Adrianne Palicki Filming Wonder Woman in Costume

March 30th, 2011 // 134 Comments

Despite almost universal consensus that, based on the costume alone, Wonder Woman would be canceled after six episodes, production went ahead anyway because here’s Adrianne Palicki filming in Los Angeles last night. And I will say this, the outfit looks much better in action than when it’s presented as one of those Halloween costumes you buy in a bag. Also, Wonder Woman bends over a lot, so perhaps they captured the true spirit of the character after all. I can’t help but think if Robert Downey Jr. said he’d wear this outfit on a cocaine bender, we could put this whole thing to rest. I’m pretty sure he still owes David E. Kelley a solid. “Well, the pants aren’t really my bag. But that bustier does know how to lift a titty. — I’ll be at the Four Seasons. Send it over.”

Photos: Splash News, WENN


  1. The Listener

    Once again, the creators of the new show could have saved themselves the trouble of being ‘innovative’ with their costume design and just stick to the look of Linda Carter’s WonderWoman. At least they changed the color of the boots. Hopefully, they’ve decided against that whole triple identity thing for her character that David E Kelley was considering.
    I’ll be thoroughly surprised if the show makes it through one whole season before cancellation.

    • The Critical Crassness

      I will be thoroughly surprised if it makes it past the first week or two without being put on hiatus for reworking and then cancelled quietly without further comment by the network.
      The costume is definitely a step backward in the area of TV Standards and Practices. Funny how, the original series followed the comic book but nothing that they have produced since is even close except for the fact that Wonder Woman is an Amazon.
      As for the actress, I feel sorry for her because she will be compared looks-wise to Linda Carter by everyone familiar with the original and she will fail miserably in that comparison.

      • soon as the ratings drop, one of her tits will magically spill out during filming, be all over the internet, and lo and behold the ratings will climb. even lynda carter had topless pics out there

  2. krutboo

    Check out her tits in pic #7 – absolutely fap-tastic

  3. Kae

    Wonder is Jamie Tyndall know they swiped his costume design:

  4. crazypants

    Her top should’ve been the same leather-like material used for her boots. The shiny Ricky’s Halloween Costume quality of the chosen material really is distractingly bad.

  5. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the stunt double.

  6. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    This is the stunt double.

  7. Congrats, Hollywood. You’ve taken a hot girl, put her in tight clothes and still somehow managed to make it mind-numbingly unwatchable.

  8. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Great, they put her in mom jeans.

  9. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Tin Man Peter Pan
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    The ones on the car are obviously a stunt double.

  10. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    So they’re fake, right?

  11. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    markonius maximus
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    Who the hell cast this person.


    Just end it at the pilot. This is a dumpster fire.

  12. anon

    This whole thing looks retarded, God awful costume and the actress is wrong for the part.

    • I can’t wait to see how they spin the Wonder Woman origin story to explain how she has some of the worst looking breast implants we’ve ever seen.

      Are they going to say that the island of the Amazons had only primitive breast implant technology, so coconut halves were all that they had to use? Or are they just going to ignore the issue…and just have everyone pretending they don’t see the crappy implant job, like a couple of turds floating in the punchbowl of TV-dom.

      • Jock McCrock

        …like a couple of turds floating in the punchbowl of TV-dom – brilliant!!! Your comments read like the finest lyrical poetry – truly the funniest comment is below the line on this website.

  13. Eric

    Comic book geeks everywhere once again miss the point.

  14. See Alice

    What ! No camel toe ?

  15. I don’t think it’s fair to judge this show based on comparison to a 1970′s TV show that was pretty bad in itself.

    If we’re going to judge it, we should do so on its own merits. Like the fact that it looks absolutely fucking unwatchable.

  16. Sp

    Woohoo! Something I can openly DVR and jerk off to without my wife judging me!

  17. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Yes and Yes.

  18. Cardinal Fang

    Lose the wings across the breasts and the big-ass belt buckle.

  19. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    A female super hero just seems like the WNBA. Blah.

  20. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Did she stop that car with her butt? Buttocks of Justice?

  21. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Bloody mess
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    Is she spotting in this pic? How disgusting.

