Akon charged in fan tossing incident

Akon is facing criminal charges for tossing a fan offstage during a concert in Fishkill, NY. The charges came after a girl who was in the audience suffered a concussion when the fan landed on her. Akon must appear at Fishkill Town Court on Monday for charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment, according to the Associated Press:

Audience members said that a spectator lobbed something at Akon and that the singer asked the crowd to point out the culprit. A security guard picked out a 15-year-old and sent him up to the stage, where Akon hoisted him onto his shoulders and flung him into the crowd.
The boy landed on Abby Rosa, who told the Poughkeepsie Journal she was later found to have a concussion.

I admire Akon’s dedication to the fine art of tossing suckers around. I do it all the time. In fact, the other day I threw my grandmother at a bill collector. Yeah, maybe picking up a frail elderly woman isn’t so much of a feat, but that guy from the cable company was still a block away when; Pow! Grandma to the neck! God, I wish someone caught that on tape. Besides that woman who sold it to the cops. Thanks, mom.

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