonofua

    What did you expect from a guy named a kon
    I wish i could tan like that
    Damn some fools get all the luck

  30. Cratszy

    5. Posted by BarbadoSlim on May 10, 2007 7:07 AM

    Why is HE apologizing, fucking pooosey. She’s the one who should apologize, for being a whore.

    The folks in the Bible knew how to deal with this particular type of woman, they were stoned, for WHORING

    Thou who has not syn shall throw the first stone

  31. Jewel

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………….dry humping??Akon must been out of his mind but isn’t the 15-year-old girl ashamed 2be like dry humping a superstar???? ON STAGE?????

  32. KD

    I agree that he has NO need to apologize. She is the groupie whore who was wanting to do a lot more than dry humping from the looks of it. It’s usually the kids from the uptight religious families that are the worst. They are either unbelieveable anal or they want to rebell against their parents and are complete drugged out whores.

  33. Ok here’s the thing im a Trinidadian teenage girl 16 to be exact. Akon thank you for apologising to Danah but you went to far writing a song. If you think Danah is embarassed or anything over that incident i dont cause its not the first time. Ive seen pictures and videos of this girl in other clubs and parties.
    Another thing if that was me i probally would’nt of been alive rite now!!

  34. ok that is bad like 14 or 15 like com on

  35. and like 14 or 15 like haveing sex with the girl and o my god like why would the girls parents would not let there kid go out like that i wouldet and lie and is to much for one day and akon sould not do that and his girlfriend is not likeing it O MY FUCKING GOD savannah out P.S i all hope u die hehehe P.S.S and dont go in a club under 18

  36. yea me
    i am rich and i cart spell

  37. jlrules

    o-k–I cn’t belive Akon would do that!!!!!!!!!

  38. jlrules

    o-k–I cn’t belive Akon would do that!!!!!!!!!

  39. Erika

    Well look at the fucking girl! She asked for it! First of all, she shouldnt have been let of the house like that, her parents should be ashamed! And to me, it looks like she likes it as much as him, and may be able to show Akon a little something! So dont blame him, blame the little whore that got herself into that predicament!!!

  40. abbie


  41. ABBIE


  42. Stephh

    I Dont Think That This Is Akons Fault!…. If That Whore Didnt Get Up On Stage And Lead Him On None Ov This Would Be Happening Right Now! I Dont Blame Akon For His Doings Even If They Are Wrong.. That Club Was For 18 And Over.. And Clearly She Was Under.. Akon Didnt Even Realise She Wasnt Underage.. She Was Dressed Up Like An Adult.. I Dont Kno Why Akon Is Apologisin..The Girls Family Should Be Sayin How Disgrace They Are About How She Got Up On Stage.. Knowin Photos Will Be Taken And Videos Shot!.. To Me.. I Blame The Girl. Not Akon!

  43. okay so i just went to an akon concert and yeah i can tell if he had even the smallest thought in his head that she would have mabey been younger none of this would have happend 14 year olds shouldent even be thinking about doing the stuff that girl was doing and dressing how she was yeah thats no how she should be dressing at her age if u ask me. and i bet alot of people would agree with me on that . its not Akons Fault that theres alot of 14 year old sluts in this world theses day and this sertain girl could have Ruined his Career witch would suck considering alot of people like his music cuz i know all the people i know love it .

    so dont blame him for sum stupid 14 year old whores
    mistakes, blame. her cuz i do all the way

  44. Liz

    That girl shudnt of been in a 21 yr old club so how was akon meant to kno, the only wrong thing hes done is do that, wen he has a wife and children!

  45. triple xXx

    i think it bull shit akon is getting in trouble 4 that girl being a whore i mean ya i was doing shit with here but if it wasnt 4 the fucking club that wouldnt have happend but damn with her dad being a paster thats fucked up if that was my daughter she would never see light again im on akons side i dont think we would ever do something like that

  46. lokolono

    i would enjoy every second of that honestly

  47. Carry on Akon.. you are too much.. I love so much.. Why would that bitch want to get you into trouble… Akon we are very prould of you.. I will always be your big fan..

    Martins.. from Nigeria

  48. julia festa

    i think that akon rocks and non of us should worry about this incident anymore..besides, akon even made a song to apoligize i think that’s enough to take away his sins as well as the girl’s sins

  49. pookey

    man dat bitch is fine fo 14 shid i woulda fucked to

  50. clydekadiddlehopper

    Akons elbows look like my dogs do from years of… being a dog!

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