They Put Pants on Wonder Woman

March 21st, 2011 // 108 Comments

Presumably so everyone grasps just how quickly this show is going to be canceled, NBC released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and not a single person has looked at this and said, “Nope. That didn’t come from Walmart.” Not to mention the more pressing matter of THEY PUT F#CKING PANTS ON HER. At least Lynda Carter, who’s being an unbelievable class act about the whole thing, had the decency to run around in star-spangled granny panties and our nation was richer for it. But I guess “Obama’s America” calls it a day after slapping on a push-up bra. Well, I didn’t watch movies about people losing a leg in ‘Nam so superheroes could walk around without showing me their underwear. I want my country back! *fires up Rascal*

Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC


  1. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    Even Adrianne Palicki’s face seems to be saying, “Yeah, sorry guys. I know.”

  2. Reece

    Hey look, .. it’s Wonder Hooker

  3. Jessesgirl

    Why are all the fat broads complaining that this new wonder woman is too skinny? Probably the same lot who give the “Monroe was a size 16″ line. Lynda Carter was actually thinner if you ask me. Back in the 70′s people were actually allowed to be thin without being hounded to gain weigh by hoards of overbearing 200lb ho’s.

    • yuck

      Way to justify your constant need to binge and purge Jessesgirl.

      • Brittni

        No really it has been scientifically proven that being fat is unhealthy. LOL! So I know fat people want to justify it but really its not “ok” to be fat these days. I am really sick of having to feel guilty about the fact that I am fit and getting ridiculed from people who have less self control.

      • Respective veracity of statements: Partially true, depends highly on the situation. LOL, yourself. It can be. Somehow I doubt you’re as cool as you’re trying to make yourself look, we don’t care about your e-peen.

    • Yuna

      Huh whose complaining? You’re pulling shit out of your ass

  4. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    You have to go all the way with something like this or don’t even bother. I’ve seen some of the script for the first episode and it’s bad, real bad, as well. So if this lasts more than 2 episodes I will be unpleasantly surprised.

  5. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    Two episodes and canned.

  6. Jessesgirl

    Yep, just keep on washing down those double cheeseburgers with cream, Yuck, just keep on telling yourself that your rolls are curves and anyone not covered in rolls MUST be a bulemic crackhead.

    • Jennifer

      And you keep telling yourself that those two bumps on your chest are boobs, and that your 12 year old boy physique is hot.

    • yuck

      Funny that you hate the thought of curves so much that you feel having a figure that looks like a little boy is actually a good look on a woman, you make pedophiles everywhere very proud

      • what up

        Jessesgirl who washes down double cheeseburgers with cream? That is just plain gross, I think you should try a cheese burger yourself, you might be less hostile toward others if you had some food in your abnormally small belly

    • huh?

      I didn’t know all bulimics were crack-heads? Thanks for your obviously well informed and educated opinions jessesgirl, you keep writing on these comment boards, that’ll learn all the stupid fat people.

    • MrsEllis

      It is definitely uncertain whether men prefer skinny figures or women with more curvy proportions, but one thing that is for sure is that nobody likes a shrill, obnoxious bitch.

      • Kimora

        It is proven that the least percentage of men and women are attracted to fat people. And you can argue all you want but that is a fact. If you had a choice between an six pack and beer belly most people would pick six pack. There are some people who have legitimate reasons for being fat but most are just lazy and don’t eat right.

      • MrsEllis

        If you’re addressing me, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. OBVIOUSLY people with way too much body fat aren’t attractive. However, there are some who prefer Alessandra Ambrosio types over Kelly Brook types and vice verse. It’s not a big deal, and going to the EW YOU LOOK LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD BOY ON CRACK or YEA I BET YOU HAVE ROLLS AND ROLLS OF FAT AND SIT AROUND STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH DEEP DISH PIZZAS is a bit tired.

      • Jessesgirl

        When did I say anything about me being built like a 10 year old boy? Actually I’m built like 70′s Lynda Carter only with a bit wider hips and more booty.

    • Jessesgirl is built like Linda Carter? My Ass!

      ahh Jessesgirl I highly doubt you are built like Linda Carter from the way you write and how angry you sound. You are probably a 300 pound man sitting in front of a computer wearing wonder woman underoos wishing those large rolls of fat from overeating would just disappear…

      • angry beaver

        “only with a bit wider hips and more booty”….translation: fat fucking cow. You’re probably one of those chicks who posts a 10 year old photoshopped picture to their profile on and

      • lol

        OMG yall are cracking me up :)

    • Pics or your opinion is moot.

  7. Jennifer

    Rumor Willis?

  8. Spider from Mars

    She just looks like someone in cosplay for comicon that was way to self conscious to wear shorts.

  9. this show was fuckin lame the first time. remaking it is the problem, not the clothes

  10. Deacon Jones


    You have good shows like Fringe being moved to fucking Friday nights that aren’t offered onDemand, and then you have this plastic turd getting produced.

  11. JC

    My fear is that instead of campy silliness like the original, they’ll try to do some “tortured, post-feminism soul of Wonder Woman” crap with this one. I also fear that they’ll never do a cross-promotional episode with G.I. Joe, featuring Wonder Woman and The Baroness having a lingerie pillow fight.

