Akon didn’t do anything wrong

June 7th, 2007 // 46 Comments

Akon is claiming through his attorney that he didn’t do anything wrong when he picked up the 15-year-old boy at the KFEST concert and threw him off stage. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports:

“Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever,” said a statement released by Akon’s Manhattan-based attorney, Benjamin Brafman, through Dan Klores Communications in New York City, a public relations firm. “We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident. We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted.”

What the hell is wrong with famous people? Do they really have no concept of responsibility? Akon could drive his car through a person’s home and run over their grandma and not even notice. There’d be an old woman lying dying under his tires and he’d just park his car at IHOP and grab some breakfast.


  1. cockson


  2. David Duke

    When they bring charges, his lawyer will argue “diminished capacity” and the monkey will get off. Fair in a way, because why should they be expected to conform to laws that assume full human mental abilities?

  3. Miss

    Ehh, whatever…he could have killed the kid and got nothing but a ankle bracelett…seriuosly, I love the justice system.

  4. Dude is from Africa — you can chop someone’s head off for being from the wrong tribe and then have lunch with a head of state ten minutes later over there … just like Kansas City …

  5. Jewel

    SIXTH! lmao.

  6. Cracka

    Man can you believe that…

    Someone just shoot that monkey

  7. Cracka

    And can you imagine if it was a white siy off the stage…

    Wholly cow…. Al Sharpton would walk away from his perm and Jesse “whiter than thou” Jackson would be on site rhyming his words to hide the fact that he is making daughters out of wedlock….

    This would be front page news…. not on this crappy webpage… Matt Lauer would be interviewing Al rohker to see how his african american ass was dealing with some yard ape getting chucked.

    I know it sounds racist…. but hey its a racist world……..

    ignore my rant… and imagine if you will…. the riots… the marches….. the burning of businesses….. if it had been a little black kid chucked into the audiance….

    You know I am right…..

    Tell you what….. boycott black businesses for a month.. if you cant do that and need to go… at least stand in line for the white person to help you……

    Today we march… tomorrow we send them back home…LOL

  8. Ok.

    So he has now assaulted TWO minors. One sexually and one physically.

    Thug life, baby.

  9. woodhorse

    Hey Cracka. Shame on you. This caucasian says you’re full of shit. Akon is an asshole. No race has exclusivity on that. Yes there are a lot of racial inequalities on BOTH sides and we’re all sick of the growing pains but you aren’t helping. Cheer the fuck up, que no?

  10. What the hell does this have to do wit race?? This is a celeb acting irresponsible.. Your girl Paris(Blonde hair, blue eyes)gets out of jail because she doesn’t like.. Why aren’t you screaming racism then?? It’s not about race, it’s about money and status.. They convince us other wise to keep us sounding dumb and acting ignorant while the rich get even richer.. Ask yourself would you get away with even half the stuff these celeb and high profiles get away with.. Think about it???????

  11. haha

    yea he threw the little sh!t off stage. but the idiot threw a bottle or whatever it was at his face and thought he could get away with it.

  12. nicc

    akon is just another bully.

    haha sounds like just another bully enabler.

    if i EVER see akon in public-not likely-i’m going to throw my own feces at his monkey ass,

  13. wedgeone

    Are you high, Fish?
    “What the hell is wrong with famous people? Do they really have no concept of responsibility?”

    Why do you think that they are degraded on by average ordinary people on this website? Because famous people think that they are above the law and are above basic standards of human decency BECAUSE they are famous.

    Are you reading anything that your bloggers are posting, or are you too busy trolling your bloggers with homo-erotic fantasies?

  14. wedgeone

    Anyway, back on topic – I thought that they had a chance of contributing something back in the days of MLK and X. Since then, it’s only been crime, drugs, cheap alcohol, no work, bailing on kids, gold chains and teef, and seam-splitting stretch slacks for the ladies. Time’s up. Begin the extermination.

  15. Cracka

    #10 are you telling me that if the races were turned around it would not be a race issue?

    Why cant it be a race issue if a black person does something to a white person? Why is it only a race issue when a white person does something wrong?

    Im not saying instantly forgive the white person, hell no…. stupidity is wrong… but how many hate crimes do you see set against blacks or any other race other than whites…. no ,….. hate crime is only against whites……Let me explain a little

    Those Duke players were initially labled a white against black crime… yet everyday.. in your state and in mine… blacks rape and steal from whites… yet there is no mention of hate…. no its cause they did not have enough as children… werent “given” enough….. how about earning it… or providing for your children.

