Adrianne Curry is taking sexy pictures again

April 7th, 2010 // 169 Comments

I’m not sure how I feel about these recent Twitter pictures of Adrianne Curry, but only because I’m trying to figure out if my erection’s sharp enough to pierce Christopher Knight’s liver then take Adrianne to a non-extradition country. Which I’m almost positive was the sole purpose of these pics. Think about it, she’s literally dressed up as every comic/sci-fi character imaginable, so there’s no way Pete Brady isn’t bored with it by now. “Oh, boy, it’s slutty Jar Jar Binks again. Excuse me while I silently regret every decision that led to this point then slowly come to terms with the fact we’re still going to have sex. Okay, ready.”


  1. bar room hero

    Not sure who this is, but I bet she fucks like a bunny!

    I’d stick it.

  2. leeloo


  3. frankw

    Someone said something about her face in pic 3. And I realize what it is now, she’s a heavy smoker. And it’s starting to age her…

  4. Patches

    @38- you’re right. Pic 2 is from a suite at the Holiday on King in Toronto. I had the same type of room for the Film Fest. The city was crawling with second-rate actors and their mediocre trim.

  5. Doctor John

    I don’t get it? Is she really that much hotter, prettier, sexier than the next wannabe? She lives in a world where she can do pseudo-pornography while being the wife of a kid-star, that’s HER world. It seems pretty hollow and vacant to me – it seems, how do you say, SUPERFICIAL to me. Why not post a pic of your auto-asphyxiation, Bitch, then maybe someone would care. Remember, sometimes death is the best career move these no-talents can make. (I know, I know, we all just pictured Lindsay Lohan in our minds). Just saying, cause I loved the Bunch…

  6. Rev Rick White

    Personally I think she is a dyke that just has hooked onto the Brady kid as a gravy train.

    Lucky bastard.

  7. Gueibor

    I’d clockwork the orange out of her fifth element.
    I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying.

  8. yesman

    I’ll gladly give her something to do…

  9. Audrey Jo

    Hot, yeah, but how old is she – 16?

  10. Very Nice. 16?? Nah, she is older. No?

  11. weirdo

    I’d use her butt hairs to floss my teeth and plug her ass with my cock to give it a little color!

  12. Haters Suck

    She is Sexy as hell. This is a women who is fun. Lucky Husband, Slut’s make the best Wives.

  13. eatme

    i think they moved into the actual Brady house via a time warp back to the 70′s. Can’t they afford to renovate? Don’t they get paid like $50 a pop for public appearances? I always did think that Elyse should have won ANTM S1.

  14. haha she really needs to get laid

  15. She’s sort of hot. But a little overrated. Just my two cents. — Kymaro

  16. Hot chick for sure. although the pictures aren’t as sexy as i wanted.

  17. gigi

    Adrienne’s just too cool!! hottest Droogette ever and if she had an orangey-red wig, she’d be a hot Leeloo Dallas too! love this chick

  18. blather

    when is the last time she had a job in the industry?

    wonder if her lack of work has anything to do with her boycott of BET and Black History Month.

  19. I really don’t get all the 5th element jokes, I guess I’m thick.. She has nothing to do with that movie, was probably 12 when it was made.. and.. Adrianne Curry is super hot, ftw..

  20. dUdE

    @ 70
    Pic #4 is the same outfit Milla Jovovich wore in The Fifth Element.

  21. Is that a stuffed beaver in those white tights or a 10 inch rolled up cock? She looks like a dude or a chick with massive labia majora.


  22. kingofbeer



  23. j

    this bitch is seriously bored and needs to get a real job. wow.

  24. Mike

    Way to go Christopher Night… she is hot. Any one who has posted otherwise must be gay.

  25. Fati87

    What I don’t get is why her husband/boyfriend is allowing her to parade her shit like this? No man with self-respect lets his woman behave in such manner. He must be really pussy whipped.

  26. gen


    That’s a codpiece. She’s dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. How about, watch Kubrick films or else shut the fuck up, because you sound like a moron.

  27. Haters Suck

    Fati87 some men (like me) only like women who show off. I have plenty of self-respect and am not pussy whipped. I just prefer flashy women.

  28. nar


  29. No man with self-respect lets his woman behave in such manner.

  30. zuzuspetals

    Yep, attention-seeking whore. She’s a fucking idiot, too. I’ll never understand why people who have so much time on their hands and access to money and resources (such as Demi Moore, Coco, and this stupid bitch pictured above among them) don’t find something more valuable to do with their time than take dumbass pictures of themselves. It’s pathetic.

  31. Jesus

    @ 37> Steroids make your dick bigger; thickens the tissues. It’s the balls that shrivel up to near uselessness. Go in peace and sin no more.

    P.S. I’d hit that. I’d hit it with the might of the gods.

  32. shemp von coelacanth

    Adrianne Curry is such a sweetie. You can tell from watching those reality shows she’s been on. She has a very cool disposition, sense of playfulness, etc. I think she’s just great. Not just ‘cuz she’s so hot. She just seems very real…

  33. Wow, not only is she dressed like the dudes in Clockwork, she’s pulling The Fifth Element. She must get down on Halloween or what.

  34. ing

    she sortuh looks like Peter Brady in pic 3 actually

  35. Kat

    The Clockwork Orange ensemble made me laugh hard. I love that film LOL

  36. I don’t know who this chick is but I like her round little ass… :)

  37. I have all the pictures has seen, and i like that all pictures, and she looking beautiful in this pictures,

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  40. Stop posting pics

    What’s this chick’s problem? She should be sucking on her hubby’s d*ck or taking it doggy style if she’s so horny; she shouldn’t be posting nude pics of herself on twitter to get rid of the hornies. Remember, Adrianne, sucking your husband’s c*ck whenever he demands it is sexy; getting hammered from behind is also…

  41. Fati87


    You don’t have any problem with other men seeing your woman’s ass and saying things like “I’d hit that”, “I’d use her butt hairs to floss my teeth and plug her ass with my cock to give it a little color!”, “Not sure who this is, but I bet she fucks like a bunny! I’d stick it.”, etc? Than I am sorry, but you are not a healthy male.

  42. good job,she’s very pretty

  43. she wouldnt give any of you horny guys

  44. Mr. Nice Guy

    Fati87 I have no problem with any of it. I am very healthy and happy.
    Guys are thinking it anyway. I went after her because I had some of those thoughts and others. If other guys don’t think “I’d hit that”…:”I bet she fucks like a bunny!” why would I want her?
    What I do not understand is guys who chase after Hot, Slutty looking Women and then try to change them, that in not healthy.
    FYI – If she is getting into my bed and if it turns her on I am getting better sex.

  45. nothing,just look

  46. Fati87


    If you can marry a woman who objectifes herself to cause men thinking about her like that and be ok with that, that’s not healthy. You are clearly missing some sort of a male gene. But hey, to each their own. Let us not judge.

  47. Rhialto

    One of the benefits of marrying an older man:they don’t or never complain.

  48. Darth

    If a young girl truly want to develop herself then it’s best for her to marry an older man.Girlz?

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