Katherine Webb’s Boyfriend Thinks The Grammys Were ‘Demonic’

January 28th, 2014 // 63 Comments
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These Grammys? I don’t see it.

When we last gave a shit about AJ McCarron, he was throwing a hissy fit over everyone paying attention to Katherine Webb instead of how awesome he is at football, so it’s strange that it’s taken us over a year to write about him again. So here he is clutching his pearls over the Grammys which were apparently a hotbed of Satanism as opposed to the moral and upstanding pillar of virtue that’s football:

Is it just me or are some of the Grammy performances so far seem to be really demonic?? Looks like there is a lot of evil in the world..

Except what’s amazing about AJ’s tweet is that it came right after Beyonce‘s performance which is odd because it was actually pretty tame in this post-Vadgity Chipmunk world we live in, so I don’t get what the issue is here. And before anyone says it’s because Beyonce is black, can it. Everyone knows nobody understands the plight of African-Americans better than white, Christian southerners. Who else is going to tell the federal government they were better off without all those civil liberties getting them twisted up? They’re just looking out for them.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    “Katherine Webb hates sucking black dick”

  2. Katy Perry Grammys Performance Dark Horse
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Fire & pole dancing to make up for lousy voice & songs.
    It’s hard not to like Katy Perry….but her official entertainment product IS crap.

    • JC

      Pretty much. She seems like a reasonably likable–if tragically dumb–person, but if she looked like Susan Boyle, we would never have heard of her.

  3. I agree that the Grammys were demonic, if by that he meant listening to Katy Perry sing is like being in hell.

  4. It’s always interesting that these religious people are quick to point out that these public displays of sexuality are the sign that there’s a lot of evil in the world.

    Let’s see the list of shit that’s going on right now and see how important they are to these fine upstanding citizens.
    1) Banks screwing people out of their homes.
    2) Government spying on people
    3) The multiple wars their country is involved in.
    4) Poverty
    5) All around violence
    6) Beyonce shaking her ass.

    Out of all of these things, which one did he choose to complain about? Yep. Priorities. You got to have ‘em.

    • JC

      Well, 1-5 are complex problems that would take intelligence, perseverance, and most importantly (to the complainers) money to address. It don’t cost a dime to Tweet about brown girls who dance dirty.

    • He played QB at Bama. What possible way could he be exposed to anything that would broaden his horizons or help him gain some perspective on the world? The worst thing this kid has faced is the pay cut he’ll get going from the SEC to the NFL.

    • Lord Helmet

      I always wondered the hypocrisy of any religious institution that preaches “Go Forth and Multiply” and then bitches about people doing just that.

    • I bet more than a few Grammy winners thanked the Skygod for their successes.

    • just a dude

      So your point is that, in AJ’s one comment about one thing, he’s thinks all the other unrelated things you brought up aren’t important? That doesn’t make any sense. You can apply that kind of faulty reasoning to almost anything.

      Besides, I think his comments about some things being demonic, there being evil in the world, etc, might have something to do with a pop star doing a musical number involving

      Halloween costume (“slutty devil girl”?)



      Pole Dancing

      That GWAR-looking dude with horns or whatever behind her

      An ironic (?) or sarcastic (??) neon cross on Katy’s chest.

      Audience hands in the air amid the flames, looking like people being enthusiastically tormented in hell.

      Some things can be blown off by saying “eh, it’s all just in fun”, but some things can’t. Some things are getting just freaking weird nowadays. It’s easy to ridicule people for having the guts to point it out. But we’re really being desensitized to stuff that we shouldn’t be desensitized to.

      A couple of years ago, in a promo for “True Blood”, some bar in London advertised a drink with actual blood in it. Not much, and not human blood, but blood. That’s fucking weird.

      What’s even weirder is that many of us don’t think it’s weird, but that it’s cool.

      • Sounds like you are a religious man, so I’d probably stay the fuck away from terms like, “faulty reasoning”.

      • cmonreally

        I laughed out loud at that one.

      • I don’t find anything in that performance weird.
        Halloween? It comes around every year. Is Christmas weird too?

        Flames and smoke go together.

        Pole dancing? How old are you?

