They Put Pants on Wonder Woman

March 21st, 2011 // 108 Comments

Presumably so everyone grasps just how quickly this show is going to be canceled, NBC released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and not a single person has looked at this and said, “Nope. That didn’t come from Walmart.” Not to mention the more pressing matter of THEY PUT F#CKING PANTS ON HER. At least Lynda Carter, who’s being an unbelievable class act about the whole thing, had the decency to run around in star-spangled granny panties and our nation was richer for it. But I guess “Obama’s America” calls it a day after slapping on a push-up bra. Well, I didn’t watch movies about people losing a leg in ‘Nam so superheroes could walk around without showing me their underwear. I want my country back! *fires up Rascal*

Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC


  1. The Listener

    Ways to improve the show before airing: 1. Go back to WonderWoman outfit design worn by Lynda Carter, 2. Get actress without implants that looks more like the character, and 3. Get rid of rumored triple identity idea for WonderWoman.
    Unfortunately, the creators and producers will never pay attention to the posts on this site and they’re going to go ahead with the show with the costume and actress just like we see here. Of course, then, the show will be cancelled within a season.

  2. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
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    I know it’s iconic and what not, but the blue spangled granny panties, holy crap, oh! I get it now! These are hot, the previous two,, not so much. Epic, yes.

  3. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
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    yeah see,,,, maybe the Lada Gagaesque rubber pants really IS a better idea….

  4. wow

    wow…. whats next a dukes of hazzard remake? Oh no threes company. Yeah lets bring back every hit TV show and casts girls who are way uglier then the origanals.

  5. LEB

    At least Lynda Carter’s boobs were real.

  6. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
    Uncle Caw-yin
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    WWE’s Chyna pursues her first post-wrestling,non-VH1 foray into television

  7. Turn the “W” upside down, rename it “Mediocre Woman”, and then stick a fork in it, ’cause it’s done.

    • Loceea

      I agree nothing special here. Moving on. *yawn* She looks better blonde and Wonder Woman was a crapfest the first go round.

      Something juicy though This actress was on Supernatural a few times and tried to win over one of the leads but he and his BF were in midst of some “emotional stuff” . Of course he wouldn’t let her know that. He used the simple” I’m seeing someone else, sorry.” line Why do chicks hit on closet cases anyway? 5 mins with the guy and its obvious but maybe thats just in private. Or so I’ve heard.

  8. basti

    It’s like looking at an advertisement for Liv Tyler in a fetish porn.

  9. Personification of the Gods that built Mount Olympus

    Looks like a washed up stripper to me.

  10. I gotta see the ass before I pass final judgement.

  11. MLives

    Jessesgirl, methinks you are actually one of the “overbearing 200lb ho[s]” you describe.

    Nice try, though.

  12. M Lives

    Wow, Jessegirl, that’s a lot of protesting. Something tells me you might be one of the “hoards of overbearing 200lb ho[e]s” you so whine on about.

    Just a thought, dear.

  13. M Lives

    “No really it has been scientifically proven that being fat is unhealthy.”

    Wow, “Brittni” you’re a scientist? And never mind the fact that “fat” is a subjective term (see: any press coverage of a female celebrity’s weight gain or loss).

    “I am really sick of having to feel guilty about the fact that I am fit and getting ridiculed from people who have less self control.”

    Oh, honey… something tells me you know absolutely nothing about self control.

  14. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    Oh my gosh — Forget the pants…. What the heck happened to the bustier with the way-cool BREASTPLATES Lynda Carter wore? The new bustier looks like a bent coat hanger is glued on top of it! SMH

  15. :D

    HA! These comments are so funny!! Troll time bitches!!

  16. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    @Ugly Truth – you’re a baffoon – Adrianne Palicki is great. She has the stature and the brawn as well as the beauty to pull it off. Let me guess, you’d prefer ‘Angelina “I’m a skeleton” Jolie? GAG!!

    As for the costume – sure, i think that the shorts would’ve been better – but it’s funny – no one seems to cry and bitch or complain when they make Batman’s suit out of bullet proof rubber – when it was originally a cloth suit. Besides, we’ll just get to see’er run around in tight pants – when is thaaaaat a bad thing?!

    Lastly – this series will depend on production and story telling (aka the writers) if those fail – the show will fail – not b/c of the fkn pants she’s wearing.

  17. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    as long as those cameltoes show through I’ll watch

  18. Sinamon

    i think her figure is okay but her face is too soft/round. she neither screams “greek goddess” nor “amazonian ass-kicker” to me. how hard is it to cast this role?! apparently just as hard as making the WW garb not look like something straight out of a cheapie halloween costume bag. /facepalm.

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