Adrianne Curry Got Kicked Out of Comic-Con For Wearing This

Adrianne Curry is God’s gift to cosplay and horny nerds who haven’t become jaded, handsome men like myself who bolt at the first sign of attention issues (I’m kidding, I still have sex with them then vanish just like their dads did. Ladies?), so, of course, she went to Comic-Con dressed as some sort of slutty comic/sci-fi character. Only this time she went as Aeon Flux and initially got bounced out for indecency because her costume is essentially a piece of leather over her Sarlacc hooch. Which makes sense considering you can’t run a successful con when all your attendees start explosively ejaculating and collapsing on the floor.

DORK 1: Whoa, is that Aeon- *PAF* *thump*
DORK 2: Adrianne! Sign my – *PAF* *thump*
DORK 3: Is that a gir- *PAF* *thump*
ADRIANNE: Darn, and I would’ve Jedi banged them all- *PAF PAF PAF* *thump*

Sorry, that was me! That one was me.

NOTE: Did I mention Adrianne Curry also wore a slutty Imperial Officer outfit while licking another chick’s boob? Because that honestly should’ve been the headline. I don’t know why I mentioned all this other stuff.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, GSI Media, Splash News, Twitter