Akon goes nuts

April 19th, 2007 // 197 Comments

Akon performed at Zen nightclub in Port of Spain last Thursday and managed to con some girls into dancing on stage by telling them they were entering a contest to win a trip to Africa. And somehow that little ruse turned into the above video of him dry humping a 14-year-old girl on stage. I’m just glad he kept it tasteful, because there’s so many ways this could’ve come off poorly.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in.


  1. D'arcy

    Lol. This is good footage of mating rituals for the Discovery Channel.

    #14 and #42: I agree completely.

    Al Sharpton is an evil remorseless toad.

  2. DrPhowstus

    @43 — Three lies in a row? You know that doesn’t win you a prize, right? And boning sheep is technically NOT thesame thing… put the velcro gloves away you smart, handsome, fuck everthing that moves non-mosh pitter!

  3. #45- Brillant, no. I am but a child of God almighty.

  4. shut up about racism. The people who bring up racism are most likely the racist people.

    enough said.

  5. At-Law

    @44. Please read my post again. I stated that I don’t agree or disagree with what Akon did. I am smart and I have been exposed to enough cultures to know that “entertainment” is a relative term. For some its dry-humping for others its mosh-pitting. Whatever works for you! As long as it is by your own volition.

    Also you have no idea how old she is, and you have no clue as to whether or not she was being kept there against her will so stop jumping to conclusions. A good detective you are NOT!

  6. cate


    i hope he gets served.

  7. FRIST!!!

    Mr. Lonely was just trying to make a new friend…

  8. kitty_kat

    #54- Agreed.

  9. FRIST!!!

    This woulda been WAYYY funnier if that were Aiken, instead of Akon.

  10. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    When will the human race stop judging one another based on color, and start judging each other according to their inability to handle money & fame and poor fashion choices??!

  11. laulise

    oh please at-law, you really think she was briefed before the show and signed a disclaimer that states ‘at some point in the show you may be dry humped by Akon.’ and then proceeded safe in the knowledge that she was about to be manhandled?

    I know she might not have been underage, which is why I used the word possibly, no detective yourself, love.

    I know if that was me and no matter how much of a fan I was (I don’t know how anyone can be THAT much of a fan of Akon’s) I’d still be so embarassed if that happened.

    He’s a pig, pretty much.

  12. WTFiswrongwithUppl


  13. Fishstick

    I think this guy was on here:


  14. Rachelraquel

    he needs to be locked up.
    i mean he practically statutorily raped that girl!
    what a sick fuck

  15. whitegold

    Doesn’t it always seem to be the truly intelligent and really good looking people that feel a need to come on to the superficial and post comments telling everyone how good looking and intelligent they are. Weird how that seems to be the case.

  16. Rachelraquel

    yes #65, that is odd.
    Just like guys who always say they have big dicks, really have little pencils

  17. bungoone

    i second #33 notion. and 14 is correct as well.

    al sharpton is probably the single most hypocritcal individual EVER! well not ever, but close enough.

  18. JungleRed

    @65: Dude, I was thinking the same thing. At-Law is a douchebag.

  19. Ruby

    @65 – I think it is listed in the MENSA manual: “Sure, YOU may know that you are smart and good looking and never use the moshpit as a form of sexual gratification, but logon to the Superficial to let them know too. Because they fucking care. They do.”

  20. caljenna

    “It’s the African anteater mating ritual!!”

    @59 – lmao

  21. Rachelraquel

    I thought in mosh pits, guys just threw each other around in a roughousing way.
    I know it gets really violent sometimes, but its not supposed to be.
    Being a girl, I don’t go in them because I’ve been hurt before just standing on the side.
    But guys aren’t in there doing sexual stuff… right???

  22. ExPostFato

    Hey At-Law: 1. You protest too much. The more you tell us you have a brain, the more we know you do not. Same goes with ‘good looking’ and ‘get laid’. Remember that. 2. How in sweet jesus’ hell can you not have an opinion? I don’t care if you think Akon is the dope shit for carrying that girl around on stage like a baby koala, or if you think he’s a child molester, but FFS, have an opinion. Relativism is bullshit. It’s also a spineless way through an argument. “I don’t agree or disagree with what Akon did”?? Bah! 3. Nice logname. Are you, like, an attorney or something? Wow. I bet you have your University sticker on the back of your car. Along with a vanity plate that says AMBLNCECHSR. I also bet the vanity plate goes well with your cheap ill fitting suit and comb-over.

