They Put Pants on Wonder Woman

Presumably so everyone grasps just how quickly this show is going to be canceled, NBC released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and not a single person has looked at this and said, “Nope. That didn’t come from Walmart.” Not to mention the more pressing matter of THEY PUT F#CKING PANTS ON HER. At least Lynda Carter, who’s being an unbelievable class act about the whole thing, had the decency to run around in star-spangled granny panties and our nation was richer for it. But I guess “Obama’s America” calls it a day after slapping on a push-up bra. Well, I didn’t watch movies about people losing a leg in ‘Nam so superheroes could walk around without showing me their underwear. I want my country back! *fires up Rascal*

Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC