Adrianne Curry tweets topless

September 1st, 2009 // 97 Comments

Apparently Adrianne Curry posted a topless pic of herself on Twitter the other day although, technically, her hand’s in the way, so she should be tried for treason. But that’s just me. In the meantime, I included some other pics she had up because a.) she’s in a bikini and b.) this is probably the only time I’ve ever wanted to be C-3PO. Not counting that scene in Empire Strikes Back when he cockblocks Han Solo. “Oh, I’m sorry, were you two about to space-do it? Because the hyperdrive broke. FACE!”

Photos: Twitter

  1. colin


  2. your mom


  3. Tiffany


  4. face challenged

    Better. Now was that so hard?

    Colin who let your mom on the computer?

  5. david

    Looks like a tranny. Sounds like a tranny.

  6. So what? This tramp was in Playboy about a year ago so sorry, not excited about a pic where she’s covering up.

  7. PunkA

    I would bang her so hard. Damn, she is hot. HAWT!!!

  8. Harold^Sick

    According to Wikipedia, she’s roughly the same age I am, but she looks like she’s quickly approaching late 50′s in that pic. Gross.

  9. Claire

    Hands-down, best celebrity boob job EVER.

  10. Mantis

    Maybe she should spend less time taking pictures of her mediocre tits for twitter and spend more time cleaning her nasty ass house. Useless. Sigh.

  11. Harold^Sick

    According to Wikipedia, she’s roughly the same age I am, but she looks like she’s quickly approaching late 50′s in that pic. Gross.

  12. Attention whore much?

  13. Coolie

    Damn Dog, that bathroom is bigger than my whole house, man.

  14. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Peter Brady is sucking the life out of her.

  15. face challenged

    It looks like she lives in a slum (for a semi famous person). She makes my college apartment look like a palace. Guess Brady Bunch royalty checks are as miniscule as they should be.

    Golddiggers suck, but she couldn’t even get it right and now she’s stuck with some douchy old man who won’t be able to afford to rotate those boobs of hers. Coe to think of it her husband is a lot like a white Jon Gosselin but with better taste at least.

  16. havoc

    Add a gag ball and I’m in….


  17. Donal McFart

    Yay! “News” from a week ago!

  18. Poontang

    I don’t like the mustard yellow color of her bathroom. It is offensive.

  19. Oh my

    What’s the story? Dressing up like she’s in various movies and taking pics in a mirror? Is she 15? Sheesh, it’s like a MySpace convention. She’s in a hotel, right?

  20. Pilatunes

    One of the biggest ‘celebrity’ idiots out there. Hope you enjoy being married to an old man, douchette.

  21. Bob

    3PO Has a boner

  22. Bob

    3PO Has a boner

  23. Now all she needs to do is move that arm up to cover her face and we’re in business.

  24. Danklin24Danklin

    Her tits are really droopy in the “topless” pic. Let Peter Brady do her.


  25. Danklin24Danklin

    Look up this chick on youtube and you’ll see a video where she actually says the hippocratic oath that doctirs take is the same thing as Socialism. The woman is a fucking moron.

  26. PtC

    What’s with the drawn on “bra” and “panties” in the last pic? Someone get a little crazy with MSPaint?

  27. Rasputins Liver


    Nah, man.


    That ain’t true toplessness! Get the fuckin’ hand/arm outta the way an’ ya gotchyerself some genuine toplessness!


    Until then, this is mere silliness for teeny boppers.


  28. Anon

    I knew Adrianne… the chick is a waste product who hates people who don’t agree to legalize pot. She only wants it legalized for leisure usage not medicinal purposes.


  29. TM

    This site seems like a hangout for woman hating boy queens. The misogyny and bitterness- not to mention the awful taste exhibited- make this the last time I read the unfunny, hate-fueled word-scat of the inhabitants of “The Men’s Room” off 109.

  30. whattheshit

    I was at the Chicago Comic Con and saw her in that slave Leia outfit. Damn, dudes, that’s all I gotta say. I’d definitely take a bite of Peter Brady’s pork chops and applesauce.

  31. jt

    she’s annoying.

  32. Dayum

    Fuck Bitch! How about cleaning your room before posting skanky pics!!

  33. renee

    is she even still married to “peter brady” ??? or is this the “come back pic”…….lol

  34. UPinYA

    C-2PO was gay, you knew that, right?

  35. td

    hot clockwork orange pic

  36. td

    hot clockwork orange pic

  37. UPinYA

    And why does she have a bicycle seat on her crotch? Pic#3

  38. yarrr

    wow, another attention whore?? not enough of them lately… so many fkn pathetic people

  39. RaraAvis

    Jeez, bitch, hire a housekeeper before you go posting pix of your skanky ass.

  40. Foo'd'barr'ed

    She’s nice looking, but when I read an interview in Maxim or somewhere similar way back where she said she used to work as a waitress and would spit in customers’ food if she had a problem with them (spat was her term), I lost all respect for her. No class.

  41. LiquidKarma

    She looks like she’s done some hard living!

  42. Nameless

    You know you’ve lost it when you have to give away tit shots for free and post them yourself.

  43. Details, people!

    You can see two medical marijuana containers in the picture…

  44. AlexSummers

    To #5

    A slight tranny look gets a guy more stiff when looking at a female. It certainly works for Verona Pooth’s career.

  45. discernibly turgid


  46. She fooled me in that first pic! I guessed her age in the late 40′s!

  47. Another loser who has to be the center of attention. Yeah, clean your bathroom. This reminds me of those twats on MySpace who would take shots of themselves making the kissy face (like Miley Cyrus, to hide their weird, busted moufs) but forget to flush the toilet bowl behind them. Oh…I laughed for days. Maybe I can find them on that fail blog. I forgot the address of that fail blog.

    Wait, hold up…here it is, the blog but I noted other fails on here. So good for a laugh. I think the shit in the toilet bowl bathroom shots are in the beginning…

  48. Eh Breal

    Fucking supermodels. Can I just say Alessandra Ambrosio is fucking plain as jane. God damn goody two fucking shoe save the kids with cancer Alessandra Ambrosio is ugly. I either want to fuck you or jerk off to picture of you, if you’re fucking homely take off your god damn top we don’t need to know you’re fucking mother theresa. Holy shit let me explain god made you naked, get to work on that.

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