Adrienne Bailon’s ‘nude’ photos hit the Internet

November 11th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Adrienne Bailon of Disney’s The Cheetah Girls recently had her laptop stolen which contained “nude” photos intended for her boyfriend Robert Kardashian. She reportedly recovered it within hours of its theft at JFK airport, but this story has all kinds of holes in it. Apparently, Adrienne paid a $1,000 ransom to get the laptop back, but never pursued who stole it, according to NY Daily News:

“It’s not a scenario where she purposedly leaked the photos for attention,” Bailon’s rep Jonathan Jaxson told the Daily News on Monday. “We’re pursuing legal action.”
Bailon sent her family to recover her computer while she rushed off to a meeting with MTV, but they never got identification during the handoff.
“They didn’t really want to question it further,” Jaxson said.

So, nobody tried to ID the guy, or maybe I dunno, kick the shit out of him for stealing their daughter’s laptop? Makes sense. So, while the pics continue to spread across the Interwebs, Adrienne can’t imagine who is doing this. Really? Because you’re surrounded by Kardashians. Just sayin’. In the meantime, is a shot of your ass really a good idea when your boyfriend is the brother of Kim Kardashian? That’s like sending a chocolate bar to Willy Wonka for Christmas: “Oh boy, chocolate. There’s something I’m not bombarded in the face with everyday…”

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version featuring Adrienne’s impossibly large butt crack. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw a mountain goat.


  1. POPO

    i wanna see those tits!

  2. POPO

    i wanna see those tits!

  3. Napoleon

    #72 HILARIOUS! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. Napoleon

    #72 YOu should be the new fish cause these guys they hired for the weekends just aren’t funny…

  5. Mike Hawk

    The audio was just “leaked”..It goes..”pffffffFfrrRRRRT”. Classy.

  6. Deacon Jones


    Great logic there Cindy. You’re right. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to fuck her eardrums and armpits

  7. deva

    She is so fucking gross. It figures a monkey like her is connected to those pieces of shit called Kardashian.

  8. Cindy

    Please, “guys”, don’t get all angry and defensive. I’m just saying if you like asses so much, why not double your sex life?

  9. Slim

    Ugh, she is disgusting. Figures she’d be tied to a Kardashian. Isn’t it strange that trouble and controversy follows all of those little twats?

  10. Jamie's Uterus

    Since there is linkage to the obese and disgusting Kim Kardashian, I suspect Kim told her to do this foolishness to get press and attention.

    How long before this girl lets Kim’s brother piss on her and the video released?

  11. Shaft

    At least people know who she is now. Where’s the self-made porno?

  12. Shaft

    Whoever says she’s gross is either a jealous bitch, a blatant homo, or a picky straight guy. Usually I find picky straight guys tend to be closet homo’s. Nothing gross there.

  13. HentMas

    Well, if i had a body like her i would love to take pics just so i can see my self better, she is “posing” for her self, dam, even i have done that in my own, and i have a lot of friends that had done it (female friends) just because they are famous they make everything a big deal (and even more because she is from disney)

  14. Slim

    You’re an idiot. What the hell is wrong with being picky? Just because I’m not an ape like you who would lower themselves to screw anything with a cun* means nothing.
    enjoy jerking it to that dump truck of an ass. It suits you.

  15. missywissy

    Don’t people believe in Polaroids anymore????

  16. The Listener

    I LOVE that girl’s booty. But I’d like the photos more if she showed her tits. Vanessa Hudgens showed more.

  17. assgrabber

    Am I the only one with a decent digital camera? No more “leaked” celeb pictures taken with Polaroid instant cameras. ENOUGH!!!!

  18. Turner

    Damn, I haven’t seen a crack that size since I was stranding on a stump behind it!

  19. kelly

    damn that is a big ass crack!!

  20. Jackson'shole

    That is one ugly girl. Am I the only one who thinks she’s a total dog??

  21. F-Obama

    If she thinks those are nude photos to worry about, she must be doing it for publicity. Or she is embarrassed about the shitty camera quality? Or the big ass crack?

  22. Jeff

    97th!!! Take that Meg!

    oh and … damnnnnn did moses come in and part her ass? that’s one helluva crack. She should turn plumber and not look back.