    For the record, I “disagree” with what Akon did.

  23. wedgeone

    Kill ‘em all.

    (I’m only saying what everybody’s thinking.)

  24. BarbadoSlim

    Sorry, but I just don’t see any victims here those who go to see these beasts are nothing but enablers for this type of thuggery. Let’s save our disgust for real victims. Are you REALLY going to defend the little ho’ in this video? I bet she walks around like she a “thug/ skank/wigga/wannabe/chola.”

  25. ShanDourdan

    What a surprise, yet another thread with a black person featured that turns into a race debate, people are pathetic.

    Right on #42, some black people give others a bad name by using the race card any chance they get, like that jackass Al Sharpton. Equally so, some white people like to spout off ignorant shit and then hide behind the idea that if people get pissed off, they’re just being ‘too sensitive’. It’s a crock of shit.

    Man, this site used to be decent… what the fuck happened..

  26. wedgeone

    the niggers moved in, that’s what

  27. Hecubus

    Holy fuck, when I read this I was expecting some suggestive dancing up against this girl not grabbing her and violently pounding her like some fucking horny dog on angel dust. GG Allin used to do this type of thing but with more class.

  28. bould002

    it looks like he could really be hurting her. what an asshole. that’s not even close to dancing. its just creepy and disgusting.

  29. anothershityear

    WTF? mosh pits are gay?

    the evolution of mosh pits is simple:
    you’re at a rockin’ concert; you get into the music; you start flailing around your elbows a little, expressing yourself; other people are STANDING RIGHT NEXT to you (limited space dumbshits), and THEY are flailing around a bit too; you run into each other, over and over and fucking over again; then everyone realizes, let’s stop goddamn elbowing each other accidentally, and do it with some purpose instead; form that circle and that’s all there is to it

    any idiot in this thread following the gay-train of thought, get into a mosh pit and off your ivory tower, (headliners with no front-seats), once you get out tell us how “gay” you felt (when you regain consciousness you woosie)

    at the hard rock concerts i’ve attended, the dudes just hit each other in the circle and leave; the chicks always dressed hot as hell stand well outside the pit in the back (some hardcore ones join in too), after the encore there’s plenty of shit to do in the parking lot; there’s etiquette, don’t raise the elbows too high, if someone trips get the fuck out of their way; shit like that

    any time two or more guys interact now, it has to be some homosexual expression?
    at what point does this fucking bullshit theorizing stop?

    soldiers defending this country?? gay??

    (nothing wrong with being gay..
    nothing wrong with being straight either)

    #59 lmfao
    & how about if while Akon was dry-humping her, Aiken ran on stage and started doing the same thing to Akon? taste of medicine my friend

  30. Niecy

    Did he use to be a stripper? I have only seen strippers molest women like that.

  31. PrettyBaby

    Wow, there’s a lot more to moshing than I knew. After reading that descriptions, it sounds…gay.

  32. Ruby

    lol @ 81!!!

  33. kini

    All I know is…if that was my daughter(hopefully she’ll never go to a thugfest!!) we would soooo be on our way to being rich! Cuz my poor baby would be “scarred for life” after all that being thrown around like a ragdoll business. *cha-ching* hehe

  34. Sparkles13

    While all of you dipshits are sitting here saying how piggish and disgusting his actions were….did you not see the female subject already sitting spread eagle on the fucking stage with her hooker heels on???

    I’m sure she saw him again later that night with a lot less clothing on.

  35. Jimbo

    WHo is Akon? That girl was into it. She had her legs wrapped around him like she was riding a bull.

    Is that what goes on a Rap concerts? I guess I am missing out when I go to see the Who and the Stones

  36. The bitch loved it and you know it. If she wants to hang out with him that’s her problem,,but I’m sure there are lots of people in jail for this.

  37. That was a whole sack of nasty.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    he evolution of mosh pits is simple:
    “…start flailing around your elbows a little, expressing yourself; other people are STANDING RIGHT NEXT to you (limited space dumbshits), and THEY are flailing around a bit too; you run into each other, over and over and fucking over again; then everyone realizes, let’s stop goddamn elbowing each other accidentally, and do it with some purpose instead; form that circle and that’s all there is to it

    any idiot in this thread following the gay-train of thought, get into a mosh pit and off your ivory tower, (headliners with no front-seats), once you get out tell us how “gay” you felt (when you regain consciousness you woosie)”

    Dude, sometimes it’s best not to explain things, this sounds like a prison gangbang right up to the part when the person regains consciousness.