    If that was the lead singer of Metallica or hell, even Tony Bennet…. the world would be up in arms about it… But because it was just some white kid that has no idea where he belongs and ends up at an Akon show…. we are to believe he deserved it….bullshit……

    And you call yourself white…… shame on you and your family for raising you that way……

    Believe me… your not white……

  16. Everything he does someone relates back to 15 year olds.

  17. leeums

    BFD. That kid was probably so psyched that he was on stage for 5 seconds and was touched by someone famous. But I’m sure his parents saw this as a perfect opportunity to sue someone to make some money. And how the fuck is throwing a kid off stage on par with running over a granny? I’ve voluntarily thrown myself off stage into crowds before. This is just a ridiculous exaggeration. The kid never even hit the floor.

  18. jae


  19. Virro

    There’s another video from this same incident showing the kid throwing an object an Akon’s head. Akon tells his bodyguards to bring the kid up to the front then proceeds to throw him off the stage. An eye for an eye.

  20. Hilarious

    The funniest thing about the lame comments comming from these pathetic white sissies is:

    The chances of a black kid being in a white dude’s concert is pretty damn close to zero. It’s not their fault that your boring asses are obsessed with their culture, while they could care less if you exist.

    Boys, if you’re really insecure about white women fucking black men (probably the root of 98% of your corny internet hatred), your lame comments on here aren’t exactly make things better. The more you whine, the more you look like bitches to your own women and everybody esle. It’s funny how I’ve never ever seen a white boy stand up to a black man in real life. lol. Sissy

  21. Dee

    any respect i had for akon is GONE.
    and rest assured… if i ever see akon in public i will surely throw something at his face.
    ok so the kid threw a bottle… throw him out of the show (not literally ) not off stage (literally)
    if my father were to mearly push a 15 year old kid that threw something at his face he’d be sittin in jail for assult on a minor.. this kid got CHUCKED… and akon will probably just be like “sorry.. didnt kno he was 15.” just like he didnt kno the girl he dry humped was 15.
    whats the deal akon?! do you like the little 15 year olds or not?!
    i will never again listen to any of your music of suport anything you do.
    YOU SUCK. grow up.
    & leave the kids alone.
    throw someone your own size off stage. then hide behind your body guards asshole.

  22. cocobeware

    So what…he’s not going to jail. That fucktard still needs to get sued.

  23. Acorn is just another knuckle-draggin’ negro, a chimp-like species with an IQ somewhere between gerbil and guinea pig. Freakin’ monkeys!

  24. chuck norris

    wow, that kiddo, sure had a hell of a ride, “fly robin fly” up at to the sky”

  25. And I freakin’ LOVE gerbils.

  26. and thiz iz how it goez:

    if fuckface pariz can fuck
    up, then fuckface Akon can
    fuck up…ok ..they’re fuck=d
    up fuckerz…

  27. ruans

    to keep this on topic Akon should’ve asked the kid why he did it first… both of them were wrong for doing the things they did though imo…

    it’s funny how you come to a website called TheSuperficial and you read stupid comments about race… for fucks sake why are we debating on which race is more superior than the other on a mock website that says celebrities are more superior?

    i once thought that our generation was going to be the one that was going to kill off bigotry…. but now i realize bigotry will eventually kill all of humanity….

  28. BrowNotBlackBitch

    This is why the U.S should give more brown ppl (excluding Pakis and Afghans…who sadly…seem to have madness and mayhem on their minds) visas:

    1. We make more money
    2. We dont live on social security
    3. We speak English that makes sense
    4. We only beat/slap/rape/throw off stage our women and kids.
    5. No white woman would ever sleep with us.
    6. We are doctors/lawyers/engineers/silicon valleyites/7-11 owners not rappers/drug dealers/criminals/bodyguards/teenage pregnancies/crack addicts

    So…send the fucking monkeys back to Africa with a sack of UN-wheat and clear up some land for us brown ppl…or chinese…but these black ppl…just strike me as kinda useless to the human race…

  29. dp

    seriously, how can the lawyer even think this ISNT even a little bit ASSault? and it definitely has EVERYTHING to do with him being famous. True, the kid threw something at him too, so they should both get similar charges!… though im sure throwing SOMETHING is a little less dangerous than throwing SOMEONE… wellllll…. except ninja stars

  30. Vi

    Every single one of you is batshit crazy.

    That is all.

  31. EvenWaistless,NecklessMexicans???lol

    Why do black men attract such hatred from all these dudes?

