Akon didn’t do anything wrong


Akon is claiming through his attorney that he didn’t do anything wrong when he picked up the 15-year-old boy at the KFEST concert and threw him off stage. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports:

“Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever,” said a statement released by Akon’s Manhattan-based attorney, Benjamin Brafman, through Dan Klores Communications in New York City, a public relations firm. “We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident. We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted.”

What the hell is wrong with famous people? Do they really have no concept of responsibility? Akon could drive his car through a person’s home and run over their grandma and not even notice. There’d be an old woman lying dying under his tires and he’d just park his car at IHOP and grab some breakfast.

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