Akon charged in fan tossing incident

November 30th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Akon is facing criminal charges for tossing a fan offstage during a concert in Fishkill, NY. The charges came after a girl who was in the audience suffered a concussion when the fan landed on her. Akon must appear at Fishkill Town Court on Monday for charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment, according to the Associated Press:

Audience members said that a spectator lobbed something at Akon and that the singer asked the crowd to point out the culprit. A security guard picked out a 15-year-old and sent him up to the stage, where Akon hoisted him onto his shoulders and flung him into the crowd.
The boy landed on Abby Rosa, who told the Poughkeepsie Journal she was later found to have a concussion.

I admire Akon’s dedication to the fine art of tossing suckers around. I do it all the time. In fact, the other day I threw my grandmother at a bill collector. Yeah, maybe picking up a frail elderly woman isn’t so much of a feat, but that guy from the cable company was still a block away when; Pow! Grandma to the neck! God, I wish someone caught that on tape. Besides that woman who sold it to the cops. Thanks, mom.


  1. Alastair


  2. Cate

    Good. I hate akon.

  3. frogexaggerator


  4. He’s “akon” for a fight?

  5. veggi

    this story makes ME want some medication. I mean, more than usual..

    haha cowgirl!

  6. zsa

    Dude needs to get it together.

  7. LayDeeBug


  8. Ted from LA

    Akron? I thought that was a city. Tossing humans is great fun until somebody gets hurt.

  9. woodhorse

    Tossing teens is not the same as midget tossing which is harmless fun. He should get the chair. Not for the tossing but because he is gross.

  10. D. Richards (Ass.)

    Now, normally I’d say something horribly offensive about blackie’s race. Not today! Throwing people around is just fine by me. Intimidation is the only real way to kick. Too bad that child didn’t have his neck broken. And the bitch that was concussed, too bad her head wasn’t ripped clear off. Slut.

  11. Mike

    Fry the fucker. Fuck him and his music anyway.

  12. havoc

    Akon’s a douche.

    And not in a good way…..


  13. Jukey


  14. I would have loved to have been at that town hall meeting when they were trying to decide what name to give their city.

    “Damn Bob you smell like Fishkill” Bob proclaims “That is it! We will call our town Fishkill. All in favor blech”

  15. steve

    akon gives black entertainers a bad name.

    He’s a douche. Except a douche is clean.

  16. gotmilk?

    i agree, give him the chair. this guy is a top notch fucktard – not for throwing someone, but because his music sucks.

    i hope that security guard got fired too. i wonder what he thought akon wanted to do with the kid, dry hump him like he did that 14 year old chick?

  17. Fehklar

    Screw Akon… I hope he gets shot in the head on video. (just so I can watch)

    Fucker should have been lynched right there by the crowd.

    Ah well wishful thinking.


  18. funny Jimbo! I’m certain that he was just getting into the “spirit” of a fishing town and was confused about fly fishing–you’re supposed to toss the “lure”, Akon, the “lure”, not a teenager!

  19. How pathetic is your life when you have to play Fishkill NY? What is the next stop on Akon’s tour? Douche Bag Iowa? And then on to Preparation H North Dakota??

  20. whoneedsenemies

    Like he gives a shit about the town or the girl that got hurt

  21. Isn’t it normal for young boys to “lob” their underwear at Akon? I bet the kid was screaming like a girl too–”Akon–I love you” (toss and sniff)!

  22. Akon confesses:

    You could put the blame on me
    You could put the blame on me
    You could put the blame on me
    You could put the blame on me
    Said you could put the blame on me
    Said you could put the blame on me
    Said you could put the blame on me

  23. KittyKat


  24. veggi

    “fan tossing incident” is fucking hillarious

    so, what’s the charge? uh, I tossed a fan…… really, who gets to say that?..

  25. woodhorse

    #19 They are opening a new Stein Mart in Fouke, AR. Akon could open for Constantine Mouralis. He could get in on the hog tossing.