    Just sayin’

  39. littlefattycakes

    Hey Sparkles: it’s nice that you think this female is a slut and all, but don’t you think, just maybe, that nobody gives a shit what you think about this girl whom you have never met? What gives you the right to conjecture about absolute stranger’s morals and personal decisions, especially the moral implications of her high heels? While websites like PerezHilton.com and TheSuperficial.com may mock celebrities, they do not sit around and call bystanders extremely unfavorable names. So SHUT THE HELL UP. This thread was created to talk about AKON and his rather graphic entertainment tactics, not the girl who may or may not have been a willing participant.

  40. At-Law

    @72. Thank you for your kind words. The fact that I do not have an opinion on what Akon did is not about being spineless, but actually based solely on the fact that I do not know what happened at the concert. What if the girl was not 14 but 24? What if she, god forbid, actually had a good time? What if the crowd was pleased with what went on? Do you get my drift?

    I am not some self-righteous prick that gets offended by everything I don’t agree with (except mosh pitting).

    BTW I am a 3rd year law student. No I do not have my school’s sticker on my car, because I do not have one. I live in DC and take the metro. I probably will not ambulance chase, because unlike when I first chose this name as a 1L, I don’t think I will want to be a trial lawyer. Just wanted to give you some biographical info.

    P.S. Yes I am good looking, but I am still looking for sheep to fuck. I have banged every ethinicity of woman out there and I am now onto animals. Your help will be greatly appreciated in this matter. MORON!

  41. BarbadoSlim

    Nah, YOU Shut the FUCK UP she’s the one who went up on stage to sweat it up with him. She even spread for him BITCH.

  42. MC Fresh

    Aw yeah. My boy was just keeping it real. Know what I’m sayin’. Tha hoe wanted some ding dong…know what I’m sayin’…aw yeah. He shoulda peed all over da mutha f’in place too after he was dfone working ova that bitch…know what I’m sprayin’…umm I mean sayin’…Peace

  43. #92,your a trip…I am still laughing…ding dong, that’s funny…little education for you guys…14 is the new 25..hello…where ya been…they r pumpin out ho’s faster than shit these days…14 sounds kinda fun…

  44. anothershityear

    #88 no, it doesn’t. it really doesn’t. young guys are angry, and punch each other. have you ever been in a fight

    what the fuck is wrong with you people?
    oh yeah no experiences just keyboards

    #81 PrettyBaby, perfect example
    “sounds” gay
    get in the pit and elbowed in the face
    walk out with a loose tooth and a bloody nose
    it won’t “sound” like anything then

    theory bullshitter

  45. Charm

    now every time i’m driving in my car and hear this song… ugh.

  46. bungoone

    who cares how old she is. 24 or 14, she’s still a ho! more so if she’s 14, at a concert and dressed like that.

  47. Bubbles

    Why the hell is it that when ONE person does something, their whole entire race get blamed? Akon is a bastard who needs to go back to whatever jail cell he crawled out of. Just because he’s a jerk does not mean the whole black race is retarded, misogynistic, and prone to criminal behaviors! Just because Don Imus is an idiot does not mean every white person is rascist!And Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson DO NOT represent the entire black race! And that girl if she is 14, had no damn business going to a concert unsupervised and walking out of the house dressed like that. Shame on her parents and on her too!

  48. anothershityear

    #14 lol, that could be an actual transcript of him; is it? HTF did that guy end up becoming the go-to-guy “leader”

    btw at what point does a person take responsibility for himself/herself
    the past of a woman does not give anyone permission to do anything, but does the present?
    seems in this country now laws are supposed to protect us from ourselves, we don’t choose and we don’t leave people the fuck alone to do what they choose and suffer the consequences
    that attitude used to be called marxism now maybe it’s absolute morality
    (yeah i know what the fuck am i talking about)

  49. Miss Asia

    wow… if i was that girl

    a) i would hold on for dear life

    b) wish to god for the damn song to be over

  50. StoneRose

    So, maybe guys, Akon was havin’ like a rough night wit da crowd eh? An’ he be like, I gots tah spice things up, right? I don’t think they all be diggin’ my lip syncin’ anywayz. So guy, here’s what I do. I pick da sweetest little honey from da crowd eh, and I mack da juice outta her an she get up like she don’t know what hit ‘er. Akon hit smacked dat booty an’ it waz GUUD.

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