Adrianne Curry Got Kicked Out of Comic-Con For Wearing This

July 25th, 2011 // 221 Comments

Adrianne Curry is God’s gift to cosplay and horny nerds who haven’t become jaded, handsome men like myself who bolt at the first sign of attention issues (I’m kidding, I still have sex with them then vanish just like their dads did. Ladies?), so, of course, she went to Comic-Con dressed as some sort of slutty comic/sci-fi character. Only this time she went as Aeon Flux and initially got bounced out for indecency because her costume is essentially a piece of leather over her Sarlacc hooch. Which makes sense considering you can’t run a successful con when all your attendees start explosively ejaculating and collapsing on the floor.

DORK 1: Whoa, is that Aeon- *PAF* *thump*
DORK 2: Adrianne! Sign my – *PAF* *thump*
DORK 3: Is that a gir- *PAF* *thump*
ADRIANNE: Darn, and I would’ve Jedi banged them all- *PAF PAF PAF* *thump*

Sorry, that was me! That one was me.

NOTE: Did I mention Adrianne Curry also wore a slutty Imperial Officer outfit while licking another chick’s boob? Because that honestly should’ve been the headline. I don’t know why I mentioned all this other stuff.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, GSI Media, Splash News, Twitter


  1. peanut

    if you’re not first…you’re last!

  2. jlover

    we saw her walk the floor quite a few times, but wouldnt talk to anyone, it was nice seeing her walk away! yippy for the con

  3. PopeyesChicken

    I don’t give a damn what kind of nerdery she’s wearing, she can jump on my lightsaber anyday!!

  4. stevebeagle

    she looks like an idiot

  5. ChinaSuperficial

    *PAF* Thump was my reaction. She is a crazy, gold-digging, attention seeking famewhore with daddy issues 10 feet high. No one cares, because she is hot, hot, hotsville.

  6. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    sad whore

  7. Did they say no signs of rough play?

    I agree kick her out. Looks like shes making a mockery of this whole event based on these pics.

    • Sammantha

      Yay she is making a mockery of it and not the girl who was walking around topless and in a thong. No she was perfectly fine right. God some of you are morons. Her costume is just like Aeon Flux. She did what your suppose to do with Cosplay. She did the costume as close to it as you can. The other woman who walked around topless is the attention whore you freaking morons

  8. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    The Laughing G-D
    Commented on this photo:

    Not quiet sure how this is any worse than the slave princess crap from before

  9. Drew

    She needs to take the clothing missing from her body, and cover her face with it. Then I’ll be impressed.

  10. The Brown Streak

    Oh, so that’s where my jockstrap went to.

  11. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Lady in Red: “Yeah…I’d tap that.”

  12. Edgar Gasconye

    I would like to see her dark side

  13. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    That was BS. She did not get kick out for wearing slutty out fit. There were hundreds other cosplayer wear less than her. She got kicked out because she was charging people 20 bucks per picture and have some fat chick grabbing people’s camera who did not pay.

    I saw her Saturday in con and didn’t know who she was. That custom was shittyly made.

  14. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Am I the only one who sees that fat chick with one contact re-dressing her with her eyes?

    • MOMOE

      Yeah its pretty sad when we consider an average normal woman “FAT” at 23 I considered killing myself after a guy called me fat for weighing 114…….you just can’t win in this world can ya?

  15. This makes no sense. Women can walk around in Princess Leia slave girl costumes but Adrianne gets kicked out for this? There has been A LOT more revealing costumes than this at Comic-Con.

    • by ComicCon rules (which are RIGIDLY adhered to), the amount of clothing you’re required to wear is inversely proportional to your body weight. She’s at least 75lbs underweight to wear this costume.

      • usually that gets ignored at the NY ComicCons. you actually do see attractive girls or at least ones with bodies not shaped like snooki walking around in Princess leia,Black cat, slutty Darth Vader(yes imagine a hot body girl with a DV mask on),etc.

        but at the NYCC they are not so tolerant to artists or actresses which are paranoid or demand security. They don’t want them treating the fans like shit.

        so any hot celebs are usually thrown in the VIP sections if they come in at all.

    • TraceyD

      My thought exactly!

  16. Grand Dragon

    They kick out this hot piece but allow nerd girls in slave-leia outfits displaying their Hot Pocket fueled blacksmith’s apron of a gut for everyone to see.

  17. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Your Name Is Toby. I want to hear you say it.

  18. Deacon Jones

    Man, I would have A LOT of fun with this chick and that Imperial officer outfit.

    Like, get some good weed, just a little bit of blow, and lock ourselves in a hotel room all weekend having marathon s3x sessions.

  19. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    If she can suck as hard as the Aeon Flux movie did, count me in!

  20. Matt

    Is that a joke? You see dozens of larger, less tan, less attractive women at Comic Con all the time. There are 300 Slave Leias, which is just as revealing.

  21. Adrianne Curry is very smart. Being the hottest chick in a room full of ugly nerds is still being the hottest chick somewhere. Find your level, aim just a little below it.

    • Matt

      There were a whole lot of beautiful women, that tranny pictured above was not one of em, not even at comic con.

      • jlover

        Look, I saw her there and her ass was tight and tan, even the fact she walked past evryone without saying F.U., it was nice to see!

  22. the one

    sissy boy’s!!
    ………….IT’S JUST A PLAY.

  23. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    No one else who could pull off Aeon Flux so well would try or then go to Comic-Con. They made a mistake.

