Adrianne Curry keeps it classy

July 24th, 2007 // 145 Comments

Adrianne Curry – the winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model – showed up to the Playboy Mansion for the first annual “HER Luau at the Mansion” (which benefits the Nicole Brown Foundation to stop domestic violence) dressed like this. I don’t know if it’s the fishnet top or the gold bikini, but the whole outfit just exudes class. This must be how royalty dressed in olden times.


  1. jajaja


  2. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow, she’s pretty hot in a pre-Michael Douglas CJZ kind of way. This is a nice break from all the Leopard Print Coach Purse Face stories and photos today.

  3. Kelly

    I’m glad she’s keeping it low-key.

  4. Joe C

    Classy or not, she looks pretty damn hot. After all, it is at the Playboy Mansion.

  5. ts

    First, huh? What a dork. You should use the opportunity to come up with something a little more original than that. When will you people learn nobody cares whether you’re first or 10th. How old are you?

  6. gotmilk?

    #4, so why is everyone else wearing clothes?

  7. Scott

    I’d still bang her.

  8. Stick some Cinnabons on her ears and she’s Princess Leia as Jabba’s prisoner.

  9. Anexio

    I think the “Frist” guys are cool, and I say that because I’ve been “Frist” on three occasions.

    Actually there is something funnier and that’s reading comments on how lame Frist people are. It never ceases to amaze me when people don’t get this site and feel they need to spank others. (And if you don’t get what Frist means then there is no hope for you.)


  10. Victor

    FUCK YEAH……..instant hard on. I needed that hard on, hadn’t gotten one in a long time. Feels good to have this hard on and checking out this hot bitch. I love to lick each and every crevice on her body. Hell I could give her a lube job in all those crevices. Then I would so bathe her, and then douche her, and of course drink every last drop of the douche.

  11. bh

    Did she punch the other chick in the face? nice eye mkaeup

  12. LayDeeBug

    This is the girl who married Peter Brady. He must be so proud. Nice body tho.

    And the unwashed masses wonder why Americas young girls are all fucked up.

    (Thanks for the change up, Fish, I was running out of ways to inslut (not a typo) Lindsay and Britney.)

  13. Big Carteraldo Davinci


  14. Anon

    Has EVERYONE forgotten she married Peter Brady??? That is about as uncool as you can get…

  15. wanks

    yeah shes really hot but kinda shitty personality

  16. bleep

    THIS girl won ANTM?!?!? She looks like a MUCH older Catherine Zeta-Jones…

  17. danadearmond

    when girls get fake tits, they want to show those things off.

  18. LayDeeBug

    CHaucey, that’s not Catherine Zeta Jones silly!

  19. lambman

    She’s doing her part to stop domestic violence, if more chicks looked like that and wore that there wouldn’t be domestic violence…its common sense

  20. ts

    This is the chick who married Peter Brady? YOu can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. Just like Spears and Lohan. WT. It’s in the blood.

  21. Assman

    #16 ANTM? or ATM? Ass to Mouth may man, ass to mouth

  22. Victor

    Wait in picture 7 and 8, it looks like she has a bulge in her panties. Damn it, ruined my hard on.

  23. tc

    “Class” and “the Playboy Mansion” can only be in the same sentence if one is being sarcastic.

    Who cares who she married? If I had that body, I’d be walking around in practically nothing too.

    Although I wonder what Tyra would do if one of her girls started “modeling” for Playboy…

  24. Jillblondie

    If I had her body, I would certainly dress JUST THE FUCK LIKE THAT! She’s at the Playboy Mansion for God’s sake…and she looks SMOKIN!

  25. havoc

    I’d have to double wrap it and dip it in bleach…..but yeah, I’d hit it…..


  26. gspguy

    Any red-blooded man who does not appreciate this woman in this outfit has some serious lack of weight in his loafers.

    Bravo Peter Brady!!!

  27. gspguy

    Any red-blooded man who does not appreciate this woman in this outfit has some serious lack of weight in his loafers.

    Bravo Peter Brady!!!

  28. amie

    um- i guess it’s a model thing to wear one shoe heel at 6 inches and the other at 2????? helps the permanent bent leg syndrome, perhaps???

