Akon is sorry

May 10th, 2007 // 157 Comments

Akon has apologized for the incident last month where he basically dry-humped a 15-year-old girl on stage. He released a statement saying he was sorry, but that he also didn’t know the girl was underage.

“I want to sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and any pain I’ve caused to the young woman who joined me onstage, her family and the Trinidad community for the events at my concert. It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.”

In Akon’s defense, there’s no way anybody would’ve guessed this chick was underage. Who the hell would let their 15-year-old daughter go to a concert dressed like this? The Incredible Hulk would make a better parent.

EDIT: The girl is either 14 or 15 depending on what news source you’re reading. I don’t know which to believe so I’m going with the one that sounds right in my heart: 8.



  1. p0nk

    #6 – impossibly lame. Just give it up already.

    This whole Akon incident is a cultural misunderstanding. Girls in Trinidad start having sex around 10 or 11 years old. By the standards of the country he was in, Akon didn’t do anything wrong. By 14 or 15 these girls are not even tight anymore. Unless you make ‘em scared first (haha), or pole ‘em in the pooper, or – best – skip the lube and give ‘em a too-dry scary teary brown-to-redeye rump roaster (my personal fav).

  2. Akon is a grown man
    whether he actz like
    it or not(yea)======
    anywayz She is a filthy
    little church girl
    and thatz what filthy little
    church girlz do that aren’t
    allowed to experience life…

    and the church boyz are rotten as

  3. LL

    Call me crazy, but I think it’s kinda your responsibility to verify the ages of your sexual partners. Saying “she looked 18 to me” ain’t good enough, obviously (if this is indeed a picture of the 14-year-old in question). I know this is expecting a unreasonably high “standard” (he used the word first, so there), but maybe before we go all medieval on her dumb ass, we should ask him why he thinks anybody wants to see him rolling around onstage anyway. Can’t he do homemade porn and distribute it on the Internet like everyone else? He’s a dummy. And yeah, if people don’t want to end up with some godawful hybrid of HPV, syphilis and Hep C that rots their genitals off before they’re 30, maybe they shouldn’t hump everything that moves, onstage or anywhere else. Just a thought.

  4. ph7

    I’d hit it.

  5. YouRang

    No p0nk, that’s not the slightest bit scary that you talk about 14 or 15 year old girls that way. I found it helpful, and informative.

  6. Jimbo ?

    @51 You really did not do that? I was hoping it was true. You would be my hero!!!

  7. go to the paris cries with her mommie
    site, new york paper put out info
    on church woman that r setting up
    protest for paris on june 5/

    info on that thread…

  8. rhnee

    it is not Akon’s fault. He performed at a freakin club that should have ID’ed the lil whore first. She snuck her nasty begind in there and I am sure he didnt pull her from the crowd and make her ride the hell outta him. She obviously got busted by her parents who thought she was at mid-week service. She is a whore and blamin it on the black guy ain’t gonna work this time – although it was a very very good try!

  9. lambman

    heck, Britney would make a better parent

  10. jrzmommy♠

    That’s 14? Her mother and father ought to apologize to her for letting her run around like a little tramp.

    hey, #6…..get a fucking life.

  11. redsonja1313

    TRAMP STAMP ON 14 YEAR OLD, not to mention the shirt and the fact she was at club where you needed to be 18. Nuff said, thanks for apologizing but not necessary. A competency test for her parents might be nice though.

  12. KoRneY

    I don’t care about ANY of this. I just want those hip ass lime green shoes that dude is wearing.

  13. cprinri

    I would tap that. Okay, not at age 14. But in 4 years. Yeah, in 4 years when she is 18 and I am 45. WTF? 45? I could be her Dad. I would not tap that. that is just wrong. Or is it? Hmmmmm…….

  14. watch this video and then tell me he’s not dry raping her.

  15. HollyJ

    @13 Damn, those aren’t people. Those are fucking animals (females included). Gross

  16. FRIST!!!

    #44 Fishstick, I’ll take the moldy cheese, and you get paid OVER the poverty line??? You are so LUCKY.
    I just found out yesterday from my ex co-worker that my former boss sent me something in the mail yesterday. I figure it’s either the money he owes me or a Fuck You letter.

  17. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Oh those silly, fun-loving ministers’ kids. Always into mischief! God bless’em!
    Akon is not totally innocent here, but I believe that first photo speaks volumes. Then she lied saying she wasn’t into it. Why do ministers always produce the lyinest, skankiest kids? Joe Simpson much?

  18. honeydew

    @5 WTF is wrong with being a whore? You’re so repressed!

  19. You´re right, just looking at the way she´s dressed you can totally tell she was looking for it.

  20. kamihi

    Oh God I hate to say this about a 14 year old but “WHAT a SLUT”

  21. Badmofo210

    i wonder if Chris Hansen will go after akon now? or will they try to plant a girl at one of Gwen Stefani’s next concert’s to see if he will take the bait..

