Adrianne Curry is taking sexy pictures again

April 7th, 2010 // 169 Comments

I’m not sure how I feel about these recent Twitter pictures of Adrianne Curry, but only because I’m trying to figure out if my erection’s sharp enough to pierce Christopher Knight’s liver then take Adrianne to a non-extradition country. Which I’m almost positive was the sole purpose of these pics. Think about it, she’s literally dressed up as every comic/sci-fi character imaginable, so there’s no way Pete Brady isn’t bored with it by now. “Oh, boy, it’s slutty Jar Jar Binks again. Excuse me while I silently regret every decision that led to this point then slowly come to terms with the fact we’re still going to have sex. Okay, ready.”


  1. hi

    sheesh. she needs to get laid.

  2. juddles

    unemployment sucks. haha.

  3. YO YO MA

    Love this chick, she is smoking

  4. Dev

    Love this chick!!

  5. She is funny,and pretty. She certainly wasn’t brought up this way. All the supposed fame apparently went to her head and she thought this was her way to stand out

  6. Corbin

    Lilu Dallas Multi-Pass

  7. You're nobody till somebody Rough you

    What’s the purpose for pic #2. It’s not because she figure, we all scream for asscream does she…

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Pic 3 sucks. Is that really her face? Why are you sucking on her…

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  10. Tiffany

    The crotch looks really unflattering on those white outfits. Not exactly sexy.

  11. itsme

    Id eat a mile of her shit if it led me to that ass

  12. jt

    my god. i just had an accident.

  13. Deacon Jones

    This broad must ATTACK every delivery person in town, immediately after the first knock on the door she’s airborne, spread eagle launching towards them.

  14. Eli


    I am a girl and I am madly in love with her already.

  15. Dread not

    Billy Mays’d snort some serious blow off that ass, I tell you what. If he wasn’t dead and all.

  16. she’s very hot

  17. Eugene

    Nobody else is bothered by that little tuft of butthole hair poking up like a battle standard for the armies of filth and disease?

  18. captain america

    is it a strange thing people get horny of these pictures?

    people(men) say “HIIIIIIIIIIIII” in a way they would like to give you a blow job right away.

  19. Frankiepoop

    I noticed that butthole hair also… but i thought I would be called picky by pointing that out… I’ll yank it with my teeth

  20. Posttache

    Who the fuck is she?

  21. dnkypunch

    She is smoking and Peter Brady is a lucky dude. I bet she is a monster in bed…

  22. Alex

    Man. Every time this chick posts, I feel a little more jealous…Of fucking peter brady. What the hell is wrong with this world.

  23. Angel

    Isn’t that Lady GaGas costume from the VMA’s?

  24. Matt-Zilla

    i’d happily put up with a few hairs for Leeloo, rim her for days, whats wrong with you guys, its ok for a chick to have a few hairs

  25. asdqw

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  26. OTP

    Lame attention-seeking whore.

  27. Parker

    oh that ass shot is just too f**ken cool

  28. niin

    Where the fuck do all these attention whores come from? I’m serious, I can’t believe someone is that pathetic. What’s wrong with people nowadays…?

    • Momar

      you mean why aren’t you fucking a girl that hot that posts shit like that on the internet??? Hmmm, reread your post and answer your question…

  29. Love her or hate her – you gotta admit the woman is scorching hot.

  30. Sport

    Sorry, there are already too many Kardashians honey. Find another worthless line of work.

  31. Questionable

    Pic No. 4 = No boobs. No face.

    No boobs. No face = possible dude.

  32. Trillian

    She sure lives in an ugly house, first the kitchen and now the bedroom.

  33. mfbinc

    too hot!!!

  34. pimp

    i wish she was my neighbor…i’d be eating that ass every day…

  35. Willie Dixon

    Nothing says classy like taking a picture of your ass with an infomercial in the background.

  36. lizzy

    she really fucking has NOTHING to do. get a life girl!

  37. Peter Brady

    Look you fuckers. My name isn’t Peter Brady, it’s CHRISTOPHER FUCKING KNIGHT. I’m not a TV character, I’m a real person!

    Secondly, enough about the steroids. So what. I’m 55% years old & look like dork. OF COURSE I’M GOING TO USE STEROIDS. How the fuck else am I gonna get laid?

    Lastly, lay off my wife. So she’s an attention-craving, insecure, low-self-esteem whore. WHO CARES? My steroid-shrunken prick taps that ass every day. Well, mine and the milkman’s and the postman’s and the UPS guy’s and…

  38. Vince Lombardi


    Two beds, water bottles on the bar, cheesy art on the wall, thermostat below the heat register, tiny closet – dude, she’s in a hotel room.

  39. misterfister

    I bet her box smells like pickled cheetos. What a desperate attention whore she is. When you are getting mud sharked by Peter Brady I guess this is what happens to you.

  40. Reg Dunlop

    “Hi hi hi.!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Well hellooooooooooooooo”

  41. i still think she has a weird looking face. but she seems like a pretty cool chick. who is hotr? christopher brady or adrianne curry?

    just sayin…

  42. Munky

    What a fucking loser. Get a life you stupid fucking attention whore. This bitch is a HAS-BEEN, and so is her fugly husband.

  43. Not Bad!!!

    Why put the star over her ASS? If you had a corn cob sticking out of her bung hole, understandable, but not.

  44. This chick is SUPER TRASH nympho. Brady Bunch obviously isn’t laying her right! She always craves attention. Her face is a 4 at best, but she’s got a rockin body.

  45. Beeotch

    I predict a “Very Brady Porno” coming out soon!

  46. multipass

    what no fifth element joke?

  47. asschilee

    And welcome back to the trailer park!

  48. djs

    I so hate Peter Brady..

  49. fer

    i don’t think her husband give her enough attention, i don’t blame her, he’s an old fart…

  50. Joe C

    She’s still hot as fuck!

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