  24. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Too work so hard to make her hair like that…then to have to be asked to leave with a red hoodie around her ass….Assess your LIFE!

  25. Disco Dave

    She tries too hard.

  26. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    I WANTED to wear this around my waist. It was MY idea and part of this outfit.

  27. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    I was going to make a joke/social commentary about black men in Star Wars, but then I realized all I have to work with is Mr. Colt 45, Mr. Motherfuckin’ Snakes, and Mr. “Shine yah shoes, Natalie Portman?” from episode 1. And then I gave up.

  28. Cock Dr

    Comic Con might be on to Ms Curry’s gold/fame/attention hungry ways.
    I guess wearing pleather butt floss is the line that cannot be crossed.

  29. Vivian

    Katy Perry gets to flash her boobs and ass at a kid’s movie premiere and this girl get kicked out for dressing up as a comic character at an event where you’re expected to represent a charcter…interesting contrast.

  30. Pippy Longcockings

    This is actually Aeon Flux’s slutty younger sister, Aeon Fux.

  31. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…in the most delightful way!”

  32. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Why the in hell is that “thing” in red following her everywhere? Creepy… If I saw that sh!t behind me I’d piss my pants and then cry all the way home

  33. adam

    Where is the picture of the offending booty?

  34. pickle pumpkin

    This is pretty tame compared to that Game of Thrones bitch who was walking around in almost literally nothing except heels. Case in point:

    I think she did eventually get kicked out?

  35. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:


  36. AnnaDraconida

    She looks like a fucking idiot.

    Cosplay is retarded.

    • Annissë

      Cosplay is a passion. You obviously don’t have any. Go die.

    • Jovy

      “cosplay is a passion”

      Fucken LOLd at that one. I respect people who cosplay but to call it a passion? Pft.

      • Annissë

        when you almost kill yourself making every little detail right in the costume and put your whole heart and soul into it, yes, that is passion. Damn you ppl NEED TO DIE! waste of space on this earth you are.

    • Sammantha

      Cosplayers for the most part truly put there heart and soul into what they make. How can you call something that someone works so hard on retarded. How would you like it is someone said that to you about something you love.

  37. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    “I KNEW I should have went to Adult Con instead!”

  38. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    I find your lack of breast pockets disturbing.

  39. Dan

    I think she has issues… lots and lots of issues.

  40. Inmate 12236969

    She needs to fuck Bobby Brady.

  41. kuru

    doesnt look that bad ive seen body paint cosplayers that were worse at nycc

  42. brian

    and they let in the 500 girls dressed as Slave Leia

    • Jkaren

      OK!! We all know about the millions of slave Leias stuttin around comic con. She just probably pissed someone off.

  43. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m calling shenanigans, if they allow Princess Leia Slave Girl costumes then there’s nothing wrong with what she had on.

    • Taco

      The ass is covered on that but of course. America fucking does it again. They wear less in France. I don’t think I’ll ever be proud to be an American

      • YoAdrianne

        Good, we dont want you, friggin traitor! Go back to France, Mexico, or whatever third rate shit eating fucking country you desire!

      • Contrary Mary


      • suckmycock

        YoAdrianne, Contrary Mary and LL are simply retards… they are proud that America is obese, they support our failing economy, and they voted for a loser prez that blames everyone except himself… why don’t you three go find work instead of camping out at Occupy Wall Street protests, you sorry excuse for Americans?

      • MrMr

        Taco, What a name, Yes I a m a proud American & a Vet. You are a fucking loser.
        SuckmyCock Wow What a name.Serious when was the last time you had a good BJ and no, lip stick on the top of your hand does not count………And your two comments shows that you really studied hard for your G.E.D,. And along with Taco, you are a Fucking Loser
        And Audrey a few comments down, Yes with out a doubt.

      • lisam

        omg you’re really going there??? shes beautiful and looking at sum of the other outfits there there was no reason for for what they did >>losers must be running the show there now..

    • LL

      hey Taco go to Mexico then you can be proud, poor but proud.

      • Colby Lucero

        i love how whenever racist people try to be witty they compare people to food items. taco, beaner, chocolate, it all sounds so delicious. f=Fat, unintelligent, prideful for no reason, rednecks are my absolute favorite. i bet the rear window of your truck is covered in some kind of american eagle fading into american flag applique.

      • Nick

        Hey Colby *you stupid fuck* the guy’s name is TACO. I love how whenever STUPID (or liberal) people disagree with someone they throw the word RACIST around…

      • Clam Jam

        Who knew that so many trolls who undoubtedly spend their days masturbating for hours in their parent’s basements basements while viewing this site…who knew all THOSE GUYS would be patriotic? Its almost as if they love ‘Merica just as much as they love death gripping the shit out of their dicks while looking at celebrities who will never fuck them.

  44. what kind of adult still gets off on playing dress-up?

  45. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I bent my wookie…
    (wookie being a metaphor for penis) (bent meaning furious masturbation followed by a hollow, empty feeling whilst cying)

  46. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    No shame in her game. None at all.

  47. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one sexy woman

  48. Turd Ferguson

    Maybe she was kicked out for being a pathetic, attention starved media whore? Every photo of her just wreaks of desperation.

  49. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is Weston Cage following her?

  50. Adrianne Curry Breasts Butt Leather Comic Con Twitter
    Mike Walker
    Commented on this photo:

    I has a sad.

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