Adrianne Curry Is Still Awesome At Comic-Con

It’s been over a year since Adrianne Curry’s had her own post on the site, but then again it’s been over a year since the last Comic-Con, so that basically explains that. Anyway, here she is as Mileena from Mortal Kombat continuing her trend of portraying sexy fighting game characters presumably because Disney will sue her tits off for going as Slave Leia now. More importantly, there was this bit of comedy:

Tom cruise just talked to me and loved my costume…even sent a gal over to take pics of me @AliciaMarieBODY and @kittykatmeoww

“You there, slave. Walk over to those creatures and tell them Tom Cruise demands visual records of their bodies for his ‘collection.’ Tell them.. tell them I will stroke my erection pleasurably to them. Yes, that’s what the men say. Now, off with you! *resumes waiting in line to meet Hugh Jackman* How long is this gonna taaaake?”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News