Adrianne Curry is a good wife

March 15th, 2010 // 105 Comments

Adrianne Curry posted – then removed – the above pic on Saturday with the following tweet:

reason 298 why my husband loves me & my cooking. naughty naughty #fuckwearingpants

What I love about Adrianne is that she empowers women by demonstrating they can be both in the kitchen and taking pictures of themselves as faceless sex objects. Clearly, this is better than getting paid as much as men only to spend it all on shoes. Stop me if I’m making too much sense.

NOTE: Full size versions are slightly NSFW depending on your workplace’s ass cheek threshold.


  1. vhwynn


  2. It's Me Fuckers

    wtf are you doing up and posting at this hour Mr. Fish?!

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    ;-) now post some cock for the ladies… please? :D

  4. vhwynn

    bang! bang, bangaditty bang ….bangaditty bang bang bang… this is what it takes to be first bitch!!

  5. black jesus

    this bitch is awesome, talkin bout takin a bunch of acid and playing video games all day.. goddamn i could live in that pussy

  6. theyrammedmysoreass sex

    can i at least get a little bit of color or a meat curtain when you throw a star up

  7. I hope he bends that bitch over and gives it to her ass good! :)

  8. Mister Bored

    What’s the deal with a star on an ass cheek now!?

  9. Fail

    lol @ #4 – what a fucken retard, you’re fourth dickwad.

  10. jt

    sweet jesus. how did peter brady do it?

  11. Dank

    Peter Brady isnt going to like this!!! Not one bit. Remember when Adrianne did the unthinkable and made a pseudo lesbian video for him for his birthday or some shit? He almost divorced her then turned gay. Actually that pretty much means he’s gay. Well played Peter Brady.

  12. ROFL @ number 4

    ROFLLLL at number 4

  13. Jimmy

    “Reason 298 why my husband loves me and my cooking”. First of all, I hope she didn’t really post 298 reasons why he loves her… second of all, I hope that there is not a separate list of why he loves her and her cooking.

    And last of all, REALLY? You’re going to put your ass out there while you’re standing in front of a cutting board with nothing on it to show the world reason 298 why your husband loves you? I’m surprised she realized how desperate this looks and took the picture down.

  14. ben

    jimmy you are a retarded prick

  15. Adrianne curry I think your very entertaining loved your reality show.

  16. F*ckRandal

    yeah I agree with #14 – Jimmy you are fucking retarded…

    to all the idiots rofling at #4…he posted #1 as well. You are almost as dumb as my boy Jimmy here…

  17. milan8888

    Ugly kitchen

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    It was funny , I mean Fishes comment about shoes…hah ha, guilty!!!

  19. Someone

    #17 …and that’s how we know…that you’re a flaming homosexual

  20. Totally agree with milan, ugly kitchen, but great view

  21. NG

    @3 crazy bitch, go elsewhere for your gay porn needs.

  22. Shaft!

    I don’t get it, she’s wearing underwear. How is this naughty?

  23. Rough-er Madness

    Yeah what is this. I thought she was serving labia shiatsu for dinner…

  24. mafme

    One of the best write ups in recent times.

  25. Deacon Jones

    Well, at least ONE wife knows her role.

  26. Parker

    Every woman I know looks like this right after I have anal sex with her. She’s making me a sandwich isn’t she?

  27. @ #23 Yeah I don’t understand the whole NSFW censor bit either because she does have panties on…

  28. kitty_kat

    This woman is such an attention whore. It would funny if it weren’t so sad.

  29. Jay

    So, who took the pic? I mean, did she set the camera on timer, walk over to the other side of the kitchen, pick up a big ass knife, and then count down in her head? 3… 2… 1… there we go! Twitter here I come!

  30. Jeff

    the reality is lots of wives work in the kitchen this way (mine does and her ass is much better than this one). However most women don’t take a picture of it to share with the world. She is a talentless loser with a husband who is even further down the talent pool. Reality TV oh wow you must be so proud.
    get a grip

  31. titsonsnack

    This is so …. stupid. She must not be getting any.

  32. steaknbj

    this is fukkin stoopid.
    whats the point of removing the pic from the twit
    and whats the point of the panty pic
    take it all off, leave it up, and be done with it
    dont think twice about it, dumb ass

  33. cool, no need for the star though

  34. dude

    Re: Jimmy at #13:

    Hey Fish readers! Randal has an equally retarded brother! Who knew?

  35. Randal

    It makes me the sandwich after it sucks me off.


  36. captain america

    ……not to say a perfect one!!

  37. Sport

    Another insecure dumb bitch (with a great ass.)
    YOU MARRIED A BRADY BUNCH KID dummy. Irrelevant.

  38. DESPERATE, but quite funny. At least she wore panties. lol

  39. Munky

    Quit trying so hard to remain relevant, you dumb fucking cunt. DESPERATE is right.

  40. Mr. Nice Guy

    Of course she is an Attention Whore. What Confident Good Looking Woman is not an Attention Whore? None. If you got it Flaunt it; Or Disappear.
    IF you are a woman and not an Attention Whore, it is because you tried and no one paid attention. Or you are a guy who could not land an Attention Whore.
    Adrianne Rocks!

  41. quiller

    Well, why don’t they have a baby then. What are they waiting for.

  42. Girl

    i agree with everyone else… desperate for attention. possibly even his attention too. did she put that on self time? ugh so pathetic.

    clearly lacking something in her life. poor thing. nice ass and legs tho

  43. Sam

    every single person on here bashing her is an ugly fat housewife angry that their ass has never and will never look like that

    so who is tha pathetic one?

  44. havoc

    Damn, even my kitchen is nicer than that.

    Must suck being a D-lister….


  45. scooby

    beautiful. simply beautiful.

    despite all the feminist programming that is in our education system, the sight of a woman in a kitchen is pure beauty to me.

    showing off her hot ass is just an added plus.

  46. She's Got Too Much On

    She could wear this to church and they wouldn’t blink an eye. Why NSFW, with the thong she’s wearing?

  47. beep beep

    Pretty girl but, boy, her marriage must be unsatisfying if she needs to continually post naked and suggestive pics of herself on her Twitter page. Marry an old dude for money and nothing else and this is what you get: desperate for the attentions of men your own age. Sad.

  48. Jimie!

    now thats a woman

  49. Fati87

    What a fucking idiot. I’d beat the crap out of her for posting a picture like this, if I were her husband.

  50. Cartman

    She just needs a good buttfucking.

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