Adrianne Curry playing WoW naked

After looking at this latest pic of Adrianne Curry playing World of Warcraft naked, I’m convinced the sole purpose of her Twitter page is to make fanboys ejaculate to death thus conserving Earth’s precious Mountain Dew reservoirs. To prove my theory, I included some recent shots of her making out with a chick, and one with a Darth Vader statue between her tits. – That’s actually happening. – Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to explain to my boss why there’s a hole in my office wall: Whatever minority you hate came in here chucking grenades! I swear. (SWISH.)

NOTE: If you actually want to know more about Adrianne’s obsession with World of Warcraft, Geekologie’s all over it. Along with his monitor, the copy machine and what can only be described as a pile of Chalupas shaped like a pterodactyl.

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: Adrianne edited the second pic on her Twitter, so there’s no NSFW version. Sorry!