        My point was him saying the fucking Grammys were demonic. The music industry’s been doing this shit for over 30 years now. Singers getting up there in skimpy outfits and shaking their asses for the crowd. How is that demonic?

        What weird word to use to describe something that has become the norm in the music industry. Not “inappropriate” “indecent” or “risque” The man said demonic. His bias is showing. People who don’t fall into his moral box have to be evil. They must be demonic.

        The point of my post was to ridicule him for using such a powerful word to describe such a mundane thing. I gave some examples of things that are worthy of those kinds of words. Entertainers getting up on stage and putting on a flashy show and shaking their asses is definitely not worthy of it.

      • just a dude

        i just realized that the poles were made up to look like brooms. great.

        nothing occult/satanic here, nope, sorry I mentioned it.

      • “…a drink with actual blood in it. Not much, and not human blood, but blood. That’s fucking weird.

        Unless you keep kosher or halal (or are a vegetarian), there’s blood in the meat you eat. Not a lot, and no, the red juice that drips out of meat isn’t blood, but it’s in there, and you’re eating it.

      • Shemp

        Nice pointless point.

        When was the last time you went into a bar and ordered a drink with actual blood in it?

        Steaks/blood = normal
        Drinking blood in a bar = not normal

    • cc

      Don’t forget those two white Pope pigeons getting their asses handed to them by a crow and a seagull. Funniest shit in the news in weeks.

    • Viewer of more sites than this one

      It wasn’t the “sexuality,” it was the overall creep factor, including baphomet symbolism, the red-eyed horse, the sacrifice of the witch at the end…and dark energy all around. Way beyond merely “shaking the ass” or however you put it. That is eh-heh-eehvereywhere. This is blatantly occult, you imbecile.
      But, figures you’d axiomatically assume it has to do with “sexuality.” Don’t worry, Zaspooge, you will have easy access to millions of titillating online images for the duration.

  5. Jake

    Your mom’s boob job: not demonic.

    Katy Perry’s boobs on display: demonic.

    Your mom’s tweet criticizing a brown QB’s interview: not demonic

    A brown diva’s dancing: demonic

  6. Katy Perry Grammys Performance Dark Horse
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought she was just trying to burn off the vermin and oozy parasites left on her cooch by Mayer and Brand.

  7. Juch

    He may be an idiot, but he’s the idiot fucking Katherine Webb, so victory: McCarron.

  8. Prince Phillip Anon Harris

    i think it was a nice tribute to how my mother was murdered Ervin Walter Boozer and died in a house fire.

  9. Katy Perry Grammys Performance Dark Horse
    Prince Phillip Anon Harris
    Commented on this photo:

    i see you’re wearing your favorite boots, katy.

  10. anonymous

    What’s with the goth outfits with the built in nude spanx? Selena Gomez wore the same crap on Thanksgiving. Popsingers are just phoning it in now.

    If you have to lip sync because you can’t sing live then at least workout and look hot. Wearing spanx is just cheating twice.

  11. CF98

    Maybe he believes in the Illuminati?

  12. cc

    Is he from Kansas?

  13. I thought Lucifer himself was going to blast up through the stage to officiate the homo marriage.

    • I’m a bit confused by Queen Latifah’s officiating at that mass wedding. Is she an ordained minister or something along those lines? If she is, she should be excommunicated for having had breast reduction surgery.

  14. Katy Perry Grammys Performance Dark Horse
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet she’s glad that bucket of pig’s blood missed her…

  15. Jenn

    Having orchestrated all those deals with the talentless hacks populating the music business , I doubt the demons bother to show up at the Grammys. Why subject themselves to all that noise, right? Football games on the other hand….

  16. James

    Lol it was demonic. Most mainstream pop is. Katy Perry performed a faux demonic ritual on stage – that is demonic. No matter what you think, it is by txt book definition demonic.

    • What kind of shitty education did you get where “demonic” was in the textbooks?

    • Viewer of more sites than this one

      For real.

      And “jeezer” – it’s a figure of speech, asshole.

      • Oddly enough, figures of speech actually ARE covered in reputable textbooks, unlike whatever retarded homeschooling leads to belief in demons.

      • James

        You have absolutely no idea what is in the unseen realm around you.