    Dear lord, thank you for the fact that I wasn’t spawn from a physically pathetic race with tiny peckers. Then I’d have to go around spewing hate because I’m obssessed with people who could give a fuck about me.

  32. Next Best Option

    Akon could toss 1000 white kids off the stage and they would still come back begging for more.

    It’s either that or they’re snorting something somewhere, shooting up a school, or getting raped by their own family.

  33. Lamjo

    Did anyone of you watch the video? The whole incident looks kind of playful and light-hearted if you ask me. Kids stage dive at shows all the time, it’s not like Akon picked him up and body slammed him or something.

    I’m not a fan of Akon in any way but after watching the video I think a lot of you are blowing this incident way out of proportion.

  34. shackdaddy

    Ok so let someone throw something that could have pierced your eye out and then lets see how some of you would react…in all honesty if it was me I probably would have done the same thing…or just put him out.

  35. Bigblacksam

    I boned 2 white chicks last night at the same time with my gigantic black sausage. They especially liked it when I called them white trash hoes and cracker honkys. Let’s face facts they love us and want us to stay besides how can any of you cowards send us back to somewhere we never where in the first place. The same way I don’t hold all white people in contempt for what was done to my ancestors everyone should acknowledge that what is happening today are echoes of slavery whether an undeducated impoverished group of people or white women wanting what white men had from thier slaves the sweet dark berry that is from the motherland. And by the way it’s been proven that white people are a defect a mutation of people of color from Africa where all life began. SO deal with the fact that you jokes are second class in the eyes of God.

  36. Rob

    I find kind of funny that someone will look at the actions of one person or a small percentage of people who may look different than them and then condemn everyone who looks the same. Reality check! we all have the capacity to fuck up, act ignorant,etc. etc.
    I’m in no way saying what Akon did is acceptable, but this word “race” and all this talk about “color” needs to just be forgotten, were all the same.
    The truth is most people won’t change.
    Don’t ask me why I’m wasting coherent thought on some random blog, I’m just that bored. ha

  37. crazy otto

    …..I’d put an ache-on that punk biotch n-word….just step in the pit with me at a SLAYER concert,boy…..

  38. Nick

    “And by the way it’s been proven that white people are a defect a mutation of people of color from Africa where all life began. SO deal with the fact that you jokes are second class in the eyes of God.”

    Oh yeah? And since it’s been proven that white people are a defect? I’m sure you could tell us your source, and explanation. So you are saying that since my Cocker Spaniel has been mixed with a Black Lab it is now a defect? And if we (white people) are inferior how come based on intelligence scores Southern Asian & Northern Africans, Bushmen (southern Africa), Africans (subsaharan) score the lowest? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_intelligence_(test_data). Not only do they have some of the lowest intelligence scores, they also have higher aggression scores (http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/fuzzy.htm). It must be because we are defective.

  39. Nick

    “I boned two white chicks last night”

    And this is credible how?
    Sounds very believable to me… not.
    Plus who cares?
    I had sex with your mom last weekend and I’m not bragging about it. If anything it was kind of gross, considering she somehow squatted a piece of shit out through her vagina in the past (I didn’t know that was possible until you posted).

  40. Sonia

    I’m not surprised he did that. During his concert in Malaysia, he called a few girls to the stage and he picked up one of them during the song “Smack That”, carried her with her legs tied around his waist. THEN he grabbed her ass while bouncing her up and down (like you know.. fucking her while standing). The whole room went quiet for like a second and then erupted with hoots and stuff..
    All I could say was “Uhh..euw”.

  41. kdub

    A kid jumps onstage and you expect akon to just chill there?
    if you’re not allowed on stage, you’re not allowed on stage. this has NOTHING to do with him being black.
    you guys are stupid.

  42. if people don’t like what
    akon doez…then don’t go
    to hiz fuckin concertz, fuck…

  43. Taminator

    I know one damn thing, he is lucky that the parent of the 15yr old boy didnt have me as a mother! Race and celeb statis doesnt mean shit when it comes to man handling a teenager! Who the hell does he think he is? They need to lock-up his dumbass…AGAIN!

    I do agree with “cracka” on a few things.. what if it was a white artist throwing a black kid? SHIT!

  44. Taminator

    I know one damn thing, he is lucky that the parent of the 15yr old boy didnt have me as a mother! Race and celeb statis doesnt mean shit when it comes to man handling a teenager! Who the hell does he think he is? They need to lock-up his dumbass…AGAIN!

    I do agree with “cracka” on a few things.. what if it was a white artist throwing a black kid? SHIT!

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