  26. lame

    Didn’t he try and pass this off as a publicity stunt?

  27. woodhorse

    24- word.

    Judge: “How do you plead to Criminal Fan Tossing? Guilty or Not Guilty?”

  28. lame

    AHHA: What about the incident where you threw that kid in the crowd?

    Akon: Actually, it’s funny as all that was staged. [laughs] It really got silly, like the media was reporting that I was getting charged for attempted murder. Seriously I felt like, “What the hell is going on here?” Honestly, if that was something that really happened, they would have locked me up on the spot. There’s no way you can pull something like that and walk away when you have the whole police department guarding the show.

    There was literally twenty thousand people out there, and I was the headliner and we had used the police department out there for security. People don’t take the time to really think about what they are reporting. It didn’t make sense.

    AHHA: Why did you decide to pull the staged stunt anyway?

    Akon: [laughs] It was to set up the next record. It was crazy as people were coming to my shows thinking, “Ok what is he going to do next?” People know me for doing crazy things, but even this kind of thing, I’m going to cut out in the future as people are taking it in a negative way and taking it seriously.

  29. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Ya watching an ape toss kids is a great publicity stunt.

  30. Bigo

    What? Who tossed the salad?

  31. G Man

    AKON is A DOUCHEBAG.. Get ready for it is tIme for your afternoon ass raping AHOLE!!

  32. danger danger high voltage

    Ok… seriously…. the girl who got hit with the “Fan” is suing? What about the FAN!?!?!?!?! Man if i saw akon do that to one of my friends while i was there, it would have been a fucking riot (and not the funny kind)

  33. a doe

    I seriously thought that when I read Akon it was Clay Aikon and thought how could he lift someone over his head and throw him????? Who is Akon anyway???

  34. Celebrity Deathmatch: Akon vs. Danny Bonaduce

  35. wow, she sucks..

    Akon…what punk ass gangsta squirrels store for the winter beeeyotch.

  36. Rabbi Schiller

    TNB, people. TNB.

  37. BishOP

    Who the fuck is acorn?

  38. Nick Jones

    Clay Aiken > Akon

  39. a doe

    I didn’t think about how Clay Aiken spells his name…I try not to ever think about Clay aiken/akon/aching…whatever.

  40. Alicia

    Wow…can we stop with the random racism?

  41. fiona123568

    i have seen it on sugarcupid.com yesterday.

  42. nagger please

    I can’t blame Akon. It’s well known that blacks don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They’re obviously the missing link between ape and human.

  43. Alicia

    Gee thanks, “naggerplease”. You’re so culturally sensitive.

  44. Natty

    Well, Akon now really needs to sing “Sorry, Blame It on Me!”

  45. This hoodlum needs to be sent back to prison where he belongs.

  46. jack

    Akon, what a prissy little bitch. “danger danger high voltage” had it right. If that were a friend of mine, Akron would have spent the next several minutes scooping up his teeth with both hands.

    Just wait ’till the attorneys get through with this one. That little stunt is going to cost him plenty. The kids that were injured will go on to be successful (well, as successful as someone who listens to Akron can be) but in five years, when Akon’s 15 minutes of fame are over, he’s broke and appearing on Surreal Life just to make ends meet, he’ll wish he had that money that lost in court.

    Stupid little fucker. Just imagine the reaction if a white artist tossed a black kid offstage…

  47. Kristen

    Akon is an idiot. My university paid him to come play and he was 40 minutes late, and then only played a couple of songs.

  48. El-Coyote

    Same douche that dry humped some teanage girl on stage isn’t it?

    Wow… Some people love the thug image…. So so stupid…

  49. nagger please

    —-”Akon is an idiot. My university paid him to come play and he was 40 minutes late, and then only played a couple of songs.”——

    You must not be going to Harvard.

  50. Dope

    so this 15 year-old was probably like “look guys, im so cool, im going to throw something at akon”

    … and now, he’s probably scared while his mother holds him, scared for his life
    You deserved it. Pretty funny though

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