Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has nipples

May 13th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Here’s British model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace leaving the Funky Buddha nightclub and accidentally flashing some nip. I could keep writing about who or what an Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is, but that would just distract from all the poise and elegance. Let it never be said I’m not a gentleman.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions unless you work heavily with silicone.

Photos: Flynet, WENN

  1. Jim Lahey

    Model? Man, I guess any ugly retard who looks like a Jerry’s kid can become a model nowadays. I see hotter chicks on the streets. Even the homeless ones are hotter. Who’s fireman’s helmet did she have to suck to even earn the label as a model?

  2. JD

    Goddammit, now she can never be Miss California.

  3. lizzy

    ugh, she’s fucking ugly. really nice boobs though. they don’t look that fake??

    and i’m so sick of everyone complaining about the stars every time an NSFW picture is posted…. fucking click the picture full size, and voila — stars gone. goddamn dumbasses.

  4. Crystin

    @53. lizzy: the links didn’t work for a while this morning (see #32).

    But I will agree that they don’t really look fake to me either, I know thats why I clicked.

    I think anyone famous or semi-famous and thin with a B or above gets accused of it but where’s the nip scar? Unless its on the underside?

  5. havoc

    Yum. Nice boobs…..


  6. Crystin

    *this morning= that morning. oops

  7. Krassy McKrass

    I crave milk. Lots of it.

  8. Nice pics…fake titties are still good in my books!

  9. john street

    why are people turned on by fake breasts? i don’t get it.

    this is what an accidentally-exposed real breast looks like:

  10. 59) Sure youll get turn on, when in a dry spell guys will lubricate a cement hole and stick it! but for those who are not desperate, fake boobs are just ok!

    btw chics with fake boobs does this all the time they whip em out, at a drop of a hat!

  11. joe

    All you idiots complain about the stars on the nipples. keep clicking the fucking picture if you want to see them!

  12. dude

    Fake blonde hair? Check.
    Fake tits? Check.
    Fake eyelashes? Check.
    Fake tan? Check.
    Fake fame for five seconds? Check.

  13. O

    She has a mouth like a mule.

  14. Jammy

    The English- I’m always a little disappointed when the boob showing is an English one because I know it’s more than likely deliberate, so not a “scoop” *ha*

  15. ph7

    Great tits, and the face of a retard.

  16. Zanna

    How does this thing know which words to underline?

  17. The Listener

    # 53 and 54, Lizzy and Crystin

    It’s POSSIBLE that her boobs are real, but they look just a little too perfect to me.

    Besides, there’s one surgical technique where the implant is done thru the belly button so as to leave no scars on the breasts.

  18. oh noez


    #32 is 1-11


    cry a little louder, you twat.

  19. That was intentional! But I dont`t care.

  20. They are fake she admitted it while she was in the Big Brother house. Have to say she looked nicer without makeup in the house. Also nice to see somebody introduced her to the ever complicated concept of Buttons.

  21. Just realised the guy she is with is a comedian called Jack Whitehall. He co presented Big Brothers little Brother in last years season of Big Brother

  22. The Superficial Public Service Announcement

    #53 lizzie, this is to officially inform you that you’re the goddamn dumbass. joe #61, see #32 because you’re the fucking idiot.. And fuck you #69, you sniveling twat because that number is the closest you’ll ever get to having the real thing.

  23. BUffon

    Really not sure about that! She used to be good! and all my hot and sincere friends on ” ___Tallloving . c o m___ ” loved her! and she’s popular on the site; so, what happened?

  24. timmy the frisky virus

    Worst name ever! How the hell are you supposed to pronounce it? Like, “Apple” is a stupid name too, but at least you know how to say it.

  25. Love the tits! Yum! Bag the face! Uck!

  26. Jim Lahey

    She looks like Jason’s mothers dead head that was kept on the table in Friday the 13 Part 2.

  27. At least her implants aren’t porn-star sized like the rest of the British glamour models…

  28. dieobamadie

    MMMMMmmmmmm slurp!

  29. Sam

    does anyone famous have real breasts anymore? Nothing wrong with real breasts girls…..geeez.

  30. Josh

    Gotta love that inbred look…

    These nips are just OK, not great. They have that blue vein thing shooting right toward the nip. Basically, she’s the type of girl who would start looking good after a few drinks at the local bar – nothing more, nothing less. Sure, you’d stick it in her, but wouldn’t put forth any extra effort to do so.

  31. She is cute of course… However she will have a short career and be made fun of more than Lindsay Lohan… Oh yes!!
    Bikini Girl Lori

  32. chick

    She actually got a good, natural looking boob job.

  33. Me

    75. timmy the frisky virus

    For some strange reason it’s pronounced “Ashling”, only the spelling is fuched up…

  34. Me

    75. timmy the frisky virus

    For some strange reason it’s pronounced “Ashling”, only the spelling is fucked up…

  35. yooms

    uhhh.. looks more like a shitty pornstar than a model..

  36. This was no accident by this wh0re with fake b00bs. She’s loving the paps taking pics. She thinks it’s going to get her somewhere……

  37. lola

    so trampy

  38. Americanwhitetrash

    OMG like that wasn’t supposed to happen! How could that happen to me! I was so SURE that this jacket buttoned half way up without a shirt or bra would hold in my tits especially when cameras are around and no one knows who I am.

  39. Where is the other one…There it is…..

  40. The big Z


    Skippy, that comment was awesome :D

  41. Unklejoe

    Ansiley whoregun who the fuk is this bitch? And who are 90 percent of these other poseurs on this fukd up site? I do know that freckled faced red haired bitch Lindseed hoehan not from any movies shes ever done but because she and that skank paris hill-ton used to be all over the tv every gotdam minuite. Give me Leave it to Beaver the Munsters and Sanford and Sun the rest of tv and the movies can go suk a big donkey dik.

  42. greg

    God you people are a bunch of tools. I love this site BTW but you people are living proof that banality and ignoramousness is thriving. Common sense ain’t so common is it? I hate you all and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me. Die. Now. Please.

  43. Thé Noir

    I can’t decide if the UK has more skanks than we do or if they just drink more.

  44. Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits Tits.
    MORE TITS pls..

  45. SoTe

    she’s got nipples… and implants! Ugly tacky bitch.

  46. tedro

    who is she?

  47. Marco

    She has great boobs! very firm and round! Murrah! yummy

  48. Fas(c)hionista

    She’s the English Kendra Wilkinson.
    The fake tits are a yawn.

  49. Fas(c)hionista

    She’s the English Kendra Wilkinson.
    The fake tits are a yawn.

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