  29. miss oblivious

    Wonder how much longer before she takes Peter Brady for all he’s worth, poor schmuck. She is fairly pretty and has a good bod (minus the fakies), but from what I’ve seen too, she has a shitty personality…and yucky voice. And she needs to fix them eyebrows, they looked f’ed up! And the girl next to her, wtf?! Too funny! You can tell she did her own makeup and used every color in the palette! Looks awful. Or maybe she’s trying to do the “Battered woman” look. And it is ironic that Peter’s wife (don’t know her name, don’t care) would dress like a wanton whore just looking for an ass kicking to some anti domestic violence benefit. But then, it is the playboy mansion, I suppose. Skank.

  30. Jillia

    Nice body. But her face….

  31. wedgeone

    #28 – Damn … I think you’re right!!
    #2 – “pre-Michael Douglas CJZ kind of way” – CJZ? I just lost a lot of respect for you Chauncey. Gotta reread what you write before you post, and if you still fucked it up, issue a correction. Use that Google Toolbar spellchecker!!

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed unless she was better on the floor!! Although I’m detecting a hint of LiLo look-alike in the face.

  32. Splooge

    I think the outfit looks ok but it would look better with my splooge dripping off of it!!

  33. small boy

    me bite hiney

  34. ali

    i vote we punch both of them in the face. shut up about these usless fashionless clueless broads.

  35. Bigo

    She looks fine but she needs to eat a burger sometimes. And being the ANSM doesn’t mean she can wear anything she wants at anyplace!

  36. sal

    Wow she’s really aged since I last saw her 2 year ago.
    She’s like 24 years old but she looks 34

  37. Isn’t that broad married to Greg Brady, or something?

  38. my comment

    She has the jawline of an NFL linebacker.

  39. FRIST!!!

    WTC does Fish expect her to wear to the PLAYBOY MANSION??? Freakin turtleneck sweater and mompants?????
    I love that girl, she rocks your ass off

  40. red-dawn

    ***COKE HEAD ALERT – COKE HEAD ALERT**** woo woo woo

  41. Rosie's Mustach

    She looks like the poster child for America’s Next Top Prostitue (it’s a new reality show that Charlie Sheen created)

    The Queen of England has the same outfit. Didn’t she wear it to Princess Di’s funeral?

    Boy no wonder this woman could only snag a has been child star. (She married that little brady bunch douche).

    It’s so funny to see a girl next door with lanky proportions try to look all seductive, it’s like seeing Katie Holmes in a crotchless panties, it just doesn’t work. You have to be built like a young Pamela Anderson for an outfit tlike this. Give this girl a sundress or nice black coctail dress cause the whore look is so much more pathetic on her than it is on your typical selfesteem less brainless bunny skank. She just looks ridiculous. Like those little 12 year olds who dress like skanks. Come on girlie know your limits.

  42. Bite Me!

    I was expect some flannel pajamas

  43. Does anyone care about her?

  44. FanBoy

    She’s beautiful and sexy!

    #9 What does “frist” mean?

  45. Sydney Bristol

    #28, you almost killed this for me, but then I looked at the depth of the shag on the carpet. It appears there is a lot of give there and as most of her body weight is focused on her right heel, part of it is submerged in the fibers.

  46. splooge

    The depth of the shag would be no match for the length of the shag if I had a chance to shag her!
    On second thought, I’d probably splooge in about 30 seconds.

  47. ph7

    I’d eat her like Sunday dinner!

  48. kix

    Horse face.

  49. Shut Up!

    I remember her from Top Model…she had that kind of tough, rugged, manly thing going on. So while I’d say she’s doable while looking at her in this pic, I think if you actually met her you’d think totally differently. Well, unless you like man-chicks, but then you’ve got a whole lot of other issues to worry about.

    People who post “first” are losers. People who post “frist” are even bigger losers, cuz they generally don’t even know where the whole thing started from. Posting first just makes you an unoriginal loser. (and you’re probably an aforementioned man-chick lover also…loser!)

  50. Rachael

    She looks sexy as.

    She is at the Playboy Mansion – did you expect her to turn up dressed like a librarian????

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