  12. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
    Mark Twain
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    Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul. – Mark Twain

  13. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
    Mark Twaint
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    Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul. -Mark Twain

  14. Bill Clinton's alter ego

    why bother ?

  15. Kate

    Next they’ll change the spelling to “Wonder Womyn” and give her a red Life is Good shirt, magical baseball cap, cockproof bracelets and an invisible jeep. Much better.

  16. Snickers

    Can we just cancel this now and move on? Either wear the original WW costume or wear regular clothes like Smallville!

  17. alex

    Are those bolt-ons? I didnt know she had fake boobs, can anyone confirm this for me?

    Wondy shouldn’t have fake tits.

    • chainsawbuzzkill

      WW 2.0′s boobs are oddly far apart.

    • Jimmy

      I’d say def fake. Look at Linda Carter’s. No huge gap there, and she’s 100% real woman.

    • she’s got enough gap between those fake boobs to store all kinds of stuff. This could be a key element of the show…Wonder Woman gets into a jam…say buried in an avalanche, and she pulls a snow shovel out of her magical boob-gap of holding.

      considering WW’s origin story, the painfully obvious fake boobs on the actress are as ridiculous as if she were a double amputee and had Crip gang tattoos on her face.

  18. KC

    With corporate sponsorship she’ll soon be known as Wonderbread Woman.

  19. JS4L

    She doesn’t have enough hips for the role

  20. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
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    Lynda is so much fitter…

  21. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
    Bob Villa
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    That costume designer should be fired. It’s hideous.

  22. Charles Sheen

    is it me or did they cast someone that looks like tori spelling? i mean, look at that chin!

  23. Maruli

    Someone’s a jealous fatty.

  24. Shiniest camel toe EVAR!

  25. ElleKay

    They used to be closer together but she was in Japan on March 11 and her tits also shifted 8 feet.

  26. Winning, Duh!

    So the new Wonder Woman has pants and Down’s Syndrome? What’s her super power, helping people find crap at WalMart?

  27. timmy the dying boy

    She’d make a better Lois Lane.

  28. Apparently this Wonder Woman deflects bullets with her hard implants.

  29. Muffy the Lesbian

    Holy fake titties Batman! WW would not have fake tits. Can we reverse time and grab a 25 year old Jennifer Connelly for this role?

  30. GrandDragon

    This looks like a picture from one of those “sexy adult costumes” websites that pop-up around Halloween.

    • If this is the level of seriousness going into the costume, the only thing that could make this show worse would be giving Wonder Woman a super intelligent monkey sidekick.

      I’d say that I have no intention of watching this show…but I have a funny feeling it’s not going to be an option anyway.

    • The Listener

      THANK YOU. I couldn’t figure out what that photo reminded me of until you said that.

  31. They apparently wanted the skin tight look, but were terrified of any hint of camel toe, so the costume crotch is about 4 inches below her real one.

  32. slappy magoo

    “We want this new Wonder Woman costume to not show leg but still be sexy…”
    “How about we make it look like she has a camel toe that starts at her belly button?”
    “…you…hate women, don’t you?”
    “Well, I do work in Hollywood.”
    “Point taken, RUN WITH IT!”

  33. Tension Headache

    Lynda Carter was beautiful and her WW costume really fit her well. This new girl is an ugly East LA wannabe and her costume is way too conservative. It doesn’t even look cute, and it looks like a designer wet suit for surfers.

  34. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    where the hell is the ‘toe?

  35. Tension Headache

    She looks like she’s from East LA and wearing a designer, surfer wet suit.

  36. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
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    They made the crotch on the costume way too long. One, to probably hide the camel toe. Two, to help keep her legs from touching. Now she just looks deformed.

  37. plb

    Welp, I won’t be watching this show.

  38. plb

    Just remembered that this is the girl from Friday Night Lights. This could NOT be a worse picture of her. Ugh.

  39. Fucking LAME! She should be rocking some Daisy Dukes at this point in the fashion evolution.

    And I bet they screw this up as bad as Bionic Woman… That show started great then just dropped into the crapper thanks to the writer’s strike… :(

  40. mpath1

    Lynda Carter was way hotter, imho. And I second the remark about the fake boobs. Unless those things are reflecting bullets or making guys tell the truth in the show it’s just wrong here!

  41. Arzach

    and there goes the ratings, please last on exit close the door.

  42. SIN

    Lynda Carter looks better in that outfit, no comparision.

  43. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
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    Is it me or there’s a huge camel toe there?

  44. Simole

    This has epic fail written all over it.

  45. Muffy the Lesbian

    Are you paying attention NBC? Recast this or you’ll never make it past a pilot.

  46. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Costume
    The Ugly Truth
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    First of all, that actress, whoever the fuck she is, was NOT a good choice for the role of wonder woman. She looks like a blonde pornstar in a wig. Second, that outfit looks like it was found in a cheap costume store for 20 dollars. Just pure and utter awfulness all round. Good God…

  47. Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume
    The Ugly Truth
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    I never noticed how freakishly small her waist was. Wow.

  48. Eli

    *FFFFWERP!* -noun. 1. The distinct sound of this show failing. 2. NBC and Adrianne Palicki’s nervous fart.

  49. CHill

    Why are people arguing about weight when bitch looks like a tranny?

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