Adrianne Curry is still playing dress-up

April 16th, 2010 // 108 Comments

Adrianne Curry continues her Twitter quest to dress up as a slutty version of every sci-fi character imaginable, so here she is as Leeloo from The Fifth Element if Leeloo had implants and the netting from my neighbor’s truck on her vagina. I’d be aroused if I wasn’t 90% certain that thing smells like Budweiser and crushed dreams. — No, wait, that did the trick. Game on!

NOTE: Added two recent shots of Adrianne’s breasts because I’m committed to journalism.


  1. rickardo

    too much time on your hands…

  2. Name

    The Raid can in the background is a nice touch.

  3. I wonder if she’s down for dvda?

  4. Yummy!

    If Adrianne was time and I had too much of her on my hands, I wouldn’t be sad at all.

  5. PromKing

    Bitch aint even cute. Seriously…….

    Butterface would be the proper word for that waste of flesh!

  6. dude

    butterface bitch! tacky!

  7. AnnaDraconida

    She should stick the camera into her panties and post some vag shots on Twitter next

  8. Sake Dingus

    Foxy as hell. I’d like to know where she found that ridiculous orange mesh thing, since that seems to be pretty accurate to what Leelo had in the movie.

  9. James

    Ahhh…. tits!

  10. Solaera

    Lol @ the Raid can.

  11. havoc

    The Raid can is a nice touch. But you can’t fault her for practicing good feminine hygeine.

    Kudos Adrianne…..


  12. GladToSay

    I think he other outfit from the fifth element movie was a bit better wish she did some ass shots in that outfit (whistles).

  13. Keith

    #5 ignores her smoking body and is instead looking for “cute”. Can we all pitch in and buy him some testicles?

  14. PromKing

    I’m a girl. lol.

  15. the doctor

    man, could i board her if i had a multi-pass?

  16. SO RIGHT

    What does Peter Brady have to say about all this?

  17. Corbin Dallas

    And nobody to so much as hold the camera for her. Her lack of sex is our good fortune.

  18. chupcabra

    she obviously doesn’t have any fucking thing to do at all.

    she has a roach problem in that house.

    maybe she should clean that messy assed closet up!

    And, those pics are plebeian: do a real photo shoot, lady. Make Brady pay for it.

  19. J

    Apparently, she’s supposed to be appearing at the Anaheim Comic Con dressed as Leeloo. She’s probably just way too excited about it.

  20. YouWish

    She wishes she was as hot as Milla Jovovich…..She needs a damn job….

  21. Jammy

    She’s got way too much free time on her hands, this is starting to get ridicuolus!

  22. xylus

    Twitter and irrelevancy are a match made in heaven….

  23. titsonsnack

    Isn’t the take-way-too-many-pictures-of-myself-and-post-them-on-my-myspace/twitter/whatever phase over by her age? I am actually jealous, and wish I had this much time and money on my hands to sit around buying garbage costumes and taking pictures of myself in my mansion.

  24. REally

    Looks like Raggedy Ann was messing with Lohan’s baby powder collection again!

  25. Carol Brady

    Alice and I keep telling you Adrienne…..Raid does not rid yourself of crabs!

  26. So….apparently no one clued this chick in that :

    A) Mirrors reflect things….like flashbulbs.

    B) You can turn off the flash on a camera.

    She’s hot, but is obviously a borderline weird misanthrope-that-still-reeeallllly-needs-attention. She is never around anybody, but she needs someone’s attention to satisfy some macabre need to validate that ‘she’s pretty’ or something. Gotta be the most miserable person alive.

    Peter Brady must be in utter, utter hell except for the 3 minutes a month when he’s ‘being intimate’ with her.

  27. justifiable

    Sorry, but in that ass-shot view she looks like Bruce Willis in drag. Fer chrissakes, Adrienne, do something original for once in your life. Or else dress up like Alice or Mrs. Brady and then maybe we’ll talk.

  28. j. fred shemp

    you people are too much. adrianne posts some pics and you say she’s got too much time on her hands, or comment on a can of Raid in the background, or say she’s got an ugly face. i guess if she never posted ANY pics, you’d be complaining that she’s stuck up and snobbish. fuck all of you. she’s beautiful. she’s a decent person. and she’s having fun. you folks should give it a try sometime…


  29. Whatthe???

    Lets be honest #28, if she didn’t post these pics we really wouldn’t be calling her snobbish…..we wouldn’t know who the fuck she was or that she existed!?@#$

  30. Hecubus

    I know it’s cool to be all negative and cynical these days but I think she looks great. Seriously, that’s one of the best Emo Phillips costumes I’ve ever seen, sure she got the hair color wrong but you can’t have everything.

  31. Hecubus

    I know it’s cool to be all negative and cynical these days but I think she looks great. Seriously, that’s one of the best Emo Phillips costumes I’ve ever seen, sure she got the hair color wrong but you can’t have everything.

  32. alex

    Lilu Dallas multipass.

  33. hateyoufornoreason


  34. Ian

    Damn that is fine, i’d hit that.

  35. SOS

    She’s desperate for work. She’ll get it lol

  36. Kinky, but not that sexy. I bet she’s fun when it’s time to get naughty.

  37. cmyk

    I know Leeloo Dallas and you, ma’am, are no Leeloo Dallas.

    Shitty imitation is shitty.

  38. j. fred shemp


    most superfish readers know who Adrienne Curry is, whether she’s posting pics of herself or not, dumbshit…

  39. LoloTexas8


  40. Peter Brady

    Me and my roid-ripped body don’t like these pics… not one bit!!!!!

    Hey, shut the fuck up. Just because I’m approaching 60 and am buff, it’s just because I drink lots of grass shakes & eat carrots & peas….

  41. Youknowit

    #28 needs to get laid!

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  43. stove

    so … she reads geekologie.

  44. pimp

    she’s bored as fuck…i need to eat that ass…

  45. Dank

    Someone needs to get this chick a job STAT!

  46. Her dressing is so fabulous and cool it match with her hair also this look pretty interesting on her nice one.

  47. Darth Pants

    Leeloo Dallas Multi-Ass!

  48. Why can’t these women actually do something to be “famous” for? What’s with all of the skankiness of the vapid women this age?

  49. you are so smart and having so good idea.i love your style

  50. Sport

    How sad. So desperate for attention she takes semi nude pics of herself in her fucking closet to post online? Wow – nice life (or lack therof.)

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