  22. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    I’m confused. This is supposed to be an ass pick, but I can see no ass.

  23. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    If the whole show is just going to be her awkwardly running around with an angry look on her face, we might as well just watch the WNBA.

  24. Sin

    How can they take a pretty woman, put her in tight clothes and make her ugly?
    They sure found out how. In her “action” scenes, she looks uncomfortable and the costume hides her body instead of showing it off. Major Fail on this project.

  25. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    WHAT… the fuck is that?

    Her face is way too small for the rest of her body. She has no cheeks, neither above the waist nor below it!

  26. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    And where is her neck?

    Total casting FAIL.

  27. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    The stunt double is doing a better job!

  28. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    PAPER-BAG it.

  29. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Yeah… Yeah-no.

  30. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Why is she not pretty anymore? “Friday Night Lights” she was super hot even when she was bigger. Now she looks like she has an ugh face with a pancake butt???

  31. Reminds me of beating off after jr. high, to Wonderwoman reruns. Good times.

  32. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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  33. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    ok seriously people? How can anyone say that someone with barely an ass, such as Natalie Portman, has a “nice” bum, but then think that this beautiful woman’s rear end is sub par? Someone must’ve slipped me some acid, because i feel like I’m trippin’!

    -want some proof…?

    I don’t care what anyone says. Bitch is overrated.

  34. Milly

    The costume looks so….so….so cheap! Not at all like it should be! More like Lynda Carter’s outfit, not some cheap one you can buy at a costume shop…. And the pants…. WW isn’t a pants girl!!! I know that Jim Lee’s new version of WW has pants, but i never liked the look…. And even it’s a betten on than this… Disappointed still……..

  35. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    That’s her stunt double, dumbasses.

    • dramkit

      As if. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Adrianne and her awesome height, but she IS missing a butt.

  36. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    That Guy
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    Stick to modelling, where they can pick a good shot from 1000′s of photos.
    This action stuff ain’t for you kid.

  37. So this is the MTV version of Wonder Woman, right?

  38. riande

    terrible canyon fake boobs? no thanks. you couldn’t pay me to get near this wonder horse.

  39. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Either way it looks great!

  40. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    the pants doesn’t look good…….should be red high heels boots to look sexier…….you know when you walk with high heels the sexy feeling and confidence of a woman is really shown……please……attention the director!!!! pls. make her beautiful in every shots/angle of the camera…….should have longer hair… like mariah carey’s hair….long and curly ends…..i hope you will find and design suitable material for her costume. good luck…..i’m exicited to see this film…….

  41. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    oh my God……she should have earnings……..please put earnings on her. she doesn’t look tall and intimidating with pants………please go back with bathing suit costume (new design)

  42. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    new costume………..why don’t you try velvet and also the boots high heels please and should look sexy with heels and soft material…….bra = red velvet….bikini….dark blue velvet with stars on the sides…….earings red…..please design another………my male friends promised to watch this if she in a bathing suit……….hahaha. im sure the story is good but please work on the costume again ……….should be sexy, intimidating among female superheroes, fantastic long hair style…….facial expression of the actress should be soft….she’s a princess ….should look good always no matter how hard what she is doing

  43. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    the cut-design of the old costume of lynda carter will surely look good on her too. just redesign some details……the material, stars, eagle, heels, etc……..the new design is plastic

  44. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Surely that’s the stunt woman, all the running on the car top photos seem to have a different looking woman in them – try looking up higher that her chest ;) and in this case rear end

  45. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Ah, Tanzarian has already pointed that out – new to here, just popped in to see what this failed show would have looked like, doesn’t look like we’re missing too much :D

  46. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Tits akimbo.

  47. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    her head is wayyyyyy toooo small for her body,lol it looks off.

  48. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Wonder Woman? More like Wonder McFakeTits amirite?

  49. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Sounds like Ben has been taking advise from Robert. What do you do when your career flops? Make your own and star in it or marry the director who will cast you as the lead in everything. Ironman is doing just fine now…

  50. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    I didn’t realize that wonder woman had no tone on her triceps.

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