    But really who cares. No one knows her and the pics are tame. Not worth the trouble.

  23. timmy the dying boy

    #72: I don’t know what’s in your medicine cabinet, but whatever it is, I want some.

  24. Jibbly Bigginso

    The photos are fake. Her head is not in proportion with her body in pic two. I am a figure painter.

  25. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Whats in the water over at Disney, anyway? Turning “innocent” girls into whores…… anyway you stupid bitch, next time you do a pic of your fat naked ass, loose the bra first so that we might at least see a little tit when we gag at the sight of your plumber’s crack!

  26. Rich

    Hmmm the boy grew up squeezed between Kims gigantic, hairy, sweaty ass cheeks and is attracted to hairy, sweaty flappy ass cheeks now. Go figure.

    Meanwhile, Angie Jolie and her brother had similar upbringings. Just saying!

  27. oh cry

    Why do celebrities always act like they’re victims when shit like this happens? If they really didn’t want it to happen, then they wouldn’t post pics on phones or the net (or the computer at all). Then of course the media turns them around into brave “heroes” overcoming a “devastating situation”. Christ almighty. Posting nude photos of yourself online is really vulgar, now if you’re just sending pics like that to your hubby, then it’s great and could be defended as nobody’s business, but even in that case…keep ‘em away from any computer. Just common sense and is what anyone who truly wanted privacy would do.

    On a lighter note, I wasn’t aware homegirl packed so much back. But that might be due to the pose and highlighting tanline. Olive-skinned girls get the worst tanlines. Being Latin I know this too well.

  28. Yowza

    In my medical opinion, that crack ain’t natural. Definitely some photoshopping there.

  29. ummm...yeah

    There are so many gay motherfuckers on this site.
    Who gives a flying fuck about this stupid cunt?
    She knows her boyfriend and I use the term “boyfriend” lightly, leaked those fucking nasty pics.
    God, when will it stop?
    All a skanky ho needs to get famous now is pose for some godawful slutty pictures and post to the internet and poof….
    How fucking pathetic…

  30. GOD

    You’re all going to hell for your terrible language and develish remarks, however this girl’s coming straight to heaven so i can assault that fine a..ahhh there you are Jesus.!?

  31. Mugsy

    is this a joke?

  32. Me 2

    So basically if you have anything to do with the Kardashian family, there will be naked pictures of you on the internet.

  33. Slim

    #107 exactamundo!!!!!

  34. Yeah!

    #104. I love how bitter you are, haha. I am too, don’t worry. Like really, who gives a fuck about this?

  35. Dan

    Yeah, I’d make a baby fall out of there. ‘Salright.

  36. Zukyia

    Why were only these photos leaked and not other personal documents on her laptop? I mean if she was stupid enough to leave these pictures on her laptop, then I pretty sure she saved other incriminating things too like IM conversations (IN NOTEPAD) and what not.

  37. Redhead


  38. Holly

    “WOW! That girl posted first! She MUST be cool!”

  39. MICLO

    i’m so damn fucking jealous of robert kardashian!!!!

  40. those breasts look like implants

  41. Lisa

    I love it! I don’t know when ppl will just learn that anywhere but the U.S. is where you want to be if you wanted to get naked. My motto, if you don’t want other ppl to see you naked, don’t film or shoot yourself naked. So easy! Ask your lover to take a mental picture of you while you’re doing your thing, that should be easy enough. Or, just take photos in a swim suit–amazing how much difference there is between a bra and underwear and a bikini.

  42. Jay

    Beside the fact that she took nekkid pics of herself, looks like she has a nice ass! :D

  43. adrienne bailon

    Im sorry people I only wanted my bf 2 see it.


  44. adrienne bailon

    Im sorry people I only wanted my bf 2 see it.


  45. Quizno's

    Is that a tattoo of a sandwich on her ass?

  46. negroid

    I would lick her crack. Thats no lie, guy.

  47. negroid

    I would lick her crack. Thats no lie, guy.

  48. negroid

    I would lick her crack. Thats no lie, guy.

  49. i thought adrienne was a good girl i am mad as hell

  50. samuel liston

    im ready to put my nude photoes on here

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