Adrianne Curry has been working out

October 30th, 2009 // 102 Comments

Adrianne Curry posted the above pic to her Twitter today with the following message:

My pumped upper back. I may look skinner, but I’m cut,bitches! ;)

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, it’s safe to assume Adrianne Curry spends her days either dressed up as hot comic book characters or just wandering around the house in a bikini. I don’t know what her husband Pete Brady did to deserve all this, but I’m pretty sure when he dies Satan will make him wander the Earth haunting old people with hearing problems as part of their agreement.

PETE: Boo!
GRAMPA: What now? No oatmeal for me, thank you.
PETE: Goddammit…


  1. wanks

    i want to eat her ass….all you first guys can go fuk urselves!

  2. yeah


  3. Day-um

    She IS cut, bitches.

  4. Mama Pinkus

    sad how much attention this ho needs

  5. loma

    Her ass is nice but that upper back is nasty….not good for a woman to look like that…not attractice AT all.

  6. loma

    Her ass is nice but that upper back is nasty….not good for a woman to look like that…not attractice AT all.

  7. darn

    I would space dock in to her vaginer.

  8. Harold


  9. JPRichardson

    From this point of view, she is very beautiful. Cut indeed.

  10. cc

    Meh, upper body IS good but those ass and thighs could still use some toning. If she worked for a living I wouldn’t say that but what the fuck else does she have to do with her time?

  11. 12 year old boy

    That’s a man

  12. SO RIGHT

    She has a beautiful body. I also think she’s a lesbian in her heart.

  13. It looks like a photoshop job. The top doesn’t match the bottom.

  14. Rich C Leather

    She even oiled up for the shot. I’d flick her bean and go for the Sanchez…

  15. uh

    @13, you’re an idiot.

    And I’d eat that ass with a spoon. Shit.

  16. It's Me Fuckers

    DAMN!! I’m considering turning into a lesbian to get a piece of that. The ppl who are criticizing her… fucktards. That is the only word for it! She looks AMAZING.

  17. omg

    id suck shit from her ass like poison from a wound

  18. Agnes Peabody

    Her back and butt look nice because she is not covered in tatoos. She must have one working brain cell. Actually, I enjoyed her Married to Peter show. She was SASSY! And CRAZY! OK!

  19. socctty

    Perfect 10.

  20. johnny

    she spelled skinnier wrong???

  21. Vicki Gizzle

    how low is everyone’s standards? her ass is flabby and her upper body is mantastic…am i the only one whose eyes are working? am i taking crazy pills? jeezz

  22. jt


  23. Rough intentions

    As soon as she stop flexing her back will look sweeter than those two medium pumpkins thats just begging to be carved…

    I think its a calculated move on her part, since she knows its booty juice Friday on the Fish…

  24. fizzle

    Props… she looks sexy and I can appreciate the gym time put in. That’s not manly at all. That’s hot.

  25. kingofbeer

    Excuse me Adrianne, is that a pen you just dropped, you better pick that up :)

  26. Alitax

    If that’s a flabby ass, then I’m curious to see what counts as not-flabby; also consider that there’s a reason most models are in their late teens/early 20′s: she’s on the wrong side of 25. Furthermore, her back isn’t ridiculously ripped–she’s a lean girl and she’s flexing. All that definition will disappear when she relaxes. Still, it’s fantastic to know a hot supermodel wants to show off her muscles, and I gotta love her cause she supports wounded soldiers. Hoo-rah!

  27. v tard

    Now THAT…

    …is a very nice tush.

  28. superfiscal

    She can probably do more pullups than I can….and I find that hot.

    I bet she’ll look great when she relaxes her back too.

  29. I’m pretty surprised they’re still together, I’d think she’d dump the brady fuck for a black guy but that’s just me.

  30. An Average Girl

    It is a good thing she is pretty because she sure as shit doesn’t have any brains… she thinks socialism and libertarianism are the same thing! hahahahaha

  31. Shea

    better than if she were facing the camera

  32. Jibbly Biggins

    She looks good, but does nothing for me. Not my type – I’m straight but even women have a “type.” She’s not attractive in these shots, at least not to me. But I can see that she is aesthetically flawless.

  33. European guy

    Omfg she looks like Beckham!


  34. Nice

    Seems like Twitter is a great place for trashy people to post trashy pics of themselves. Great.

  35. Beetlejuice

    She’s pretty and all…..but she’s the kind of chick that farts in front of you and doesn’t use deodorant and thinks it’s cute just because people fawn over her looks.

  36. the assman would hit it from behind

  37. BringbackBabalu

    She couldn’t be much hotter…and just as for #35 as you are the only post I can see atm, seems like this website and others are a great place for jealous hypocrites to post shit about celebrities to feel better about themselves.

  38. yowillie

    Spank it…

  39. An Average Girl

    @38 there sure is a lot to be jealous of… I sure wish I were a recovering heroin addict who sounds exactly like Roseanne Barr and is married to an old geezer… yep, I’m jealous…

  40. mattyboy

    my bathtub has the same tilework. Nice.

  41. Gal Totally Jealous of AC's Butt


  42. Anon

    This stupid b*tch has to keep posting almost nudes of herself on Twitter to stay revelant because not even the paparazzi gives a f*ck who she is and what’s she is doing.

    Go ahead AC starts posting pics of your vag so your career in porn can begin.

  43. Turd the third

    ITs just gross

  44. wow

    that ass looks fantastic. anyone who thinks that its ‘flabby’ must not know what an ass is. there is not one dimple on that thing and it is perfectly round and not at all wide. they must be fatties with pancake asses.

    and as for whoever said she was on the ‘wrong side of 25′ – i think its great that she is, cause she is in way better shape than anyone under 25 i have seen, actually looks like an adult, and has the confidence to pull it off. but i think that you were getting at the idea that she actually has an ass and muscle for that reason. which is probably true. and a good thing as well.

  45. Uhoooo…………
    Its a great snap taken when Adrianne Curry is working out and showing all the shapes.Really sexy.

  46. Rex

    I think that she is hot, and there is not thing wrong with a girl with some muscle tone.

  47. zuzuspetals

    What a stupid boring bitch

  48. Palmtree

    Nice ass, don’t know about the shoulders though. Way too masculine looking. Just my opinion though.

  49. I must say Adrianne Curry has got superb ass. Such a nice figure she has. I wish i could have touch her fleshy body. Super sexy .. Thanks for sharing this.

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