  22. Bullshit, she looks 18 and the club let her in. Akon shouldn’t be held responsible, especially since she didn’t look to be in distress or in harms way.

  23. imran karim

    i wonder how his 3 wives feel

    imran karim

  24. monique

    It really looks more like she’s humping him. And what 14 year old wears that?

  25. sweetnsnooty

    barely any titties on that girl and already a slut, what has the world come to

  26. Manistoned

    This is what qualifies as a concert these days? Sign me up, I can’t sing worth shit but I can hump with the best of em.

  27. “What we see here is nothing to get alarmed by” stated Akon’s manager this afternoon in a pressconference held in Texas, Singapore, Germany. “You can clearly tell in the first picture that this lady is giving our client a wedgie. So in order to not loose his machoimage he is returning the favour…”

  28. pekpekshorts

    AKON’S A PEDO. HE SHOULD JOIN Scientology like R-Kelly to hide from the cops.

  29. mrs.t

    Didn’t there used to be something in between ‘awkward’ and ‘prostitute’?

  30. monique

    I think the word you’re looking for is “slut”, #80.

  31. jagoff

    Sweet culture…
    I am not surprised by her attire or their behavior. That’s what happens when the 15 yr. old girl has no father figure and her mother is un-educated and only 12 years older than her. Pretty much standard behavior. Remember the Duke “rape” victim had 4 guys cum in her undies? Don’t get pissed, I know you’re all thinking the same thing…


    14yrs old my arse
    Akon is shite anyway.

  33. Dan

    No more pictures after the jump?

  34. joberry

    Oh and the Prime Minister of Trinidad is saying “forgive her” but slamming Akon. What hypocrites!!! Trinidad government is prejudice anyway so don’t expect anything less. Oh and talk about putting on the little girl’s act now, boy is she playing it off now…if you ppl only knew…

  35. nucking futz

    This lil girl is a hoe-bag. And her daddy is a Minister!? Who in their right minds lets their 15 yr old daughter dress like dat? She knew exactly what she was getting into when she climbed on that stage! Lil fast ass! And this dumb Fvck (akon) does dat shit to every1! He did that to Tara Reid! He’s a piece of shit!

  36. nucking futz

    Hey #26-wedge1 u sound like a sick fVCK! Get sum help asshole!

  37. cheevers43

    Who the hell is Akon? (no need to answer, I googled it. but seriously, people still listen to this crap?)

  38. rata de chapinero

    I would have fucked Akon if I were 14 years old.
    What’s the big deal!

  39. I for one don’t think that akon should be apoligizing, for that! I think that he is a pussy, because what is a 14 year old doing in the club anyway? where were her parents? She basically got what she wanted, to be groped by a rapper/ singer! So, do you see america, and Bill O’Reily, that that’s what rappers be talking about in their songs,” is these bitches, and hoes, knowing what they be doing, is wrong, scheming, always looking for a handout, type of bitch! that little girl know, that she wasn’t suppose to be in that club, and when she was called on stage, and was groped, or whateverm, then she wanted to get mad….BITCH PLEASE!!!!!

  40. Hey!JohnnyPark

    Anyone else think it’s ironic that Akon is getting all this shit for dry humping a 14 year old, meanwhile nothing has happened to R. Kelly for fucking and pissing on a 14 year old?

  41. NO#91, PLEASE!!! That wasn’t R. kelly! The tape was so out of focus, you couldn’t tell who it was! Don’t you know that, america is full of imposters! Thanks, but no thanks for that bullshit imformation!

  42. fifi

    And, the supposed 14 yr old in the r.kelly tape was a pro!

  43. Maskatron

    I don’t care if that girl’s 5 years old, judging by those pics she’s probably done way worse stuff that this.

  44. islandgirl


  45. casualmode

    The girl is actually 15 years old, she turned 15 a week after the concert. I am appalled people are still talking about this incident because this is not any new behaviour in the Caribbean or in Trinidad for that matter. I am from Trinidad.

    I feel sorry for both parties because Akon did not know that the girl IS under age as it is the club’s/ venue’s responsibility for carding its patrons. However the girl getting in the club is not a surprise to me as I myself have been under age and gotten into the same club. One merely has to look old enough to enter from the bouncers.

    Moreover, this poor little 15 yeah old girl has been irredeemable humiliated by the national media one cannot help but feel sorry for her. She has been called a slut and stupid repeatedly and was actually on a nationwide tv station a few days after the story broke that she was under age, to apologise for her actions.

    At the end of the day the blame is on the girl and on the club owners. Firstly, she should not have called attention to herself is she was in the club illegally ( the legal age is 18 in Trinidad). Secondly, the club should card its patrons and furthermore should have its liquor licence suspended. All I have to say is THANK GOD I AM NOW LEGAL SO I CAN GET IN THE CLUB!!!

  46. justme


  47. crazyotto

    Friggin n-words

  48. ScotlandF’nYard==WTF do u know
    about Akon being a shite?

    R U married to the guy or what?

  49. casualmode

    What is with all the racist comments? They are not appreciated and are disgusting.

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