        However, that does not mean you need to believe in demons to understand that Katy Perry’s performance was a Satanic ritual. That would make it “demonic” per see.

        If you went to a Christian mass the priests and what not would be performing Christian rituals.

        If you went to a Satanic church you would see stuff like this. It was a Satanic ritual, you do not need to believe in Christ to know that going to a Christian church would produce Christian rituals.

        You do not need to believe in Satan or demons to understand this was a Satanic ritual. It was. No need to believe as this was a Satanic ritual by definition. It has nothing to do wit belief.

      • “You have absolutely no idea what is in the unseen realm around you.”

        Annnnnnnnd cut.

      • Were all the comments like these made by the same guy, or do you have a surprising number of readers who think like this?

      • Welll… maybe watch youtube on Illuminati. I got sucked in by mistake. Interesting stuff, but I agree, “you have absolutely no idea what is in the unseen realm around you.”

      • @TomFrank’s Ghost: All same guy.

      • Shemp

        When you were asked “Were all the comments like these made by the same guy?” you replied “all same guy.”

        So. A minimum of THREE people here know you’re lying, Fish:

        Me. Because I’m not “James” or “Viewer of more sites than this one.”

        James, who could very well be “Viewer of more sites than this one” (or vice versa) but neither of ‘em are me, and James (or whoever) knows this too.

        and you, the liar.

      • So what you’re saying is that there are at least two people who are that fucking gullible and stupid?

      • Shempity McRorschach

        What’s stupid and gullible is seeing Katy Perry’s performance on the Grammys and saying “nope, nothing weird, freaky or occult/demonic here, it’s all just Good Clean Fun” and attacking/ridiculing people for stating the obvious: that it was fucking weird. Weird like Kei$ha performing on the Today show with an upside-down cross blazoned across her chest. Weird like just how popular things occult and demonic are nowadays. But it’s all okay because it’s just pretend, right? Sorry, but no. You don’t have to believe in the devil or demons or things demonic for them to have an affect, a real affect on people, when the trappings surround them on tv, in movies, in music. Just like kids (teenaged girls in particular) are being encouraged by people like Kei$ha, Rhianna, Britney, the now deceased Amy Winehouse, Taylor Momsen, LiLo, Paris Hilton et al to behave like crazed, drunken sluts. Have some baggage!: it’ll make you more attractive to the boys! Have some daddy issues, start cutting, take some nude pics of yourself, blame Christianity for everything, make a YouTube video and become famous. For absolutely fucking nothing. Go on, make a spectacle of yourself: why not? It’s what teenaged girls gone wild do nowadays, isn’t it? Whatever. Katy Perry is an influence. This shit isn’t cool. Anyone with any sense knows that. But there will always be people who don’t have a problem with anything at all, If It Feels Good Do It, Go With the Flow, I’m Okay You’re Okay. Again, whatever. You’re NOT okay: trust me on this…

  17. Katy Perry Grammys Performance Dark Horse
    Vic Damone
    Commented on this photo:

    Too obvious. She makes the occult look like a Scooby-Doo episode.

  18. Mike Walker

    >And before anyone says it’s because Beyonce is black

    I have a feeling you were the first to think that.

  19. That’s OK AJ ,Justin Bebs’ wasn’t at the Grammys he is the only demonic one Ive seen so far.

  20. Who was her blood sacrifice? :/

  21. Another dumbfuck Southern shit for brains QB angling to be the next Tim Tebow. Katy Perry has never shown herself to be anything remotely evil in life, in fact the absolute opposite so he could describe her performance as following the textbook definition of demonic, but since she is not evil and nothing evil actually happened with her or any of the other performances, he just sounds like a jackass.

    Did Katy Perry kill a live baby on stage and drink its blood, did she tell kids to go shoot up their school, no? So what the fuck is this idiot talking about?

    • Satan G. Krebs

      “Katy Perry has never shown herself to be anything remotely evil”?

      Are you kidding? She married Russell Brand.

      Besides, have you actually listened to Dark Horse? The beginning sounds like that annoying fucking Silver Shamrock commercial in Halloween III.

      I expect teenage girls across the country to have snakes and stick-insects crawling out of their Skull Candy ear buds any minute now…

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