Akon goes nuts

April 19th, 2007 // 197 Comments

Akon performed at Zen nightclub in Port of Spain last Thursday and managed to con some girls into dancing on stage by telling them they were entering a contest to win a trip to Africa. And somehow that little ruse turned into the above video of him dry humping a 14-year-old girl on stage. I’m just glad he kept it tasteful, because there’s so many ways this could’ve come off poorly.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in.


  1. td

    Who’s Akon?

  2. BarbadoSlim

    I’m sure the little ho’ loved every second. NEXT!

  3. NicotineEyePatch

    #1, he’s that high-pitched fucker who can’t make his own music (see Eminem and Gwen Stefani).

  4. FRIST!!!

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!!!?!!!!!

  5. That totally brings me back — it was just like the bridge and tea partys at my grandmother’s old nursing home, God rest her soul.

  6. xXrebeccaXx

    Ewwwww….he’s disgusting. I’m sure that that girl didn’t know what she was in for when she went up there. Ugh what a pig.

  7. Cardinal Ximenez

    I saw that on national geographic once… I think its a tribal ritual, followed by the eating of beetle dung and the castrating of an elders goat. Who was holding his spear and watching his water buffalo while this took place… that is the real question. Don’t blame the african youth, blame the tribal elders.

  8. FRIST!!!

    That was surreal.

  9. marghizza

    ok so pretty sure that’s the gayest thing i’ve ever seen. doesn’t he call himself “convict” because he got caught stealing a car? GAY GAY GAY. also kind of looks like…he was lip synching there….hmmmm…… and dry fucking the shit out of some girl who was probably like “OMG I DID NOT COME UP HERE FOR THIS”

  10. Dry humping – The #1 way to not get pregnant.

  11. FRIST!!!

    That reminds me of the porno I was watching yesterday…only add two more guys and everyone was naked.

  12. Tweets007

    I love how he has one of his handlers roll her off the stage when he’s done.

  13. Morwilwarin

    What the fuck was that!?!?

    He’s so going to get his ass sued by that chicks mom. Oh my god.

  14. Cardinal Ximenez

    and lets talk about double standards… Imus calls a ho a ho and gets crucified and this future felon molests an under age girl and he’s idolized. Would love to hear Sharpton’s review of this video. “uh, as a black man, uh, he is expressing his inner rage, uh, as he was perpetrated by da man, uh, and is therapeutically, uh, releasing his black culture, uh, through his artistic interpretation uh, of a fornification act of artistic importantce… because the white man has brought him down”

  15. Zooni

    Dry humping a 14 year old. Hmmmm. Yep mommy isn’t going to be pleased.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Nobody put a gun to her head ANYONE, who attends one of these thugfests deserves whatever they get. They are all trash, maybe our next psycho suicidal gunman should take a hint. THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO.

  17. I can’t speak still. I can’t get my jaw out of my lap. WTF!!!

  18. Guess he wants to get “locked up”.

  19. Lal

    @14: LOL

    Yeah this is pretty horrendous.

  20. laikiska

    #17 – ditto! and not only WTF but WTbloodyF and OMG!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ruby

    Can you say “lawsuit”? And I believe I heard his singing in the background. Talk about throwing your voice.

  22. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    That’s not Akon, that’s Don Cheadle tweaking at a rap concert

  23. schack


  24. DrPhowstus

    How do we really know that straw headed ho really is 14? Did R Kelly fuck her?

  25. veggi

    I am so disturbed, I watched it again. What the fuck is wrong with me??!!!!
    Maybe it was that beer I had on my way into work this morning. Fuck, I need another one (twelve)

  26. FRIST!!!

    Sounds like she’s screaming

  27. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Horse haired ho!

  28. Fishstick

    shes screaming for R. Kelly.

  29. “Lookin’ back on when I, was a little nappy headed boy.
    When my only worry, was for Christmas what would be my toy…”

    A little Stevie Wonder for y’all.

  30. OkieHeather

    oh my lord. not too bad for the first few seconds but….she’s gonna need therapy for the rest of her life.

  31. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    So did Imus get in trouble for the nappy part or the ho part? I don’t get it. People get too damn butthurt over little shit. Maybe this site has just desensitized me.

  32. InvaderZim

    If Gwen catches wind of this she might have him thrown off her tour…

  33. Mon

    The Black community has so very much to be proud of.

    I can see Al Sharpton running at light speed to rally around the 14 year old girl who was so shamelessly been humiliated……..oh, wait, her humiliator was not white. Never mind, he doesnt care what happens to her.

  34. Fishstick

    Veggi – you are obligated to share your beers. I’m sorry, its the rules. (or Akon will hump you)

  35. whitegold

    What makes this girl 14 years old? Why do we think that?

    If that video is any indication, Akon looks like he’d be pretty bad in bed.

    #14 – good comment!

  36. flavio

    dear sweet baby jesus would you losers stop trying to make political points in the comments here? i mean seriously, shut the fuck up already!

  37. At-Law

    Will you idiots stop with the racist banter. How is this different from rock concerts where angry white men form circles to “play” fight and violently bump into one another?

    I don’t agree or disagree with what Akon did but hey its a music concert and the celebrites are there to entertain. Entertainment is strictly in the eye of the beholder and it obviously worked for him and that crowd.

    Hey at least the little girl did not leave there with a black eye or a broken arm.

  38. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I didn’t see anything remotely related to politics here. Racial issues yeah. Politics…um, no.

  39. DrPhowstus

    @37 — It’s called a Mosh Pit, and I’d love to get you in one.

  40. veggi

    haha fishstick. Ok! Ok! I’ll share. Please, I don’t want to be jackhammered!

  41. Ruby

    lol @37. That “little girl” looks like she is having a blast.

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Oh Christ, quit whining about racism. No one dropped the N bomb ffs. For the record, I hate that word and I don’t think anybody should say it. Nigga is just as bad. I’m sick of black people crying racism over stupid petty shit. And I’m sick of white folks who bawl & squall about minorities when they have had no contact with anyone non-white. Go pick on Britney instead, she deserves it more!

  43. At-Law

    @39 Thanks for the education. You will never see me in a “mosh pit” because

    1. I have a brain;

    2. I am very good looking and I like would like to preserve my looks; and

    3. Unlike the rest of you in the “mosh pit” I tend to get laid on a regular basis thus minimizing my need to seek out other means of obtaining sexual gratification.

  44. laulise

    so number 37, you see nothing wrong with some possibily young girl being flung around probably against her will and humiliated for the purpose of Akon’s sexual bravado? that’s REAL entertainment. At least people in a mosh pit have a say in whether they get out. it’s demeaning.

  45. rrd

    #14 thank you and #29, Stooge you are brillaint. I am a sad Imus fan.

  46. rrd

    Good, At-Law. go away. we don’t like you

  47. FRIST!!!

    Well, la-de-da, miss too good for a mosh-pit.
    I for one love slamdancing

  48. sevenandaswitchblade

    What’s with the dancing (public fucking with clothes on) updates? Hmm, Van Damme popping a boner with a Brazilian tranny or some chick who likes Acorn and attends his seemingly packed concert? I can’t tell which is the better closing scene for my new movie set in a dystopian hellscape.

  49. Ruby

    I didn’t know that moshing was an alternative to obtaining sexual gratification. I’ve been missing out!!
    At-Law, you missed #4: Extremely arrogant.

  50. kitty_kat

    Jesus H. Christ, people! What does that whole radio commentator thing have to do with this tape? Why is everyone making SUCH a big deal about it anyhow?

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